[200k special] Your love is so divine

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"Did you make this ornament yourself, Alya?" You asked, hanging the ornament you had picked up on Alya's tree.

Alya nodded, smiling brightly back at you. "Yep! When I was younger, I used to make a bunch of them. I guess my parents kept them through-out the years, " Alya responded. It was interesting to you whenever Alya talked about your family. Hearing about her siblings and such was entertaining to you for whatever reason, so you always appreciated her talking about them with you.

You nodded, responding with an "mhm!" "Do your little sisters make any ornaments?" You asked, interested to hear more.

"Nah, they're more focused on eating cookies and trying to open their presents early then making ornaments, " Alya responded, laughing. You laughed along with her, her laughter was contagious. The more you thought about it, the more you realized how grateful you were to have Alya as a best friend. Alya had invited you, Nino, and Adrien over to help decorate for Christmas.

Per usual, you were the first one to arrive at Alya's house. Adrien was late because he's... Adrien and Nino was late because he's... Nino. Despite that, you were still looking forward to both of them to come over, especially Adrien. Even though it wasn't Christmas just yet, it was going to be your first Christmas with Adrien. You weren't trying to be cliche, but the thought of opening up presents with Adrien made your heart feel warm and fuzzy. But, that also hit you with the realization you still hadn't gotten Adrien a present. "Shit...!" You mumbled to yourself, forgetting Alya was there for a moment.

"Are you alright, (Y/N)? Did you accidentally prick yourself with one of the hooks? I've done that before, I know it hurts, " Alya said.

You shook your head, denying her question. "Nah, was just thinking, " you said. "About what?" Alya asked. As much as you enjoyed hanging out with Alya, sometimes you partially wished questions like that were never asked. "Oh just- Christmas shopping, " you said, which wasn't a complete lie. "Oh, you're telling me!" Alya said, laughing. "I've been having to help my mom shop for ALL of my sisters. And, let me tell you it is not as easy as it sounds!" Alya said. You weren't going to doubt her struggles, because you had a feeling "not easy" was an understatement.

As you were gathering your thoughts to respond, they were interrupted by a knock at the door. "Oh!" You said, turning your head as Alya ran over to open the door. You turned your head to look directly at the door while Alya swung it open, a familiar face at the other end of the door.

"Sup Dudette-" He said, peeking over Alya's shoulder. "I mean, Dudettes!" He corrected himself, walking inside. "This place is looking radical, broskis!" He said, his attitude never failing to be somewhat comical to you. "Do you like, know when my main man is gonna show up?" He questioned, clearly clueless as to what was happening. Unfortunately, you and Alya weren't really all in the know about the answers either.

"You mean Adrien? I honestly have no clue when he'll be here... But I haven't heard anything about cancelation, " Alya responded, heading back over to the Christmas tree to hang up some lights. The sound of Adrien's name made you perk up, earning nothing but a smirk from Alya. "Ooh-"

"Shut the fuck up, " you quickly interrupted, probably accidentally sounding a bit harsher then you intended. You immediately regret those words, shaking your head. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean-" you looked for the words to say, but Alya already understood.

"You're good, girl! It happens!" She responded, not seeming to be bothered in the slightest. You felt a wave of relief rush over you even though the whole thing was nothing, to begin with, and frankly, Alya never cared in the first place.

You were beyond grateful to hear a knock at the door a few minutes later, knowing who it most likely was. You were quick to jump up to your feet, almost as if your legs had moved by themselves. You raised your hand as if you had been called on, yelling "I'll get it!" As you jolted towards the door. You pressed your eye against the peephole, hoping it was Adrien. And sure enough, as if you had just used lucky charm, it was in fact, Adrien.

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