Going For The Goal by liv1457
Going For The Goalby Liv
Savannah White. The amazing soccer girl with the dead mom. Or at least that's what people think of her what you don't see is the constant bruises and cuts and scars from...
  • love
  • florida
  • nathaniel
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My Candy Love X Reader (Lemons) by LadyNaomi18
My Candy Love X Reader (Lemons)by Lady Naomi
I don't see a lot of lemons involving MCL so I figured I write it :) This story contains sexual content. If you don't like it,then don't read EVERY CHARACTER IS AT LEAS...
  • nathanielmcl
  • castielmcl
  • drakemcl
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Masked Princess🎭 by creamsweets
Masked Princess🎭by creamsweets
Marinette's parents told her they are not her parents. She belongs to the king and queen of China. Also Marinette's class are going to China and will be staying thier fo...
  • nathaniel
  • alix
  • miraculousladybug
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Jealousy ||Completed|| by YeshaRocks
Jealousy ||Completed||by Skyler_ann
Jealousy. Regret. Obsession. What will happened if jealousy became an obsession? || All Right Reserved ®2017-2018 YeshaRocks
  • adrienagreste
  • france
  • marinettedupaincheng
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The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X reader}  by Xchatnoir
The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X Josie Kagamine
"So.. Partners?" "Partners." --------------------------- You and your father, a business man, have recently moved to Paris, France, after your father...
  • miraculous
  • chatnoirxreader
  • adrien
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Get It Together • {Nathaniel Buzolic} by -bxckybarnes
Get It Together • {Nathaniel •b r i t t a n y•
{SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Nathaniel Buzolic and Daniel Gillies' baby sister kind of but not really accidentally fall for each other.
  • kol
  • love
  • originals
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My Purr-incess [Marichat] [COMPLETE] [Under Editing] by Yac_Yac
My Purr-incess [Marichat] [ Yac_Yac
Marriente finally tells Adrien how he feels, what will he say? Who will be there for her if he say no? Will they know each other secret? Cover made by~ @CatW1tch Find ou...
  • nathaniel
  • romance
  • fluff
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Forced To Marry Him; Adrienette Au | by Adrienxtte-
Forced To Marry Him; Adrienette ᴹᴵᴬ゚
"How about we just do this marriage for our parents." Marinette said looking at him "...Sounds good to me." Adrien said before he walked off __ ❝It'...
  • love
  • marriage
  • sabine
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{Chat Noir X Reader} My One and Only Purr~incess by PhoellaPhoenix
{Chat Noir X Reader} My One and Phoella Phoenix
Your name is (Y/N) (L/N). You are a famous singer and model, across the world. You and your mother had moved to Paris to escape your father's harsh abuse. But little did...
  • noir
  • chloe
  • adrien
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Pregnant by Adrien Agreste  by punkadrien12
Pregnant by Adrien Agreste by Punk Adrien
Ladybug was on patrol when a naughty kitty detransformed and the little bug saw. Marinette being ladybug had courage to talk to him. It. Went. To. Far. Now being pregnan...
  • adrienagreste
  • marinette
  • lemon
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Wrong Number • {Nathaniel Buzolic} by -bxckybarnes
Wrong Number • {Nathaniel Buzolic}by •b r i t t a n y•
{SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Nate Buzolic drunk texts the wrong number and ends up with way more than he bargained for.
  • media
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tvd ☼ preferences ☼ one shots ☼ imagines by -shawnsmendess-
tvd ☼ preferences ☼ one shots ☼ -mendessssmuffins-
One Shots and imagines for Damon, Stefan, Tyler, Alaric, Matt, Jeremy, Elijah, Klaus, Kol , Kai and Marcel. Request are CLOSED!
  • cwnetwork
  • kol
  • alaric
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Mi Novio Es Un Heroe by ziunfly
Mi Novio Es Un Heroeby ZIUNFLY
Chat noir x fire fox
  • chat
  • miraculous
  • adrien
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Nathaniel x Reader Fifty Shades Of Red by Readingfan201
Nathaniel x Reader Fifty Shades ❤Readingfan201
This story's about a girl just move to Paris because of her rich traveling and loving parents. She's been having trouble try to fit in and be herself, but it was no use...
  • teenager
  • chatnoir
  • marinettexadrien
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Crazy in love *Kol Mikaelson ff* ♡ by vampirellover
Crazy in love *Kol Mikaelson ff* ♡by vampirellover
Valentine Summers is a problematic young lady and falling for an original dangerous vampire like Kol Mikaelson could be seen as crazy in such situation. But if love isn'...
  • nathanielbuzolic
  • truelove
  • thevampirediaries
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Miraculous Ladybug: Chat Noir x Male!Reader by brutalight19
Miraculous Ladybug: Chat Noir x 🌷 porcelain hearts 🌷
You're gay for a sexy cat 👌
  • romance
  • dupain-cheng
  • alya
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All at Once by little_blue_lies
All at Onceby Taylor xx
Sabine Greyson's whole world was shattered when William Chase slaughtered her parents... Right before her eyes. Uprooted and fearing for her life, Sabine is forced to le...
  • escape
  • love
  • officer
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Stolen by Gay_Klance
Stolenby KLANCE
Nathaniel diguses himself as Adrien to have sex with Marinette. Will she find out or not. Will she care? And people are trying to take Mari away from Adrien and rape her...
  • love
  • adrien
  • nathaniel
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Partners in crime  by AmaraDrawer
Partners in crime by It’s_me_fabulousness
"We're murderers Adrien, people like us, we don't get things like this" "Come on yes we do, it's just a lot more fun for people like us" He smirked...
  • lemon
  • ladybug
  • catnoir
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Chat Noir X reader X Nathanial by KaylynnWilliams3
Chat Noir X reader X Nathanialby _2p_Japan_!
Your a new girl in Paris, your Brother move you there for his work. Will you meet the heroes of Paris or there other self? Will they meet you or your hero self?
  • romance
  • nathaniel
  • reader
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