[45] Cat ring

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"(Y/N), I promise I'm almost there. You're just as worthy of owning these earrings as you were when you truly moved to Paris for the first time."

"I'm surprised it worked, weren't the miraculous' supposed to only grant one wish?" Your father asked, turning to Emilie. "The person with both the cat ring and ladybug earrings is capable of granting multiple wishes at the same time. But, you have to have the strength to make multiple wishes at once, " Emilie replied. Gabriel nodded softly, turning to Emilie as well. "My love, I'm so grateful to have you back, " Gabriel said, smiling at her. The smile truly was strange coming from Gabriel, this was Gabriel Agreste we were talking about. Emilie flashed him a bright smile back, but something about it seemed a bit off. Not in Gabriel's eyes, though. He was so grateful to have the love of his life back.

"Oh, Dear. I'm happy to have you back too, " Emilie finally replied, embracing Gabriel. She and Gabriel hugged for a moment before your dad questioned. "Whatever happened to you, I never got the-" your dad said, but was cut off by Gabriel shooting him a death glare as if not to ask any further. Your father closed his mouth after that, not wanting to upset Gabriel or Emelie. They both seemed truly happy, but you can't exactly enter their minds. The discussion was far from over, but it wasn't going to be continued at that point in time.

You and Adrien went up to his room per request. At first, there was a bit of awkward silence, but it wasn't that Adrien didn't want to talk to you. You both felt strange, you had barely exchanged more than a sentence to each other. You thought for a moment, trying to think of anything that would start a conversation. "Your parents seem nice, they must get along well, " you said. Adrien perked up at your sentence, he must've liked to talk about them. "Yeah, my parents are great. My mom is usually super happy and perky, the more bubbly one out of both of my parents. She makes my dad happy, and she makes me happy, " Adrien said. You nodded, thinking of a response for a moment. "I love my dad, but he can be stern. He worries about my safety, which I appreciate, but it gets frustrating at times."

You nodded. "I can see how that'd be annoying, I would probably lose my mind if my dad was like that, " you said. Adrien nodded in response, probably thinking of something else to say. You worried you had said something awkward. "What are your parents like?" Adrien asked. "Oh, well, my parents are divorced. I've lived with my dad for a long time, so I don't remember too much about her personality, " you said. "Oh, I'm sorry- you don't have to answer if you don't want, " Adrien said, shaking his hands. He had an apologetic expression on his face, causing you to shake your head. "No no, it's alright. Don't apologize, " you said. "From what I remember, she was nice. Her and my father had their differences, and they separated. I chose to stay with my dad for whatever reason, but I don't really regret it-"

"-My dad is kind and hardworking. But due to his fame, he can be a bit cocky sometimes. But I appreciate him a lot, " you continued. "I think both of our dads can get a bit cocky, " Adrien said, laughing. "Yeah, no kidding, " you responded, laughing along as well. You and Adrien talked for a bit, and neither of you had any idea of what the other two were doing.

"Berri, are you sure this is a good idea?" Quartzz asked. Quartzz and Berri had snuck off without you or Adrien noticing. "We have to get their memories back. We'll only take one miraculous for now, but at least one of them should have their memories!" Berri said. "That's true... but I'm nervous..." Quartzz said, looking down. Berri took a deep breath and then turned to Quartzz. "Quartzz, I know how scary this is, but we're kwamis. We have to use our advantages to help people. And in this case, we have to help (Y/N) and Adrien. We may be their only option right now, so we should be using every given opportunity to help them, " Berri said. Quartzz nodded, seeming to have found a new form of motivation. "You know what, you're right. Let's do this! For (Y/N) and Adrien!" He said in a cheerful tone. "For (Y/N) and Adrien!" Berri replied.

The two Kwamis made their way to the large portrait of Emilie. "I'll fly in there and you stay on lookout, " Berri said, flying into the safe behind the portrait. Berri rummaged for a bit until she came back out empty-handed. "No luck?" Quartzz asked. "No... Where else should we check?" She questioned. "I might have an idea, " Quartzz said, gripping onto Berri's hand. Quartzz led Berri down into what was presumed to still be Hawkmoth's lair. It was visually similar to the old one, but there were lots of blue and green feather patterns. It was the same but with more decor to it per say. Quartzz led Berri a little further along until they both stopped at a podium. A podium which had half of it dedicated to the Ladybug earrings and half of it dedicated to the cat ring. "We found them! I can't believe how easy that was!" Berri said. "But wait, Berri."

Berri turned in confusion. "Hmm?" She asked. "We can only take one. If we take both it will be too much too soon, so, for now, we can only take one, " Quartzz said. "But, wouldn't that still be leaving one in Hawkmoths hands?" Berri asked. "They won't have their powers if they don't have both. Besides, we know where they are now, " Quartzz said. "I suppose you're right... But which do we take?" Berri asked, staring at the pillar. They were both silent for a moment, the options running through their heads. "I think we should take the lady-" Berri finally said, but before she could finish she was cut off. "No, I think we should take the cat ring, " Quartzz said. "But why?" Berri asked. "The Ladybug miraculous can purify Akuma's. Wouldn't it make sense given the situation?" She continued. "Yes, But. This is to make them less suspicious. To them, the Ladybug earrings have more value than the cat ring. Even if they're equal to us, that's not how they see things. If the cat ring went missing, they might be pissed, but if they don't see Adrien wearing the ring, suspicion won't fall on him," Quartzz said.

"Why WOULDN'T Adrien have the ring? Who would we give it to?" Berri asked, incredibly confused by Quartzz' decision. "The point is for them to get their memories back. Once Adrien gets his memories back, I'm sure he'll know what to do. Plus, his Miraculous traps Akuma's. It may not "purify" them but it doesn't harm them, and there's no way for them to get out when he captures them, " Quartzz said. Berri nodded. "Yeah... I suppose that's true. But why should Adrien get his memories before (Y/N)? I'm his Kwami but even I'm confused, " Berri said. "Adrien needs to learn for himself... He needs to understand the problem here. He needs to figure it out for himself, " Quartzz said, sounding a bit ominous. "You're right. Only he can really figure out that she-" Quartzz shook his head. "We need to get going, let's take the ring and get out of here, " Quartzz said.

Berri didn't hesitate much, so with their minimal strength the two of them lifted the miraculous up and slowly made their way into Adrien's room without managing to get caught. "Where do we put it now?" Berri whispered. "We can leave it in his bag, he'll find it, " Quartzz said. Coincidentally, right afterwards there was a knock on Adrien's bedroom door. The kwami's flew into hiding without being noticed, and nobody ever knew they were gone. "(Y/N), your father is leaving now, " Nathalie said, still sounding montone as ever. "Oh, Alright, " you said, grabbing your bag. "Bye, Adrien!" You said. "Bye!" Adrien replied.

"Adrien, I'm hungry, " Berri whined. This was about thirty minutes after you left. "I think I have strawberries i packed for you in my bag still, " Adrien said, getting up to grab his bag. He reached over to grab his bag, and then found a strange box. Suddenly, he got an overwhelming headache. "This looks... Familiar. Berri, didn't the sugar glider gloves come in one of these?" Adrien asked. Berri shook her head, pretending to be oblivious. "Maybe?" Berri said, tilting her head. She knew very well that he was right, but she needed to pretend just a little bit longer. He opened the box, and suddenly everything flashed before him. Every little thing he'd forgotten had came back. All of it, and it hit him hard.

All of the headaches, all of the confusion, it left just like that. He put his hand on his forehead, closing his eyes. "Oh my god... I remember. I remember everything... every single thing. How could I forget? What even...." he trailed off, and then looked down at his hands. "I-" he looked over at Plagg, who looked shaken up. "Plagg!" He yelled, rubbing Plagg against his cheek. "Woah! I missed you too but no need to get all affection-" Plagg said, but was cut off. "Don't be such a jerk, Plagg! Please tell me you know what happened, " Adrien said. "Basically, You and (Y/N) lost-" before Plagg could finish, Adrien cut him off.

"(Y/N)? (Y/N)? Oh my god, (Y/N)! She was just here and I didn't even regognize her. I can't believe it... I-" Adrien put his hands on his head. "I have to find her, I NEED to find her. God, I don't know what to do. If I got my memories back, theres no way she hasn't gotten hers back, right?"

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