[5] An invitation

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(Y/N'S P.O.V)
(Chapter is not edited!)
I woke up at around 6 AM, rather early for me, seeing as I had another hour or so until school, i yawned and stretched my arms out widely, before climbing slowly out of bed, i walked over to my desk area that was now set up, it was a medium sized white desk with a few shelves under  it and a bit higher above it. I looked around and noticed Tikki curled up next to a small stuffed animal left on my desk, she was quite adorable and i didn't want to disturb her. I quietly walked over to my closet and put on a (F/C) shirt along with a (s/f/c) pair of shorts, i brushed my hair and walked downstairs.

To my surprise, my father was actually still home, "goodmorning, kiddo." He spoke, drinking from his mug of coffee, "you're up early." He said, turning to the bacon that was frying. "Yeah.. I woke up early." I said in responce, opening the freezer and pulling out two frozen waffles and plopping them into the toaster, not as good as waffles from a waffle-maker, but still good. I turned around to my father putting the rest of the bacon on a plate, quickly eating it and stepping out of the kitchen, "alright kiddo, I gotta get to work, have a good day at school." He said. "Okay, bye dad!" I replied, and with that he was gone.

A minute passed by and my waffles had popped out of the toaster, i took them out and placed them onto a plate, i grabbed some syrup from the counter and poured it onto my waffles, i opened the drawer and grabbed a knife and fork, then walked over to the table. I sat dowm and began to eat my food before lifting up my phone to check the time, "6:39 AM" it read, shoot! I quickly realized i needed to go to school and ran upstairs to grab my bookbag, and tapped Tikki lightly to wake her up.

"Huh...?" The Kwami mumbled, rubbing her eyes. "Oh... Good morning (Y/N)!" She said. I quickly picked her up and placed her in my book bag before running down the stairs and then grabbing a white jacket , i then ran out of the house, it was a good ten minute walk from my house to school. on the walk i didn't really have any issues... Other then the fact i forgot to pack lunch, damn it. I'd have to stop somewhere and get something to eat quickly. I looked around and noticed a small Bakery, i  ran inside of the Bakery and walked up to the counter.

There was a fair amount of treats to choose from, including macarons, i decided to buy an asortment of those, about ten, each a different flavor. This should be enough to tide me over at lunch, and if not i could always stop somewhere on the way back. I payed for the macarons and thanked the woman who had handed me them. I stepped out of the building and noticed a few people holding gifts, gifts? Why were they holding gifts, they looked about my age and i can sort of recognize them from school, hm... I think it was Kim and Sabrina. I shook it off and continued to walk off to school.

When i arrived at school, i noticed there was a huge croud around Chloe, who appeared to be holding envelopes, had been handing envelopes to certain people, "you, you, not you , nope, nope, no way." She said, she didn't seem to be handing the envelopes to many people, just then, A white limo pulled up to the school, stopping right infront of the stairs before the door swung open. It was Adrien who stepped out, a small smile on his face, Chloe quickly noticed Adrien and pushed herself out of the large group of people, shoving her way thru, she then ran over to him, "ADRIKINS!!" She yelled, handing him a envelope, "You'll come right?!" Chloe asked, looking excited, Adrien made a nervous expression, but then nodded lightly, "I can try." He responded, Chloe's face lit up, "OF COURSE YOU'LL BE THERE! YAY! THANKS ADRIKINS!" She screamed once again.

Chloe began walking up the stairs again before stopping infront of me, she looked at my outfit and then smirked, "you, the one with the good fashion sense, you should totally come to my party!" She said, handing me a fancy-looking black envelope with a lightly wrapped gold ribbon, on the back of the card was writing that was all in cursive, which read, "Chloe's birthday party." The envelope itself looked fairly expensive, i could only imagine what the party would be like. "Hope you can make it!" She said, then sashaying away.

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