[21] Frostbite

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Master, don't you think (Y/N) desserves some too?" Wayzz asked. "Hmm.. i suppose you're write. Adrien has some, i believe it's best for her to learn." Master Fu replied. "But when will you teach her?" Wayzz asked. "Soon." He responded, a confident smirk on his face. "And as for the other issue?" Wayzz questioned. "Oh, don't worry. They'll figure it out soon." Master Fu replied, hope in his voice. Wayzz nodded in responce. "I sure hope so."

You woke up, yawning and stretching your arms. Your hair a mess and your thoughts scattered. You stood up and walked to your vanity. "Good morning, Tikki." You said, brushing your hair and leaving it how you usually put it. "Goodmorning, (Y/N)!" Tikki cheered. You had guessed she had been awake much longer then you had. You checked the time, it was only five AM. "Woah, i woke up early." You said. You threw on some clothes and then decided to go downstairs for breakfast, since you were hungry. Making your way down into the kitchen, you noticed your dad was awake, and ready for work. Your stomach twisted as you remembered yesterday, and knew now he might be lying about where he was going. "Goodmorning, Dad." You said, walking to the fridge and pulling out something to drink. "Goodmorning, (Y/N)." Your father replied, turning to you.

Rather then wearing the butterfly pin he had been worn the previous day, it appeared to be a peacock pin. It was odd, and it appeared familiar to you. You remembered master Fu mentioning the peacock miraculous, along with the butterfly miraculous, going missing. When you came to that conclusion, you felt your soul drop, and it was noticable on your face. "Is something wrong?" Your dad asked. "Oh, no! Just tired, that's all." You replied. Your dad nodded. "Oh, well it is early. Anyways, i have to go to work. So, bye, kiddo." Your dad said, walking to the door and waving. "Bye, dad." You said, waiting for him to leave before letting out a loud gasp. Tikki flew out from her hiding spot. "What is it, (Y/N)?" Tikki asked. "Tikki, i think my dad is the holder of the peacock miraculous.." You said, frowning. This time,
Tikki was the one to gasp. "He was wearing a peacock looking pin." You said.

"Describe what it looked like." Tikki said, clearly on edge now that you've brought the subject up. "It had a tiny blue circle, and nine peacock feathers." You said. Tikki's eyes widened. "We need to get our hands on that miraculous! And we need to tell master Fu what you saw." Tikki said. You frowned. "I'm all for helping find the miraculous, but i feel a little uncomfortable stealing from my dad." You said. "Well.." Tikki paused. "I understand that, but if it really is the peacock miraculous, it's probably not his to begin with." Tikki said. You nodded. "You're right, Tikki. But, i have no idea how to get it from him." You said. "We'll figure out. Right now, we should go to master Fu's." Tikki said. "Will he be awake this early?" You asked. Tikki nodded at the question. "Definetly." She said. "Okay, then lets go." You said.

You left your house and made your way to Master Fu. You opened the door of the building and walked into the room Master Fu was in. "Hello, (Y/N). Back so soon?" Master Fu asked, looking as calm as ever. "I think we've found more information." You said. Master Fu raised an eyebrow. "What did you find?" He asked. "I think i've discovered the holder of the peacock miraculous." Wayzz gasped while Master Fu looked shocked, he sat there in thought for a moment. "My father." You said. "Well, if that's the case.. he wouldn't be Hawkmoth. What makes you believe he has the peacock miraculous?" Master Fu asked. He was clearly full of questions, which you could understand. "I saw him wearing a peacock pin, after describing it to Tikki, she also agrees it could very well be the peacock miraculous. Master Fu nodded.

"Yes, Master! But we aren't sure who Hawkmoth is if that's the case." Tikki said. "It's not Gabriel Agreste. Perhaps your father could have stole the book from him?" Master Fu asked. You gulped. "It's a possibility." You said, rubbing your arm. "I'm going to need you to try and get that pin." Master Fu said. "But, how would they manage to get their hands on it?" Wayzz asked, looking nervous. "I'm not sure, but (Y/N) is a smart girl, she'll figure it out." Master Fu said. You smiled at his words, them filling you with a hint of confidence. "Thank you, master Fu." You said. You looked up at the clock on the wall. "Oh, shoot! I need to get to school." You said. You ran to the door. "Goodbye, and thank you!" You said. "(Y/N), wait." Master Fu said. He approached you, handing you a box. "Hmm?" You mumbled, confused. You took the box carefully from his hands and opened it up. In the box were a rainbow variety of chocolte chip cookies. As in, one was red, another was orange, and so forth. "What are these?" You asked. "These cookies will help transform your Kwami's powers." Master Fu said. "Transform her powers?!" You asked.  I didn't even know that could happen!" You exclaimed. Master Fu nodded. He then quickly explained how each cookie would effect Tikki's powers. "I can sense you'll need them soon." Master Fu said. You nodded. "Thank you!" You said, placing the cookies into your bag.

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