[27] Bloodsucker

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Nino and Alya had been talking inside of school, before you and Adrien arrived at school. "Pfft, i'm not sure if you've noticed.. despite the fact it's obvious, but Adrien totally has a crush on (Y/N), man." Nino said. "What, really?" Alya asked. "Yeah! I asked him about it and he got all flustered, he's totally into her." Nino said. "Oh wow, i never noticed." Alya said. "(Y/N) likes Chat Noir i'm pretty sure." Alya said. Nino started laughing. "Pfft, we'll just buy him a Chat Noir suit and hook them up like that." Nino said. "Nino!" Alya said, nudging his hip, trying to cover up her laughter. "Hey, guys! What were you saying about Chat Noir?" You asked, walking up to them. They both looked as if they had seen a ghost, which was out of character in your perspective. "Hey, dude! Uh, yeah, man! Alya was just telling me about that ball Ladybug and Chat Noir attended last night." Nino said.

"Yep!" Alya replied. "Oh, okay." You replied. "I heard kitty section is preforming on saturday." Alya said. "Kitty section?" You asked. "Oh! It's rad, dude! It's a band that Rose, Adrien, Luka, and a few others are in." Nino said. "That sounds cool!" You responded. "Heard you guys were talking about kitty section! Yeah, we preform at six on saturday." Adrien said, walking up into the school. "Can you guys just hear us from far away?" Alya asked, under her breath. "Yeah! Alya and Nino were just telling me about it." You said. "I really hope you guys can make it." Adrien said, flashing a pure smile, that was impossible to say no to. For a second, he almost reminded you of someone. "I'll be there, i promise!" You said. "Count me in, bro!" Nino said. "Me three!" Alya said.

"Come on, you can do it.." A girl mumbled to herself. She had dark black hair to her shoulders, and grey eyess. She looked sad a lot, and never really spoke to anyone. She was trying to convince herself to talk to people. "You're never gonna make friends if you don't talk to anybody.. nobody is ever gonna talk to you." She said to herself, staring at the people she was trying to talk to. "I.. ugh! I can't do it!" She said. She walked over to the staircase and his under it, hugging her knees to her chest. She began to cry, unable to do anything else. Until, an Akuma flew onto the scarf she was wearing. "Bloodsucker, i am Hawkmoth. It's so sad, nobody realizes how you feel. How it feels to be empty and alone. To have other people so wrapped up in their own personal lives they never even notice you. Now i'll give you the power to show them how it feels, to make everyone invisible!" Hawkmoth yelled. "Thank you, hawkmoth. I'll put this opportunity to good use." The girl, who was now Bloodsucker, said. Her hair had been put up into a short ponytail. Her scarf turned into a cliche looking vampire coat. Her eyes went blood red, her skintone looked grey, and she grew fangs. She wore a long black dress, with a trail that had a white cobweb pattern on it. She ressembled a vampire, to say the least.

It was almost time for class. You turned around and saw bloodsucker leaving from under the staircase, which was like a sight seen in a horror movie. Bloodsucker quickly ran over to someone, biting their neck. The person screeched, causing other students to scream and panic. Right after bloodsucker stopped biting them, they disappeared in thin air. Which, caused the students to panic even more. You saw Adrien and Nino run off, and assumed you wouldnt look suspicious of you ran off too. You quickly ran into a classroom and slammed the door. "The students needs me!" You yelled, as Tikki flew out of your bag. "Tikki, spots on!" You yelled, transforming into Ladybug. You ran out of the classroom, and saw Bloodsucker biting Alya's neck. You stuck your hand out, fear in your facial expression. "Alya, no!-" You yelled, but you knew it was too late to save her. "Not so fast!" You yelled.

Bloodsucker turned to you, an amused expression on her face. "Ladybug, showing up sooner than i expected you to." She said, taking her mouth off of Alya's neck. Alya quickly faded, making your heart ache. But, you knew you could save her. You glanced at her and tried to figure out a possible place for the Akuma to be. "I suppose it's time for your blood to get sucked." She said, and then laughed. "Nah, i don't think so!" You heard Chat Noir yell, you looked up and saw Chat Noir on the stairs. "Kitty, just in time!" You yelled. "Ooh perfect, more blood for me!" Bloodsucker said, she covered her face with her cape, and all of a sudden she was behind Chat Noir. "Here, kitty kitty." She whispered. Chat Noir quickly reacted by kicking her away from him and them jumping to the bottom floor. "Stupid feline!" She shouted, jumping down to the bottom floor again.

She ran off into another classroom, and then loud shrieks were heard. You and Chat Noir looked at each other before running into the room. Bloodsucker was sucking on another students neck, who soon turned invisible. "Stop trying to ruin the fun! Soon it will be i, Bloodsucker, and no one else!" She shouted. "Whatever you say, count draculoser." Chat Noir said. Despite how serious the situation was, you had to hold back laughter. "Chat Noir, that pun was terrible." You said. "Oh trust me, Bugaboo. I know." He said. Unfortunately, in the short time period you were distracted, Bloodsucker came up from behind you. "You won't be laughing for much longer.." She said. Before she could bite you, Chat Noir shoved her off of you.

She grunted, but then shot up. She didn't say anything. She covered her face with her cape, an in an instant, she was behind you. You elbowed her away from you, causing her to make a strange hissing sound. You and Chat Noir ran out of the room, this time with Bloodsucker following you. You used your yo-yo to swing onto the second level of the building. You saw Bloodsucker covering her face with her cape again. "That must be where the Akuma is!" You said. You knew Bloodsucker was going to appear behind you, so you jumped down right before she did. "Chat Noir! I think its in her cape!" You yelled, he nodded. "Lucky charm!" You yelled, throwing your yo-yo into the air. In return, a hand mirror dropped into your hand.

"A hand mirror? Hm.." You scanned the room. You noticed multiple droppped backpacks on the floor. "Idea! Chat, distract her!" You yelled. "Got it, Bugaboo!" He said. Chat Noir distracted Bloodsucker while you dug through someones bag. "I'll return this when i'm done.." You said, pulling a flashlight out of the bag. "Perfect." You said. "Vampires hate the light, right. I hope this works." You whispered to yourself. "Hey, Dracula!" You yelled, bloodsucker twisted to turn to you. "Check this ou!" You said, turning on the flashlight and shining it onto the mirror. You then tilted the mirror to make the light reflect onto Bloodsucker. The light touched bloodsucker, and she hissed. She covered her face with her cloak, this time not covering her face at all. Chat Noir ran over to her and tried to yank it off. She tried to fight back, covering her face from the light while trying to stop Chat Noir from yanking the cloak.

"Cataclysm!" He yelled, touching the cloak and destroying it. "Well, thats one way to do it." You said. "No more evil doing for you, little Akuma." You continued, turning your yo-yo into a net. "De-evilizing time!" You yelled, catching the Akuma. You tapped your yo-yo to purify the Akuma, and then released it. "So long, little Akuma." You said, and then threw the hand mirror into the air, yelling "miraculous ladybug!" Which changed everything back to normal. You walked over to Chat Noir. "Pound it!" You both said in sync, fist bumping. You and Chat Noir exchanged goodbyes, and then left.

Later, that night, Adrien was on a phone call with Nino. "Oh! Right. You man, so i was talking to Alya today.." Nino said. "Uh huh." Adrien replied. "And, don't tell anybody i said this, bro. But.. Alya was saying (Y/N) totally has a crush on Chat Noir!" Nino said. Adrien was silent. "And you like (Y/N), right. You should TOTALLY get a Chat Noir costume man!" Nino said, laughing. "W-wait.. Are you being serious?" Adrien asked. "Yeah, dude! Why wouldn't i be?"

(Sorry this is kinda short! I have a lot of things planned, but i don't want to rush them so it doesn't feel forced.

Also! Thank you so much for 50K! Whenever i read your comments, or see how much i've come, i either smile really hard or start tearing up. As a special, i'm gonna be drawing things! I know it's not much, but basically, i'm going to have you guys vote your favorite character (that i've made) or akumatized victim. So just comment who your favorite is, And then, the most popular two will get drawn! ^^ thank you again!)

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