[50] reunited

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Chat Noir was on his way to meet with the last person the team needed. He had an excited feeling in his chest, probably because of you getting your memories back. All he wanted to do was shower you with love, but, he supposed saving Paris was equally important. In a short amount of time, he arrived at none other than Nino's house. "Now, how should I go about this?" Chat Noir asked himself. All of the possible outcomes played out in his head until he got a perfect idea. He jumped up and knocked on Nino's window, waiting for him to open it.

It took a moment, but Nino finally opened the window. The first thing Nino did was make a confused expression, which was to be expected. "Hey, Bro. Like, who are you? And like, why are you here?" Nino asked. The answer would seem unnaturally calm if it wasn't coming from Nino. "Like, bro, open this, " Chat Noir said, tossing Nino the miraculous box. Nino, surprisingly without hesitation opened the box. Chat Noir would have told him this is why people who aren't cautious get killed, but he couldn't complain. Per usual, the same thing happened with every other miraculous, causing Wayzz to come out.

Nino had an expression that was a mix of surprised and dumbstruck. He just stared at chat Noir for a moment, probably not sure how to process anything. "Chat Noir?" Nino asked. Chat Noir nodding, knowing now that Nino needed help. "Carapace, Ladybug and I need your help, " Chat Noir said. "I'm down to help, Dude!" Nino responded, enthusiastically. "Wayzz, Shell on!" Nino yelled, transforming into Carapace. Chat Noir was almost surprised he remembered how to transform so quickly, but nonetheless, he was grateful for Nino's cooperation. With Carapace now by his side, Chat Noir began running to meet up with you.

While Chat Noir and Carapace were making there way to you, you had already met up with Rena Rouge and Queen Bee. Since you were Ladybug now, they'd address you as such. "Hey, Ladybug? Where's Chat Noir? And wasn't Lady Disguise supposed to get him?" Rena Rouge asked. "Chat Noir will be here soon after we defeat this Akuma I'll explain everything!" You responded. Just then, the fairy flew over to you. "I don't know who any of you pests are, but I'll fix you once and for all!" They yelled, pointing their staff at the three of you.

"Watch out!" You yelled as the fairy-like person tried to turn one of you into flower petals. Queen Bee managed to dodge, while you saved Rena Rouge and yourself by pushing her out of the way. In your head, you started to think of a plan including Chat Noir and Carapace's powers. "Think think think..." you mumbled to yourself. Just then, you heard a familiar voice you were grateful to here. "A little kitty told me you were looking for us, " Chat Noir said, who was standing next to Carapace. "Chat Noir! And, uh..." before you could think of anything, the person responded "carapace."

"Right, Carapace! I'm glad you guys are here!" You said. In order to complete your plan, you needed to figure out what you were going to get from your lucky charm. It was like the final puzzle piece, nothing is complete without it. "Lucky charm!" You yelled, tossing your yo-yo into the air. You felt a wave of nostalgia run over you, it had been a little bit since you used lucky charm. It felt somewhat relieving to be able to use it again, even though it wasn't too long ago. In return, a bag of fake gemstones dropped into your hand. They were the kind you could peel the backs off of and stick to things, usually for craft purposes. You scanned your surroundings, coming up with a plan that would work somewhat. With the new addition of superheroes, it shouldn't be very complex. "Chat Noir! Where do you think the Akuma is?" You asked. Chat Noir looked up at the fairy for a moment. "Hmm... Maybe the flower around their waist!" Chat Noir said. "Good eye, Chaton!" You responded. "It looks hard to get off, though!" Chat Noir said. "Don't worry... You can use your cataclysm!"

After a moment, you came up with a plan. "Chat Noir! Give me your tail!" You said. Chat Noir nodded, and without any hesitation, he handed you his "tail" which was more so just a belt. In any other context, that would have sounded strange. But, given that this was superhero stuff it was fine. "Okay, here's the plan!" You said, gathering around everyone else. "I'm gonna add these gems to this belt. Rena Rouge, you use your mirage to make the illusion of a movie theater screen and a bunch of people! The illusion of distracted people will most likely distract the fairy! Afterward, Carapace will use his shell-ter to protect Rena and himself. I'm gonna go up to the fairy and attack them with this! Since it's so shiny, it will be distracting and gain their focus! Afterward, Queen Bee will use her venom to paralyze the fairy! Then, finally, Chat Noir will use his cataclysm to destroy the flower!"

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