[1] New bug in town

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{this chapter has been edited!! You get your miraculous in the next chapter.}

(Y/N)= Your name
(L/N)=Last name
(F/N)=Fathers name
(H/C)=Hair color
(E/C)=Eye color
(F/C)=favorite color

Your P.O.V
The apartment my father and i had been renting had been emptied, top to bottom. The only reason was because it was packed up was because we were moving to Paris, France. My parents seperated, and i have been living with my father for a long time. My father really did try his best as a dad, but due to being single, he worked a lot. His job had recently, and permanently, relocated to Paris. The job in France would pay him quite a lot more then what he was making here in our hometown. We were moving tomorrow morning, and had already payed for the house we were staying in. I've lots of good things about Paris, how inspring, beautiful, and colorful it is. I was going to be attending a school titled "college francoise dupont". A well reccomended highschool, or college, as it's reffered to in France. There was nothing in my room but an old matress on the floor, which i was to sleep on for the final night. I fell ontop of my matress and drifted asleep, waiting for the next day to come.

The next day, i woke up to the sound of my father entering my room. "Hey, (Y/N), it's time to wake up. We have a plane to catch." My father remarked, in a soothing tone. I sat up and rubbed my eyes, faintly opening them. "What time do we have to leave?" I hazily managed to reply. "In about an hour, that gives you time to get ready."' He said, i slowly nodded in responce. My dad exited the room, giving me time to get ready. I had left out my favorite outfit onto the floor, so i could wear it this morning. I got dressed and shoved my pajamas into my bag, putting it outside of my room. I then walked into the bathroom and brushed my teeth, followed by the rest of my morning routine. Once all of that was done, i walked into the kitchen. My dad was sitting by the table, drinking out of a coffee mug. "Goodmorning, kiddo." He said, looking up at you, with a smile, and then back at his phone. I opened up the cupboard, it was mostly empty, nothing but a few boxes and dust. But, despite there not being much, there was enough for me to make breakfast. I grabbed some bread, along with my favorite spread, and closed the cupboard. I spread the spread onto the bread and pressed them together, and then putting them on a plate. I usually would have made toast, but the toaster was packed up. I sat down on the table with my dad, and just finished my breakfast.

The time came for us to leave, so we left and set way for the airport. A lot of our things were being transfered or mailed to France, so there wasn't too many bags. We arrived at the airport and made our way through airport security, to the waiting area. I sat down and waited for our flight to be called. I was lost in my own thoughts when i heard the blasting of the announcer saying it was time for my dad and I's flight to leave. "Thats us." My father said, grabbing his bags, and i doing the same. We walked into line and boarded the plane. I stared out the window of the fairly large plane, just staring at the airport before take off. "Goodbye, (hometown)" i said, and watched as the plane took off.

After hours of failed attempts of napping, we arrived in France. The city was ethereal, and led up to all of my expectations, truly. Once me and my dad left the airport i really got to see that. We took a cab to our new place. Just peaking out of the window, i could really see how gorgeous Paris really was. There were no false rumors about it, it was just stunnig. We arrived to our apartment, A two story apartment, which was fairly large, definetly big enough for just my father and I. The rooms were up on the second floor, and mine just so happened to have a balcony. I entered the building, it was definetly an updrage from our previous place. I made it up to my room, which was incredibly nice. It was empty, as of now. But when my things arrived and i finished decorating, i planned to make it look amazing. The time was around six, so not too late to walk around. I went over to my fathers room and went inside. "Do you mind if i go on a walk for a little bit?" I asked him. "Not at all, just stay safe and call me if you need anything." He said. I nodded, grabbed some money incase i needed to buy food, and left the house.

Just walking down the streets felt magical, it was so lively. I made my way to a park that was near by, a pretty lively park at that. I was strolling around when i noticed a girl around my age. I wasn't sure if i should approach her, but she answered my question, as she approached me. "You! You look like a Ladybug fan to me!" The girl said, a bright smile on her face. "Ladybug..? Who's that?" I asked, genuinely curious. Well, unless she was talking about the actual bug. "What?! How could you possibly not know who Ladybug is?! Are you joking?" The girl said. "No.. i just moved to France this morning, i don't really know much other then some of the popular attractions." I responded. "Oh, that makes sense! Ladybug is a superheroine, who fights alongside her partner, chat noir. An evil man named Hawkmoth wants their miraculous', and sends these butterflies or "akuma's" out to transform people into evil. She fought these people and returned them to normal! She captures the akuma and "purifies" it. Although, We have no idea who Hawkmoth really is. Or any of the heroes for that matter." The girl said. "Oh wow! Seems complicated.. but cool! I didn't even know superheroes existed!" I responded, this girl was clearly interested in Ladybug.

"Well they do! But..." she trailed off. "But what?" I asked. "Recently, Ladybug has disapeared. No one knows why or how, if she died, moved away or what! She said. "Oh, that sucks. How does paris manage akuma attacks without Ladybug, then?" I questioned. "Well,, Chat noir has to kill them. It seems cruel, but he has no choice. I feel bad for him." The girl said, frowning. "Yeah, poor Chat Noir. That must really suck, i assume him and Ladybug would be close." You responded. Just then, a boy came up to the girl and I. "Are you talking about Chat Noir?" He asked. The boy had Blonde hair, and emerald-ish green eyes. He looked almost familiar, like i had seen him on a poster, or something. "Oh, Adrien!" Alya said, the boy, Who i presumed to be "Adrien" waved at me, i waved back. "Who's this?" Adrien asked the girl. "Oh, she's um-" she said. "(Y/N)." I said, finishing for her, as she didn't know my name. I guess me saying that sparked ther memory, because whe responded with "oh! I forgot to introduce myself, sorry! I'm Alya, and this as you might have already guessed is Adrien." "It's nice to meet the both of you. Ladybug seems awesome, and Chat Noir too!" I said. The superheroes sounded interesting, and made moving to France a little more exciting.

"Anywho! We're starting a bring back Ladybug campaign.. wanna help?" Alya asked. "I'd love to! But i'm not really sure how i could help.." I responded. Alya handed me two poster boards. "Here! Paint whatever they want on them, as long as it has something to do with the campaign." Alya said. You smiled and nodded. "Sounds like a plan!" I responded. "Here, i'll give you my number." Alya said. Alya and i then exchanged phone numbers. "What school do you go to?" She asked. "Oh, well i was enrolled in college francoise dupont. But since it's Friday, i don't attend until Monday." I responded. "Oh!! Perfect! That's the school i go to, you can give the posters to me then." Alya suggested. "I like that idea." You said. I went on my phone and checked the time, it was probably time to be going back to the house. "Well, i actually have to go now! So, see you! Bye, Adrien! Bye, Alya" I said, walking off. Both of them waved at me, smiles on their faces. I was pretty happy with myself, i made a friend or two, who coincidentally attended my school. Or, at least Alya did.

It made me curious, however. Superheroes, in this day and age? Sounds strange. I guess Paris really does have its unique charm. I stopped by a small art supplies store to pick up some paints and glitters for the posters, i wanted them to look decent. After purchasing the supplies, i thanked the employee and placed them into my bag, and then began to walk home. I swung the door open to the house, my dad was in the living room, setting some things. "Hey, (Y/N). How was your walk?" He asked. "It was good! I made some friends, they go to my school." You responded. "Thats great!" He replied, and then focused on arranging the couch and chairs. I climbed up the staircase into my empty bedroom, which only had a matress on the floor at the moment. However, there was a large window with a cushioned area infront of it, like a seat on the window, as well. I got out m posters, paints, and glitter, and began to stroke onto the poster boards. Being in a city as inspiring as Paris, creativity was easy to have. After painting for a long while, i took a break. I went up to the window and just looked out of it. "Wow, i can't believe i'm here." I said to myself. I decided to quit painting for today, and just sat on my window-seat. I began to watch something i enjoyed for a little bit, before getting tired and going to bed. Thoughts floated around my mind as i tried to fall asleep. I think Paris really does lead up to all of its expectations.

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