[3] Panic! At the highschool

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( this chapter is not edited!! This was written a long time ago and there is probably a lot of mistakes! If you point them out, i probably already know. I just havent gotten around to editing them yet.)

( Y/Ns ) P.O.V

I was awoken by my kwami, Tikki, it was a bit of a change to be woken up by someone.. But i can get used to it. "Goodmorning (Y/N)!" She said happily.

"Goodmorning Tikki." I said rubbing my eyes. "Todays a new day of school! You should get dressed." She said. I nodded and grabbed the clothes i layed out the previous day, i quickly got dressed and was about to do my hair when i was stopped by tikki. "Wait!" She yelled. "I have to go with you!" "You what?" I said to the kwami. "Dont you have something to bring me in?" She asked. "Well i have my bookbag..." I said.

"That will work for now." Tikki said as she flew into my book bag. I was putting up my hair when i checked the time. "Shoot! I'm gonna be late! I must have overslept!" I said quickly charging for the door.

I ran out of the door and headed downstairs, as usual, your dad wasn't home. I grabbed a banana from the counter and went to the fridge to grab a water bottle.

I walked to school with my earphones in, listening to my favorite band. I was minding my own business not paying attention, i got to school and BAM! I bumped into someone.

"Oh my goodness i'm so sorry!-" I said, i looked up at the person i bumped into. She had a blonde ponytail and a yellow jacket. "Hey! Watch where you're-"
She looked at me and my outfit. "Oh my god! I love your shirt!" She said to you. It was a ladybug shirt Alya had given me.

"Thank you!" I said, smiling. "You're so welcome! I'm totally asking daddy to buy me one!" Then she walked off. I looked across the school to see Alya giving me a strange look. She walked up to me. "Did i do something wrong?" I asked. "No its not that! But i can't believe CHLOE of all people was nice to you!" She said amazed.

"Oh that girl who walked up to me earlier? She seems nice." I said. "Its weird she was nice to you, shes usually a bitch. Its probably because she idolizes ladybug for some reason. Shes's actually been a bit quieter since Ladybug left though..."

Suddenly the bell rang, Alya ran to class quicklyx and i followed After her and sat next to her in class. I could hear Nino talking to Adrien. They were chatting for a few minutes when Nino said; "To be honest dude, it kinda feels totally weird having (Y/N) sitting infront of us instead of Marinette." Adrien then mumbled back "Yeah.. It kinda is." Then they stopped talking

I don't know much about Marinette but clearly she was close to some of the students here. I looked across the room to notice a red haired boy near the back of the room. He was looking at me so i smiled and waved at him, he waved back.

A while after the teacher came in there was a loud thump and loud screaming outside, which caused many people to get up and look out the window, i felt my book bag shake and opened it.

It was Tikki. "(Y/N)!" She scream whispered. "What?" I whispered back. "Nows your chance to get out of here! Theres an akumatized villain out there i can hear it!" She said. I managed to quickly say "What? Okay okay i'll find an excuse."

"Um... excuse me M'am," I said to the teacher. "Can i.. Um please use the restroom." I said. "Thats a bit coincidental.. But yes you can." She said. "Thank you!" I said and ran out of the classroom. I ran into the bathroom and opened my bookbag.

Tikki flew out. "Okay.. Tikki! Spots on!" I yelled.
After i transformed into ladybug i ran outside....

Second person P.O.V

You looked around yourself and grabbed your yoyo, you swung your yoyo onto a ledge of the roof and swung onto it, you noticed a boy who looked sort of like a comic book hero floating around. But he was zapping people... Once someone got zapped they started to look cartoon-ish.. Almost like a comic book character, and then were frozen.

"Who is that person..." You said to yourself. Then out of no where someone else jumped on the roof, it was none other then Chat Noir. "Chat!" You said
"Hello... My la- ladybug..!" He said. "I came as soon as i could. Who is that wacko flying over there?" Chat asked you.

"I dont know... But hes turning people into comic book characters!" You said to him. Chat looked down, "Well then i guess that makes us the heroes in this comic." He said. Chat then decided to yell "HEY KID! WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING!"

The person looked around. He had an angry expression on his face. "I AM NOT JUST SOME KID!" He screeched. "I AM COMICBOOK, AND NOW YOU'RE MY SLAVE." He pointed his hand at you and tried to zap you. "LADYBUG! LOOK OUT!" Chat yelled. You quickly dodged whatever he was shooting at you and jumped down from the roof.

"Comicbook" suddenly got very angry. "Now... MY ARMY! GET HER!!" Suddenly everyone who was once frozen started attacking you. You looked around quickly looking for a way to an escape. You found a building with a latter and climbed up. The people chasing you failed to climb up.

You waved to Chat to get his attention, he noticed and quickly found a way to get over to where you were. "So, where do you think the akuma is?" You ask. "I dont know." He said, "You're Ladybug after all." You stared at Comicbook for a while until you noticed a golden anklet he was wearing.

A couple of students were watching through the window.. More like the whole class. "Is that...? Chloe said, surprised. "OMG! I think it is! It can't be! She looks different but! I HAVE TO FILM THIS!" Alya got out her camera

"I think it might be there!" You pointed to the anklet. "Thats a good guess! Lets try and get it"
Alright.. You   thought it would be a good idea to use lucky charm so you did.

"Lucky charm!" You yelled.

Your  P.O.V

"A hose...?" I thought for a moment and then got an idea. "Chat!" You go distract him and put the end of this into that faucet over there! I have an idea! When i signal you, turn the handle on the faucet, Got it?" Chat nodded and ran over to the faucet and then distracted him.

"HEY COMIC BOY! OVER HERE!" Comicbook turned around and then tried to zap Chat. I grabbed the end of the hose and signaled chat. He noticed and twisted the faucet which activated the hose. I pointed it at Comicbook which startled him. He then fell to the ground.

I quickly yo-yoed off the building and down to him. I then yanked his anklet off. Then i smashed it with my yoyo. An akuma flew out. I grabbed my yoyo and swung it towards the akuma, capturing it, Purifying it, then letting it free. "So long, butterfly." I said. I walked over to chat grabbed his hand and gave him a five

"We did it!~" I said happily. His face went a little red. "Haha yeah we did!" Suddenly my earings beeped. "Oh, shoot! I have to go! See you Chat!"

"See you... My lady.." He said. Stuttering a bit.. Hmm? His lady...? I kinda like it... Its cute.

I went back to school and detransformed. And then i quickly went back to class. Alya went up to me. "Omg girl! Where were you! You totally missed it!!" She said excitedly. "Missed what?" I asked curiosly. "Ladybug! She was there! But it seems like a new ladybug! But shes so cool! She defeated a villain with a hose! Oh and chats help of course." My face went red for a minute.

Then i realized i couldn't reveal myself. "Oh wow? Really! Thats awesome!" I said.

(Alright guys i really hope you like this chapter! Sorry there wasnt much fluff! I'll try to put some in the next chapter lolol. Dont forget to comment suggestions! I always love hearing input soo yeah. Until next chapter peace out)

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