[58] Universe restored

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Now, there was only one thing left to do.

The only thing that remained of Emilie was the multiple miraculous' she left behind. Emilie was gone, she wasn't coming back. It was hard to grasp that after so long, you finally defeated her. You had been planning on defeating Hawkmoth for months, ever since you got your miraculous that was your goal. You never expected it to end like this, you wouldn't have even guessed.

You never would have guessed that moving to Paris would get you this much. You never expected to get a miraculous, you never expected to fall in love with another superhero, you never expected to get into a relationship with Chat Noir of all people. It all seemed so cliche, not that it was a bad thing. But, most of all you never expected Emilie to be as terrible as she was.

You felt terrible for him, Emilie died right in front of his eyes. It was just impossible for you to pity Emilie, you hated her. Emilie was abusive, manipulative, and selfish. Emilie didn't care about anyone except for herself. Not Adrien, not Gabriel, no one. She had Gabriel wrapped around her finger, which is probably why he went to the extent that he did as Hawkmoth. He was under Emilie's manipulation, he had a false belief that Emilie loved him. But she didn't love him, and chances are she never did in the first place.

But, right now, that didn't matter. You had defeated her, she was gone. It wasn't just you, of course. It took an entire team (plus some help from Plagg) to defeat her. You, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge, Queen Bee, and Carapace all had an equal job in defeating her. And you were extremely grateful for it because you knew you wouldn't have been able to without them. They were your team, your partners in crime-fighting. You cared for them all a lot. And now, it was time for you to all go home.

You didn't want to let go of Adrien, but you knew the second you were back home you'd give him the biggest hug he'd ever receive. So, with a bit of hesitation, you let go of him. You slowly got up, making your way to the last things you needed.

Sitting on the ground was the butterfly miraculous. If you hadn't watched it fall the ground previously you might have not even known it was there. It nearly blended in with the floor, the only difference being the visible light that it reflected. On the floor not too far from it was the pegasus miraculous. The final miraculous' you needed to get home sitting right in front of you.

You nearly hesitated, it almost felt too soon. But, you wanted to more than ever. So, after a pause, you reached down to grab the two miraculous' off of the ground.

The feeling of holding what once was Hawkmoth's miraculous in hour hands was nearly indescribable. In a good way, of course.

You know the feeling where you win something... Like a board or video game. The feeling of getting to the last level or maybe even placing down your last card in uno. The sweet feeling of victory, knowing that you had defeated everyone and everything you had to go against to make it that far. Probably the same way Mario feels after he rescues Princess Peach.

That was almost exactly how you felt.

It felt... Relieving. It did feel fantastic but in a subtle way, like it wasn't there but at the same time it was overwhelming. The feeling was a good feeling, there wasn't anything negative about it. You couldn't even say you didn't deserve it, because you DID deserve it. All of you did, you, your teammates, and your Kwami's. This was something you put effort towards, it wasn't half-assed. It wasn't something where the credit could be thrown onto someone else, because you earned every last bit of it.

You defeated Hawkmoth. It wasn't anybody else, your team defeated him. You defeated Emilie, you saved Paris. And frankly, your entire universe too. You felt proud, not just of your team, but of yourself. For some, it's much easier to feel prouder of other people then themselves. And, whether or not you felt the same, you were genuinely proud of yourself.

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