[19] Ribbon dancer

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"Tikki, spots on!" You yelled, transforming into Ladybug. You ran out of the closet and down the hall. You were attempting not to run into Alya, becuse suspicion that you were Ladybug was the last thing you wanted. You ran in the opposite direction you came from and found a stairway, going to another floor. You then took an elevator directly to Nadia's office. Chat Noir was about to call you, but he had to fight off the Akumatized victim at the same time. "Ladybug, i really need you right now!" Chat Noir said. Coincidentally, right as he said that, the elevator doors opened. "You called?" You said, running into the room. "Ladybug!" Chat Noir yelled, breaking his glance at the Akumatized victim for a moment. But, he quickly returned his glance as he continued to fight her off. "Sorry i keep showing up so late!" You said. "It's fine! At least you're here at all, m'lday." Chat Noir replied. The akumatized victim then looked at you. "Perfect! Two Miraculous' in sight. This should be a piece of cake." She said. All of a sudden, all of her focus shifted from Chat Noir to you. "Allow me to introduce myself, i am Ribbon Dancer. But it won't matter soon, anyways, because my ribbons will take you soon!" "Ribbon Dancer" said.

You almost laughed, it was a bit ironic. Every akumatized victim you've battled has said something about how they were going to beat you. But yet, you haven't been beaten yet. She then took her ribbon and tried to hit you with it. You quickly slid under it and across the room. You took the chance to scan her, checking for the Akuma. "Any idea where the akuma could be?" You said to Chat Noir, who was across the room. Ribbon Dancer started to chase you again, but wasn't chasing, or even paying attention to him. So, that gave him the chance to look at her closely. "What about her bow?" He replied back. You kicked Ribbon dancer away from you and used your yo-yo to rise to the celing, giving you a chance to take a good look at her. Sure enough, she was wearing a baby pink bow. Taking the chance you lowered yourself and tried to grab her bow. Unfortunately, she caught you and pulled you to the floor. Before you could even move, she tied you with her ribbon. Your entire body was now wrapped in ribbon, you were barely able to even struggle to move. "I knew you would be easy, Ladybug."

You felt ashamed, being defeated that easily. She pushed you against a wall and slowly put ber fingers to your earrings. "You're just stronger than the weak ennemies you've had to face." She said. "Chat Noir!" You managed to let out, but you were losing hope. "Well if you ask me, i don't think Ladybug is easy at all!" Chat Noir said, yanking her away from you and throwing her to the floor. "Cataclysm!" He yelled, touching the ribbons that were trapping you. Within a second of that, you were free. "Thank you, Chat Noir!" You said. Chat Noir nodded, and then saluted you. "Damn you!" Ribbon dancer growled. You ran past her again, trying to pull her bow. You touched it for a second, but she pulled away and then tried to chase you. You needed to think fast, Chat Noir only had five minutes left. "Lucky charm!" You yelled, throwing your yo-yo into the air. A wall hook dropped from the air and landed into your hands. It was one of the hooks you put on your wall. To hang paintings, or things of that sort. "A hook?" You asked yourself, staring at it.

You scanned the room, locking eyes with the ribbon Ribbon Dancer was carrying and then looked to nearest exit door. You ran across the room, tying your yo-yo to the ribbon and then running through the door, slamming it shut. You managed to get a piece of ribbon through the door, which was all you needed. "Ladybug!" You heard a voice cheer. You turned around. "Huh? What are you doing here?" You asked. "How could i not pass up on a chance to record an akumatized victim?!" Alya said. "Well, quickly, go hide! Ribbon Dancer is coming!"  You said. Alya didn't hesitate, and ran off down the hall. You quickly attatched the hook to the wall, and pierced the ribbon through it. This would make    Ribbon Dancer inable to use it. You purposely left the door unlocked. You attatched yourself to the celing, and waited for her to burst through the door. A few seconds later, she did just that. While she was trying to yank her ribbon off the hook, you reached down and grabbed her bow, ripping it in half. You then dropped to the floor, quickly catching yor balance. "No more evil doing for you, little Akuma." You said, turning your yo-yo into a net. "De-evilizing time!" You yelled, trowing your yo-yo at the Akuma and catching it.

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