[17] Sakura Idol

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"School idol?" You asked, Alya's previous words still fresh on your mind. She had mentioned a girl who wanted to be a school idol, which your school had never even considered having before. "Mhm! Cerise Kosaka. She came to this school about two months ago, and recently has gone on about being a school idol. She claims it will help the school gain positive reputation. I heard a rumor shes going to ask Mr. Democles to allow her to preform! What do you think?" Alya asked. "It sounds interesting." You replied. "I'm not sure what Mr. Democles would think, though." You continued. Alya nodded. "I thought the same thing, i suppose we'll see what happens." Alya said. "Yo maybe she's hot as an idol though bro!" Nino said. Alya shot him a glare, although she probably knew he was joking. "I'm kiddin' Babe! I'm loyal to you forever!" Nino said.

You and Alya both began to laugh at Nino's words, Adriens laughter following that up. You made eye contact with Adrien, and smiled at him. He smiled back, but then quickly looked away, blushing. Nino, being the sly thing he is, noticed this. Once you and Alya's focus drifted towards the front of the class, Nino saw Adrien looking at you again. Not for a creepy amount of time, but a short period. Nino nudged Adrien. Adrien looked at Nino, a confused look on his face. Nino's eyes went back and forth between you and Adrien, followed by a wink. "Nino!" Adrien whisper shouted. Nino didn't say anything, he just laughed. Adrien, who was now pink, tried to stop paying attention to Nino. But, he knew Nino had figured it out, and he'd probably have to tell him.

The sound of Cerise's shoes clicking on the floor echoed through the school as she approached Mr. Democles office. She had a folder and a dvd of some sorts in her hands, she was relatively confident. She took in a deep breath and then swung open the door. "Mr. Democles." Cerise said, walking into the room. Mr. Democles jumped back in surprise, but then sat back up in his seat. "Cerise Kosaka, what do you need? He asked, sternly. "I have a question to ask." She said, taking a seat infront of him. "Go ahead." He said, not anticipating for this to take very long. "Listen, before you get mad, hear me out.. i want to be a school idol." Cerise said. Mr. Democles raised a brow, clearly not amused. "I think it would be great for the school too! I could preform, and the more well known i would be, the more well known the school would be!" Cerise said. Mr. Democles sighed. "Look-" He said, but was cut off. "I even have an audition tape and some photos for ideas! Please, Mr. Democles! Give me a chance..!" Cerise said.

Mr. Democles frowned. "Look, Ms. Kosaka. I'm afraid i simply cannot allow that. We hardly have the time, nor the funding. Plus, wouldn't it be unfair if only you got to be a school idol?" Mr. Democles said. "Well, It doesn't have to-" she began to say. "I'm sorry, Ms. Kosaka. But no means no! I will not allow you to attempt to persuade me any longer, have a good day." Mr. Democles said. Cerise frowned, as the tears from her crushed dream began to swell up. "Okay, Mr. Democles. Have a good day too." She said, getting up to leave. Although, she left her things on the table. "Ms. Kosaka- your belongins!" He said. "Forget it." She responded, leaving the office without a second thought. She ran into the nearest bathroom, not really caring about her classes at this point. Knowing she barely even said anything and already getting a stern know made her ache.

"Such sadness at it's purest form, it was like bait being thrown into a pond for my Akuma." Hawkmoth said, turning a butterfly into an Akuma as he spoke. "Fly away my little Akuma, darken her heart." He said, as the Akuma fluttered out of the window. The Akuma quickly made its way to Cerise, who never even noticed the Akuma as it flew into her glove. "Hello, Sakura Idol, i am Hawkmoth." Hawkmoth said. "How unfair for your dream to be rejected just like that, but i can make it come true. I can make you a school idol, everyone will love you. But, in return, i'll need you to get ladybug and Chat Noir's miraculous" Hawkmoth said. Sakura Idol stood up. "I'll make everyone know my name!" She said, running out of the bathroom.

You were walking to lunch. It was pretty quiet, even though Alya was right next to you. But, silence quickly turned to screams as an almost familiar voice boomed through the hallway. "Hello, lovelies! Your new favorite school idol, Sakura Idol, here! I'm sure you all love me, but incase you don't, i'll make you!" She said. Shortly after, students began to scream and run to safety. You made a mental note to hide and ran in the opposite direction of all of the students. Unfortunately, this severely backfired when you felt a hand tighten around your wrist. "Don't run away, pretty! You're going to miss the concert! It seems you aren't as passionate as you should be.. but don't worry, i'll help you!" She said, cheerfully. There was something about her overly happy persona that made her almost scarier then Hawkmoth himself. You gulped, trying to escape her almost terrifying tight grip. "Woah! I've heard idols can be dramatic, but i didn't realize it was that bad!" You heard a boy say. "Chat Noir!" You gasped. Sakura Idol turned her face to him, still grabbing onto you.

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