[26] Masquerade

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(Another reminder that updates are every saturday. I really appericiate that you enjoy the story, but.. I can't make the updates go any faster. Please know i'm trying my hardest to update but i lack motivation. So, please don't beg me for updates. Sorry if that came across as rude, it just gets stressfull hh)

"A masquerade ball, huh?" You said. "Are you really going to go, (Y/N)?" Tikki asked. "Of course!" You said. "What time does it start?" Tikki asked. "Kinda late, around seven." You replied. "You have two hours." Tikki said. You nodded. "Chat Noir will be there too, i think." You said. "I- i wish i could tell him how i feel." You said. "(Y/N)." Tikki said, frowning. "I know. I shouldn't tell him, for our safety.. or whatever. I nearly told him, but i stopped myself. You said, rubbinh your arm. The look on Tikki's face clearly showed she felt bad, but for once, she wasn't sure what to say. "I appericiate that you take being Ladybug seriously." Tikki said.

A few hours passed, and it was nearly time to go to the masquerade. "Tikki, i think i should get going." You said. Tikki nodded. "I wish there was a way to alter the clothes i wear, but i don't wanna use anything in my wardrobe so people don't get suspicious." You said. "Actually, there is a way!" Tikki said. "Really?" You asked. "After you transform, grab your yo-yo and yell "dress on!" " Tikki said. "Okay, i'll try it." You replied. "Tikki, spots on!" You yelled, transforming into Ladybug. Once you were transfomed, you took your yo-yo and placed it against your waist. "Dress on!" You yelled. Then, a skirt began to appear going from the waist down. You looked in the mirror, staring at the new addition to your clothes. "Well, it definetly looks like a ball gown." You said to yourself. "A little inconvenient for battling, but i doubt there'd be ant Akuma attacks here." You said.

You opened your window, throwing your yo-yo onto a street light and swinging off. After a while, you made it to the party. Even from the outside, the place was flooded. You folded your hands, smiling awkwardly as you landed to the ground. For a second, you nearly forgot you were Ladybug. But, you couldn't really forget after being swarmed by the paparazzi. "Ladybug!" Multiple people shouted. You nervously waved at them, a little overwhelmed from people shoving cameras in your face. "Where did you get the dress?!" A reporter shouted. "Wheres Chat Noir?!" Another one yelled. You shook your head. "Is Chat Noir your date?!" Someone else shout asked from the crowd. Your face flushed, half because of embarassment and half because you wish.

Suddenly, the mayor came out from the crowd. He was wearing a fancy looking mask and tuxedo, but he took his mask off. "Why don't you leave her alone for a little bit, eh? I think Jagged Stone just got here." The mayor said. "Jagged Stone?!" The crowd yelled, darting in another direction. You inhaled sharply, not sure what to think of the situation. "Now, now. Follow me inside." The mayor said, you nodded and did indeed follow him inside. The interior decorations were just as fancy, if not more than Chloe's party. Everyone looked to be wearing something expensive. Detailed masks, poofy ball gowns, designer shoes. "The decorations are beautiful." You complimented. The Mayor nodded, smiling. "Thank you very much, Ladybug!" He said. Just then, you heard the sound of someone running in heels. You were almost impressed they were able to do that without tripping.

"Daddy!" The person yelled, toppling the mayor. It didn't take long to realize that the person was Chloe. Chloe was wearing a black and yellow mask, along with a matching ball gown. Her outfit sort of reminded you of a queen bee, which you admitted suited her. "Did you remember to invite-" Chloe then turned around, and gasped at the sight of you. "Ladybug!" She yelled, running over to you, now toppling you with a hug. You smiled at her. "Hi!" You responded. "I'm SO excited for you to be here! I love your new dress!" She complimented. "Thank you so much." You replied. "I told my daddy that he definetly needed to invite you! And Chat Noir, of course." Chloe said. "Plus, you've already got the masquerade part down!" She said, laughing at her own joke, Despite the fact that it wasn't really a joke.

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