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"How do you think Master Fu will react to all of this? Finding the other lair and all that, " you said, your hands behind your back as you made your way to Master Fu's place. "Hm? I never really thought about it. He'll probably come up with a rational answer, though. She said. You nodded, although, you were a bit confused. Now that you had discovered so much about Hawkmoth, what do you do after? You can't wait forever, eventually, Akuma attacks will be too much. Hawkmoth wasn't an idiot, you knew that more than anyone. It wouldn't take long for him to figure out whatever you had planned, so you needed to act fast. But you didn't completely believe you were ready, fighting someone like Hawkmoth was more than a lot of work. This was most likely going to be the most difficult battle you'd faced up to this point, and one wrong mood could send all of Paris crumbling down.

Usually, you would tell yourself not to panic, but this was different. Hawkmoth was the main villain, the antagonist, the final boss. Of course, you'd be nervous, and you knew that wasn't abnormal. But you got the feeling something was wrong. It was like you placed down a blue six in uno, only to find out the person with only one card left had a wild card. Like, they were one step ahead of you the entire time. You shook your head, trying not to let your thoughts consume you as you made it to Master Fu's studio. You swung open the door and stepped inside. As he usually was, Master Fu was standing there. His back was faced towards you, but he already knew you were there. "Greetings, (Y/N). I'm assuming you have information about Hawkmoth?" Master Fu asked.

"I do, " You said, sitting criss-cross on the floor. "Chat Noir and I, we found Hawkmoth's lair, " you said. Master Fu turned around a shocked expression that was almost unusual for him written onto his face. "And you're positive that it's his lair?" Part of you didn't wanna accept it, but you weren't a liar and knew you would have to eventually. "I saw my dad inside, I know for a fact, " you said. "I did some research, the lair is in a construction site. The place has been 'worked on' for years but... there's no visual improvements, no updates, nothing, " you said. "And if you do a small amount of digging, you can find that it belonged to none other then Gabriel Agreste."

Master Fu still looked surprised still. "Why would he make his lair somewhere that could be so easily linked to him?" Master Fu questioned. "That's exactly why, actually. Gabriel has a title, he's well known. He's a powerful celebrity with a lot of influence on the fashion world especially. Nobody would question him, even if they wanted to Gabriel is so powerful most would be too fearful to attempt it, " you said. Master Fu nodded, his expression neutralizing. "I see... That's quite intelligent of him, " he responded. "So how do you propose we confront this?" you asked. "The goal is to get his miraculous, but it's not as simple as you might think. One can not simply take his miraculous without some type of fight, and he'll already be prepared," Master Fu said.

"You, Chat Noir, And I will need to make a plan over the next week or so. Afterward, we'll take action, " Master Fu said, his fist colliding with his palm, causing there to be a soft smacking sound. He had a smirk on his face, he seemed rather confident. "You think we're ready?" you asked "I know you're ready, I'm impressed at how fast you've grown. You certainly deserve your spot as Ladybug, " Master Fu said. You gave him a soft smile, appreciating his words. "Thank you... I think Chat Noir is ready, but I'm not sure if I am, " you said. "If I didn't think you'd be ready at this point, you wouldn't have the Ladybug miraculous right now, " Master Fu said. "That's a good point, " you responded, twiddling your thumbs. "So, I'll discuss the plans with Chat Noir?"

Master Fu nodded. The thought of Chat Noir brought your mind to a pause. The events of the previous night reoccuring in your head. While they made you happy, they were almost a bit embarrassing. "Oh, by the way, Master Fu, " you said, taking a moment to find the words to say. "I took your advice, and-" before you could finish, Master Fu already had a smirk on his face. "Oh trust me, I already know, " he said. A blush of embarrassment quickly rose to your cheeks, and you struggled to find a response. "No need to say anything else, I already know, " he said. "Well, you should probably get going. School starts soon, hmm?" Master Fu said. You shook your head and then nodded in agreement. "Right-!" You responded, jumping up. "Thank you for everything, Master Fu!" You said. "No problem, (Y/N). Please fill me in on whatever plans you make, " he said. You nodded and then left shortly after.

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