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I darling I  cat noir x reader by say_lar111
I darling I cat noir x readerby saylarbennett
'Falling for me already?' Y/n Dupain-Cheng, Marinette's twin sister. What happens when she discovers her sister's biggest secret- and catches the attention of a certain...
Fan Boy | Adrien Agreste x reader by kakyoinslvr
Fan Boy | Adrien Agreste x readerby missy
After famous manga author, Y/N L/N transfers to College Francoise Dupont, she meets new people that will change her life forever. One of them being her fan-boy, Adrien A...
Uptown, Downtown (Chat Noir x Reader) by Itrytoohard24
Uptown, Downtown (Chat Noir x nobara simp
Moving to Paris from London was not what you wanted. Nevertheless, for the sake of your parents, you try very hard to adapt to your new setting; attempting to speak flui...
Miraculous Ladybug: Two Butterflies [ Chat Noir/Adrien X FemReader ] by Another2dSimp
Miraculous Ladybug: Two a simp
Having the other Butterfly Miraculous, you decided to move to Paris, France, and join Ladybug and Chat Noir in order to stop Hawk Moth and save Nooroo. However, you did...
Lean on Us (LukaxAdrienxReader) by RavenRebel24
Lean on Us (LukaxAdrienxReader)by RavenRebel24
~Highest rank: #1 in miraculous ~ (A/N: Please don't read this story if you're under 15, there is some content I'm not comfortable with younger audiences viewing. Thank...
Miraculous: Tales of Arachne, Ladybug and Chat Noir by xox_Moonlight_xox
Miraculous: Tales of Arachne, CutePanda_uwu
A young half (Own Origin) half Tibetan girl has recently moved to Paris from London. The City of Love. One day she bumps into an elderly man... And since then... Her wor...
Miraculously Reincarnated by Ziy_ing
Miraculously Reincarnatedby Ziy
I was on a flight to Paris when the engines of the plane malfunctioned. After a pathetic death, I woke up reincarnated in the world of Miraculous Ladybug, a show that I...
✓Just One Time|| A. Agreste by MyLovelyGlutton23
✓Just One Time|| A. Agresteby Chris Allenn
She's born to be my lover. On the outside Adrien was a gentle, loving guy. Kind to his peers and patience to his fans, a perfect man to any girl but who is he when no on...
Miraculously cold in love by IhateuUWUo
Miraculously cold in loveby Not/so/little_Jams
Y/n, younger cousin Chloé Bourgeois; you two grew up together along with their childhood friend Adrien Agreste. The three were inseparable before Y/n's parents out of th...
The Miraculous Three by JMY172003
The Miraculous Threeby JMY
After centuries of not being able to deem anyone worthy, the Phoenix miraculous is finally gifted to someone that seems to be... just a normal girl. All these character...
Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agreste by PsychoEthereal
Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agresteby ガル
| HIGHEST RANKINGS - #1 in AdrienXReader / #1 in ChatNoirXReader | •D E S T I N Y C H O S E U S• Adrien Agreste × Reader You, Y/N L/N, were a widely known mode...
MLB Various x Fem. Reader by Element_Abigail
MLB Various x Fem. Readerby Element_Abigail
No spoilers, read the story to find out what goes on 😈
White Rabbit &  Black Cat {Chat Noir x Reader} by kjneedsalife
White Rabbit & Black Cat {Chat KJ
Y/n L/n has just moved to Paris because her father works in security . She honestly couldn't care less about it but when a mysterious box ends up in her room one day. Sh...
Your local dumbass (Adrien X Reader) by Karameme
Your local dumbass (Adrien X Karameme
(Adrien x Reader | Miraculous Ladybug serious slowburn shitpost fic) Having lived all their life in a small town, (Y/N) never expected to become one of Paris' superheroe...
Heartbreak Cure by AGKraftyGamer2257
Heartbreak Cureby lex🕺
Y/n Dupain-Cheng never got along with her fraternal twin sister Marinette. With opposite, colliding personalities, the two have a final fight that ends with Y/n taking...
A new ladybug?! Chat noir/Adrien Agreste x reader by TheGloomyGoddess
A new ladybug?! Chat noir/Adrien Goddess
"Omg!" I said... "I'm Ladybug..." I murmured. "I'm freaking Ladybug!" I screeched! "Okay! Time to defeat this akuma!" A story wh...
Fake it till you make it... Adrien x Reader by cjsdiary
Fake it till you make it... Chloe Jennings
It's your second semester at high school, having the time of your life with your best friends Alya, Marinette, Nino, Adrien, and Chloe. You have the biggest crush on Adr...
🍓the guardian by R-RAMPAGE
🍓the guardianby ㅤ
[completed] in which, y/n becomes the guardian of the miraculous. i don't own the miraculous tales of ladybug and chat noir {swearing warning} {lowercase intended}
Fiance?! (Adrien x reader) by Treatbeat1234
Fiance?! (Adrien x reader)by Treatbeat
Adrien's fiance came back from overseas.
Thanks (Adrien / Chat Noir x chubby! reader) by HeavenHyakuya
Thanks (Adrien / Chat Noir x Heaven Hyakuya
A new girl comes that's bigger than most of the others. She doesn't care about much and prefers to keep to herself. Her name is (Y/n) (L/n).