[54] Foolproof

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You, Chat Noir, Rena Rouge, Carapace, along with Queen Bee all sat in a circle around Master Fu. This was after everyone settled down from learning the identity of Hawkmoth. You were all trying to think of an in-depth plan to defeat Hawkmoth, something that was nearly guaranteed our success.

"Chat Noir, Ladybug. I think it's best to keep your secondary Kwami's nearby when confronting Hawkmoth. This is simply for your safety, I sense that you'll need it, " Master Fu said. His expression looked serious, so you made sure to fully acknowledge and remember what he said.

"Got it, I'll make sure I bring them!" You said, nodding as you did.

You were always sure to remember Master Fu's advice, no matter what. Usually, it would help you sooner or later. So, you made sure to keep it in mind. You weren't quite sure why you'd ever need to detransform. But, it was better safe than sorry.

"I'm purr-etty sure I'll remember that!" Chat Noir said. Of course, there was never not an opportunity to use a pun. The pun earned a laugh out of you, so you had to cover your mouth in an attempt to not distract anyone.

"Alright, but, what should we do now? What's the plan? I'm good with whatever direction you lead us, just let me know!" Rena Rouge said. You appreciated how flexible she was with that stuff.

"Like, Yeah, Bro! Are we gonna defeat that evil dude tonight! Hawkmoth can catch this shell!" Carapace said. You hated to say it, but he sounded a little cringy. You'd obviously never tell him that, but you could have gone your life without hearing that statement.

Master Fu shook his head, nearly confused by Carapace's logic. "No... it would be far too foolish to rush into something like challenging him immediately. I need the five of you to inspect the Agreste manor. You'll need to try your best not to get caught, but I need you to examine as much as possible. Search for the missing miraculous' and search through Hawkmoth's lair. Do not risk yourself if you know you'll get caught, but do as much as you can. Afterward, don't worry about returning here. You can return here tomorrow at... 4 PM? How about that?" He asked.

Everyone seemed to mutually agree with that plan. The time worked out for everyone, so it was good. He probably made it that late in the day since you were up late and he wanted you to get a good nights sleep.

"Come on, guys! We should get going! We don't have a lot of time to waste!" you said, jumping up from where you were sitting.

Everyone nodded in agreement, standing up with you as well.

"Good luck, team. I believe in every single one of you. Try your best, " Master Fu said, which was somewhat motivating.

After that, all of you made your way to the Agreste Manor as a team. Running to the Agreste manor almost felt like an eternity, the whole situation happening in front of you didn't feel real. Moving to Paris, you didn't expect much to happen. In such a short time, you managed to do so much. Become a superhero, get tons of amazing friends, get an outstanding boyfriend, battle a supervillain, lose to a supervillain, and then gather a team of heroes to fight said villain after not accepting defeat.

Needless to say, you did a lot more in Paris than you ever expected. You were grateful for every single bit of it, even the bad parts. Because despite the bad and terrible things that have happened, you've managed to overcome them. Not by yourself of course, absolutely not. But, you aren't weak for getting help. In some cases, asking for help actually makes you stronger.

In front of you was a team of superheroes. And sure, you're not the Avengers. But, you're just as capable of defeating a villain as any mainstream superhero was. So, you were extremely confident at that point that you would find a way to defeat Hawkmoth, and that was a promise.

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