[38] I do love you

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-I can't even explain how I feel, I just- what I'm trying to say is... I love you, I love you more than anyone in the world, " you said. Adrien's face was all pink, and he didn't look like he was in the position to respond. At first, you felt no reaction to it. You weren't really thinking of anything until you realized. "Oh, I didn't mean to pressure you! I never even thought about- I'm sorry... This was the worst time to blurt that out, wasn't it? I'm so so sorry, " you started saying all at once as if a bunch of unnecessary fears came attacking you all at once. Adrien frowned and started shaking his hand to deny what you were saying. "No, (Y/N)! You didn't do or say anything wrong, " he said. "You actually did everything right, " he said, looking downwards. He started laughing slightly, but you had come to the conclusion that it was because he was nervous rather than him making fun of you, so you didn't question it.

"(Y/N), I love you too."

Those words were honestly what you were least expecting. Like buying a lottery ticket. You buy it already guessing the outcome, but you never really know until you attempt it. Such simple words brought the happiest reaction, and you weren't quite sure how to respond. You smiled at him and took a deep breath before collapsing into his arms. You didn't actually 'collapse' you just hugged him in a tight embrace. You felt a type of warmth when you hugged him that you had never felt before, it was reassuring. It certainly wasn't a bad feeling, it was just new. Perhaps it was the feeling of genuine love. Sure, you had your dad. But ever since you had found out about him working with Hawkmoth, none of his love felt sincere.

Since there really was no family love, Adrien could be the closest you had. But at the same time, it was a lot different. "Gosh, (Y/N), " Adrien said, slowly combing his fingers through your hair with a gentle touch. "I've wanted to tell you that for so long, you know. But it looks like you beat me to it, " he said, laughing a bit. "Well, silly cat. You have to act fast before other people catch up to you, " you said, laughing along with him. You leaned away from the hug to tap his nose, saying "boop!" As you did. "I'm so grateful for you, Adrien, " you said. This time, you slowly leaned in to kiss him, and he kissed back. There was no being startled or confused, you both knew what you felt was genuine. You let go of the kiss and kooked him in the eyes.

It felt intense, like you could see stars in his eyes. Neither of you spoke durring that short period, you just sort ot stared. You had never really acknowledged how wonderful his eyes were. You noticed, but it wasn't like you played close attention. He had a lucky clover eye color that complimented his face regardless if he was Chat Noir or not. Suddenly, you started laughing. "Why are you laughing now?" Adrien asked, smirking at you. "It's just, I don't really understand it-" you cut yourself off from the rest of the sentence, not really onowing how to word it. "Don't understand what?" Adrien asked, resting his head on his palm. "How somebody can be so... incredible. I don't understand how anybody can be as amazing as you, " you said.

"Oh, " Adrien said, taken back by what you just said, blush rising to his cheeks. For somebody who flirts all of the time, he gets flustered easily. "It's crazy, because i wonder the sane thing about you..." Adrien responded. "Hm?" You responded. "How can somebody be so incredible. You balance out all of the responsibility of a normal life plus the responsibility of Ladybug. And frankly, you being Ladybug is a lot more helpful then me being Chat Noir, " Adrien said. You frowned at the last part of what he said. You couldn't even express how wrong he was, but how would you even explain that what he just said was one of the most incorrect statements you'd ever heard in your life?

"Adrien, i'm not even sure if i can verbally express how wrong you are... You've helped me so much. If it weren't for you, Paris would be in complete chaos. You've saved me countless times, and when there was no Ladybug you continued to fight back. You're so skilled it's impressive. I'd argue you're more talented at what you do then I am, " You said, taking a deep breath. "Ah, (Y/N)-" Adrien said, but he caught his breath. It was like neither of you could word things at the time. "But i think, neither of us should put down our own efforts. At the end of the day, we're both heroes. We both help save Paris regardless of if you want to admit it or not. So, instead of being down on ourselves, we should be positive all around, " you said.

Adrien seemed a little surprised by your statement, but his gasp slowly turned into a smile. "Everything you do amazes me, it's impressive, really, " Adrien said. Before you could respond, he embraced you in a tight hug. It felt different then from the hug you has earlier, it was like he was giving all of his love to you rathee then you both exchanging it. You don't remember anything else that happened that night, probably because nothing else really did happen that night. It was all a blur, everything went blank.

You woke up, still drowsy but not willing to go back to sleep. You were laying there for at least a minute resisting the urge to slam your eyes shut again. You finally woke up for real, and noticed something wrapped around your waist. You looked over to see Adrien, passed out asleep. "Did... Adrien stay the night?" You asked yourself, trying to remember what happened. You slowly rubbed your eyes, yawning. Just then, you felt the hand on you move away. Adrien was laying there, his face smushed up against a pillow. But, you could still see his tired grin which could only be directed at you. "Goodmorning, purrincess, " Adrien said.

You blushed at the nickname, but you couldn't say you were really surprised. "Purrincess? Isn't a little too early for nicknames, cutie cat?" You giggled at your own words. "It's never too early to make puns, " he responded. Just then, he rolled over closer to you and put his hand on your cheek. "You're cute, you know, " he said. Your cheeks went red, he could make you blush without even trying. "Well... you're cute when you're sleeping!" You said, you were trying to compliment him, but realized how weird that sounded. Adrien laughed. "Thats creepy, (Y/N)."

"I'm sorry, i didn't mean it that way-" you said. "It's okay, i know, " he replied, giving a reasuring smile. You reached over to grab your phone. "Oh, it's only 6 AM, surprisingly pretty early, " you said. "Wait, Adrien! Shouldnt you get home before your dad freaks out?" You asked. Adrien shot up, looking panicked. "You're right!" He said. "Well, i hate to cut this short, but i gotta get going, " Adrien said. You nodded. "I'll make sure to let Master Fu know about what happened, " you said, Adrien nodded. "Alright, Plagg!" Adrien yelled. "Plagg!" He shouted again. He looked around in confusion. "Where is that brat of a cat when you need him?" Adrien asked, sighing. You got out of bed and opened the door to your closet, sure enough Tikki and Plagg were napping in the pockets of one of your jackets. It was surprisingly really cute, and you almost felt bad waking them up.

You slightly tapped Plagg's head. "Hey um... Plagg? Adrien's leaving and he needs you to come with him, " you said. Plagg slowly woke up, rubbing his eyes with his paws despite the fact his eyes were bigger then them. "Oh, okay, " Plagg said, getting up and flying out. "Thanks for being nice about it, unlike SOMEONE, " Plagg said, shooting daggers at Adrien, who just looked confused. "Right. Anyways, Plagg, claws out!" Adrien yelled, transforming into Chat Noir. "Goodbye, Chat Noir!" You said, waving to him as he left. "Bye, (Y/N), " Chat Noir said, but then paused. "I love you, " he said, and then left. "I love you too, " you responded, despite the fact he was already gone.

You had enjoyed the time you spent with Adrien. But, little did you know, that was the last time you'd spend time with Adrien like that for a while.

(Sorry for the short chapter! I hope the fluff makes up for it. I've wanted to make a chapter like this for a while, something pure and fluffy like that. It makes me happy aaa. Also, i've seen some of you say you'd like to see more of my writing and

I've come up with an idea for another fanfic, but its not miraculous related. If you're curious you can ask about it ^^ )

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