[51] Trust and bonds

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It wasn't very difficult for you to stay up late, and it definitely wasn't the first time you'd stayed up past your "bedtime" since the whole reality fiasco. Perhaps, the better question would be is if the rest of your friends would be able to show up to your meeting or not. You knew Adrien would, without a doubt. You loved him, but that boy not only stays up late, but he sneaks out as Chat Noir that late too. You weren't sure about Alya or Chloe though, their schedules might be more normal. As for Nino, well, you doubted he went to bed early.

You only knew Carapace was Nino because Chat Noir had told you when you met up earlier that day. But, to be fair, his personality didn't make it too hard to guess. "Psst, Tikki, " you whispered, nudging Tikki gently. Tikki had fallen asleep on your desk, and you wished you didn't have to wake her. But, unfortunately, that wasn't really an option. "I hate to wake you, Tikki. But, we have to get going to meet up with the others." Tikki rubbed her eyes, staring at you blankly before getting up quickly. She got up so fast, it was as if she was never asleep at all.

"Oh, I'm sorry I fell asleep!" Tikki said, frowning. You shook your head, reassuring her. "You're fine, you've been working hard, " you said. Tikki looked like she appreciated your words, which made you glad. "Right. Tikki, spots on, " you said, rather than yelling. In moments, you had transformed from your regular self to Ladybug. It still felt nice to have your earrings back again, despite not even remembering what they were when you didn't have them. But, you knew if you had never lost your memories you would have missed being Ladybug a lot.

The whole alternate reality thing still confused you, and it would be even more confusing to explain it to three and possibly four people depending on how much Chat Noir knows. But, you still felt compelled to lead them. You were chosen to be Ladybug, and you liked the role you were given. But, with something like this one wrong move could ruin everything. One tiny mistake and you and the rest of the people you care about are stuck in this alternate world for good. Even if your current world wasn't all that different, being trapped there sounded awful. So, you knew what your priorities were. You needed to defeat Hawkmoth, defeat whatever else stands in your way. You hoped that as long as you kept some form of positivity with you, there would be no evil.

You made your way over to the Eiffel tower, and in the distance, you could see one other person waiting there. The person standing there was none other than Rena Rouge, who was more than right on time. "Rena!" you called out, swinging to the top of the tower. "Ladybug!" she replied, seeming eager to see you. "Where are the others?" Rena asked. "They should be here soon, at least I hope so." You and Rena just sat silently for a moment until you saw what seemed to be another hero heading towards you.

"Chat Noir!" You and Rena Rouge both greeted in sync as Chat Noir landed somewhat gracefully on top of the Eiffel Tower. "Pleasure to see you here, ladies, " Chat Noir said as if you never made a plan to meet up and it was just a coincidence. It took everything in you to act professionally around Chat Noir instead of hugging him as hard as you could. You knew it wouldn't be the best time to be open about your relationship, not that you were opposed to telling people. Just, not now. So, you, Rena Rouge, and now Chat Noir waited patiently for the remaining teammates.

Shortly after, Carapace appeared. He arrived almost un-noticed until he landed on the platform with a loud thud. "Sup, dude and dudettes!!" Carapace said, enthusiastic as ever. "Carapace, I'm glad you're here!" You said, followed by two more greetings from Rena Rouge and Chat Noir. You expected more silence, but Carapace was actually the first to attempt engaging in any form of conversation. "So, bros, what are we gonna be discussing?"

"Well, We need to wait for Queen Bee. But, after she arrives I won't hesitate to explain anything, " you replied. "Well, it is Chloe we're talking about. Who knows if that girl managed to make it out or not, " Rena Rouge said. "I'm sure she'll figure it out!" Chat Noir added. Everything about what they said sounded normal in your head until it clicked. "Wait, how do you know Queen Bee's identity?" You asked. Rena Rouge made eye contact with Chat Noir, and then with Carapace. They seemed to be hiding some form of truth that wasn't really a secret but more so hard to explain.

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