[14] Red Devil

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You stretched your arms and yawned. You didn't feel like getting out of bed, you were tired. But, a new day is a new day. "Good morning, Tikki." You said, slouching out of bed. "Good morning, (Y/N)!" Tikki said. Her happy tone put you into a good mood. You picked out an outift and put it on, tossing your dirty clothes in the hamper. You did your normal morning routine ans grabbed your phone. Coincidentally, just then you received a phone call from your father. "Hi, dad!" You said, in a cheery tone. "Hey, kiddo." He said. "So what's up?" You asked. "Oh.. so bad news. I'm really sorry but i won't be back for a week.. i'm so sorry, Something came up. I promise i'll make it up to you!" He said. You frowned, this had really upset you, but knew he probably couldn't do much about it. "It's okay, i understand!" You responded, trying your best to sound happy. "Well, i have to go. So, bye, (Y/N), i love you." He said. "Bye, Dad! I love you too!" You responded, ending the call.

"I'm assuming that was your dad." Tikki said, you slowly nodded. "Yeah.. my dad's gonna be gone all week, which means i'll be home alone all week, whoopee.." You said. You were used to being home alone, but him being gone this long just kind of made you disappointed. "Aw, i'm sorry, (Y/N)." Tikki said, attemptinng to pat your back. You gave her a weak smile. "It's okay. At least i have you, Tikki." You said, Tikki smiled and nodded. When you got Tikki, life became a tad more interesting. Although, your dad being gone still saddened you. You looked at (P/N). "Goodbye, (P/N). Be good." You said to the cat, who just blinked at you. You walked  downstairs and went to find something to eat. You picked out a few things, placed them in a bag, and then exited the house.

You arrived at school, you were looking at the floor. You didn't want to give off a depressing vibe, but you couldn't help it. You walked up the stairs to see Nino, Alya, and Adrien talking. You were glad that Alya was feeling better. You slowly made your way towards them, giving a soft "Hi." They all looked at you, a smile spreading on each of there faces. "Sup, (Y/N)!" Nino said. Followed by a "Hey, (Y/N)!" Coming from both Adrien and Alya. You tried your best to give a smile to them, a small grin spread across your cheeks, but quickly faded. "So, like, what's up, homegirl?" Nino asked, ajusting his glasses. "Oh.. um.." you trembled off. "Not much!" You replied. Adrien gave you a worried look. "Is something wrong, (Y/N)?" He asked. You appericiated his concern, but didn't want to make this a big deal. "No, i'm good!" You replied. "Okay, if you say so." He said, giving an awkward smile. You all chatted for another minute or two before the bell rung and you made your way to class.

Durring class, you didn't really say much. Alya would whisper to you occasionally, but you would give one word replies. Not because you weren't interested, but because you just felt bad in general. You felt like your dad never had time for you anymore, and you knew he cared, it just sucked. "Hello? Earth to (Y/N)." Alya said, waving her hand infront of your face. You jumped, snapping back to reality. "Huh? Oh, what is it?" You asked. "Class just ended girl, were you not paying attention?" She asked, laughing a little bit. "I- um- i was." You responded. Alya frowned. "Are you okay? You've been acting a little off today. Did someone do something, do i need to give someone a talk?" Alya asked. You smiled at her. "I appericiate the concern, but really, i'm fine." You said. "Are you sure?" She asked. "I'm sure." You insisted. You got up and walked out, heading to lunch with Alya. You met up with Nino and Adrien and just let the three of them talk. Everytime one of them would talk to you, you'd just give an either short or awkward sounding reply.

Adrien Nino and Alya looked at each other, all having the same worried expression, they could tell you were upset. "(Y/N), bro. What's on your mind?" You shook your head. "Nothing really." You responded. Adrien was pretty worried at this point. "You don't have to if you're not comfortable, but we just want to make you feel better." He replied. "I promise guys, i'm fine. I really appericiate you being concerned but i'm just tired, that's all." You lied. They nodded, they weren't going to force you. Lunch ended and you all finished up your classes. At this point, you didn't want to be around anyone or make them more worried. Adrien and Alya were walking with you to the front of the school. "Anyways guys i gotta go- bye!" You said, quickly running off. Adrien and Alya yelled bye so you could hear them, and then looked at each other.

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