[36] Game start!

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"-(Y/N), you should tell him how you feel." Those words played through your head on repeat, and your cheeks went red. You had no idea how he could've known, maybe it was obvious. But, you had only really told Tikki and Alya knew but she had guessed. Once again, you knew you shouldn't really be surprised. He's "all knowing" after all. "Uh... alright, " you replied, exiting the building. You took a deep breath, no matter what you tried, you couldn't stop thinking about it. Once he revealed himself, it was like everything hit you all at once. You had dazed off, and hadn't said anything at all the entire walk back. "Are you alright, (Y/N)?" Tikki asked. You shook your head, snapping back into reality. "Oh, yeah. I'm alright, " you said.

You continued to make your way to school, until you got there. You saw Nino, Alya, and Adrien talking together. It looked normal, until you realized. You felt the same heat rising to your cheeks everytime you thought about it. "Oh god, i need to get it together, " you said to yourself. Alya seemed to notice you. "Hey, (Y/N)!" She yelled, waving you over. It was the same as always, but it felt so strange at the same time. "Hi, guys, " you said, walking up to the group. Adrien didn't respond for a moment, until Nino greeted you as well. Then he finally said "Hi, (Y/N)!" You knew you needed to ask Adrien to meet you after school. You supposed knowing each others indentities would at least be useful in that way.

You and Adrien just exchanged expressions, both of you looking a bit nervous. Alya took this a different way, though. She smirked. "Hey, Nino, i need to talk to you... Alone. " she said. "Why alone?" Nino asked. Alya sighed slightly. "Just cooperate, please, " she said, probably not willing to tolerate anything else. "Alright, babe, " he said, smirking. Alya sighed and shook her head, smiling as she walked away. You thought being left alone with Adrien was a good thing, but you were all the more nervous. He suddenly smiled at you. "No need to be shy, it's not like you don't know me, " he said, tapping your nose. "Right, " you replied. You took a deep breath, and then looked up at him. "Do you mind meeting at my place tonight?" You asked. "Sure! What time?" He asked, surprisingly not questioning you. "Probably late, 9 or 10-ish. It's important, " you said.

He nodded. "That actually works better for me! I'll see you then, " he said. You wondered how it would "work better" for him, seeing as he was on a tight schedule. But it you Adrien we were talking about, and he always figures something out. You continued your school day. Later on in the day, you were talking to Nino. "Oh, shoot, man! I totally left my book in the library!" Nino said. "I can go grab it for you! Whats the book name?" You asked. "Uhh... it's just, a book, " you looked at him with an expression that read "really?" On it. "You're going to have to be a bit more specific then that, its a library, " He let out a short sigh. "Uh... it's, manga, man. You'll know it when you see it," he said. "Oh, no worries! I don't judge, i'll go grab it right now!" You said, running off to the library

When you got to the library, sure enough, Nino's book was there. You went over to grab the manga, when you noticed some girl playing a video game on a computer. It was 8-bit, and it looked like she was having a hard time with it. "Ugh!" She yelled, yanking at her own hair. You weren't sure if you should feel bad or be afraid. Before you could even react, another girl came over to her. "Do you want me to help? You've been playing that level for hours..." she said, frowning. The girl sighed and nodded. "Sure, why not. But i doubt you'll even be able to beat it, " she said, crossing her arms. Her friend sat down in the chair  and started to play the game. You weren't sure why you bothered watching, you just got caught up in it.

A few minutes later, there as a victory noise. "Done!" The girls' friend cheered, standing up. "Well, hopefully, the next level won't give you such a hard time!" She said. "What?!" The girl screamed, sounding shocked that her friend managed to beat it. "No fair! How did you manage to beat it that fast! It's like all my hard work was for nothing!" She yelled. "But, Noelle, shouldn't you be happy?" Her friend asked, backing up a bit. "Why would I be happy? I didn't expect you to win!" She growled, taking a deep breath. "Oh... I'll um, talk to you later, I gotta go. Bye, " her friend said, quickly walking away. At that point, you felt bad for her friend. But, you knew it wasn't the time to worry about that when Nino is probably still waiting, so you left the library.

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