[40] Last plan

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There was a moment where the only sound was ringing. The ringing didn't even continue very long, but each sound that came out of the phone made you more anxious. Then, the sound of Adrien's voice was clear. "Hey, (Y/N). What's up?" Adrien asked, his voice calm as ever. "I think Master Fu has given us our last task, can you meet me at my place?" You asked, tapping your foot as a way to concentrate. "Sure thing, but, are you okay? Your tone sounds off, " Adrien said. You weren't sure how he guessed like that, but you supposed you shouldn't be surprised. He was technically your boyfriend, so he'd somewhat be able to tell. "I'd rather talk about it in person, " you said, your tone fading as you spoke. "I understand, I'll be there in a minute!" Adrien said. You ended the call, and then waited for his arrival.

He didn't even take long, but every second of waiting felt like forever. It was probably due to your nerves, but you couldn't help but worry. You knew Adrien would probably be able to calm you down, but it didn't change much in the meantime. Finally, you heard the sound of knocking at your window. It was easy to hear, mainly due to how everything else in your room was silent. You ran over to the window only to be greeted by Chat Noir, who was smirking at you. Within seconds, the window was unlocked and he stepped inside. "Wow, (Y/N). Your room is cleaner than the last time, did you clean it for me?" Chat Noir asked, a teasing tone in his voice. "No, it's called not being a slob, Chat, " you said.

"And here I was assuming you were thinking of me, " Chat Noir said, clearly still teasing around. "Don't be silly, I think about you literally all the time, " You said. "Oh, " Chat Noir said, his cheeks tinting pink. "Well, anyways. We should get to work on that plan-" before you could get another word out, Chat Noir grabbed your hand. "No, (Y/N). Before that. You were upset over the phone and said you wanted to talk about it in person. What's wrong?" Chat Noir asked, a frown on his face. "Oh, that..." Honestly, you didn't want to worry him, but it was a bit too late now not to tell him about it. "I'm just worried. We're going up against Hawkmoth, thats a lot. It's essentially the finally boss, I'm not sure I'll ever be prepared. And what it something happens to me, or even worse, you?"

Chat Noir seemed worried, to begin with, but the last part of what you said made him look upright upset. He shook his head "(Y/N), you're just as important as I am. If I lost you, I'd be so upset you have no idea. I promise we'll win this, and I promise I'll protect you no matter what. Hawkmoth may be dangerous but at the end of the day, he doesn't have many advantages over us. Sure, he has your dad. Sure, he's my dad and he has a lot of things protecting him, but so do we. We have each other, and Master Fu. And there's one thing we have that chances are he'll never have, " Chat Noir said. "What's that?" you asked. "Rationality. If Hawkmoth thought rationally, he wouldn't be a villain, to begin with. In a way, it's like he's lost part of his sanity. We have that power over him, don't forget that."

You could tell it still hurt a lot for Adrien to talk about his dad like that, but his words meant everything to you. He had a point, and you were grateful he was there. "You're right, thank you, Chat Noir. That means a lot to me, " you said, giving him the faintest smile. Adrien cupped your cheeks in his hand, but was careful not to press them too hard. "You know I love you a lot, right?" He asked. He was looking at you directly in the eyes, and it felt impossible to look away. "I love you too, " You said, wanting to hide your blush, but not being able to turn away. Chat Noir leaned in and pressed a kiss onto your lips. You couldn't say you were startled, it was sort of expected with his flirty nature. You melted into the kiss, not having any other thought until he pulled away.

"And with as much as I'd like to continue that, we really need to work on this plan, huh?" He said. You nodded, still blushing. You walked over to your desk and grabbed a notebook. The book was (F/C) with a the shadow of a (F/A) on it, simple, but you liked to look at it. You took a seat on your bed and opened the notebook, flipping through the already written notes until the pages were blank. You took out a pen and tapped the back side of the paper, thinking. "What we need is his miraculous, right?" Chat Noir asked. "Yes, exactly. If we can manage to take his miraculous, he won't have much left. We already got the peacock miraculous, so all thats left is the butterfly miraculous."

You and Chat Noir futther discussed plans, until you came to a stop. "How do we get his miraculous off? It'll be a lot easier if we can get him to remove it, then we have the advantage. But how would we do that?" You asked, putting your cheek in your hand. Chat Noir paused, as if thinking for a reason. "Oh, wait! The Ladyblog has a forum where anyone can post updates, right?" You asked. "I think so, why?" Chat Noir asked. "What if we brought a bunch of attention to the construction site? Something that would make him need to detransform to handle, " you said, grabbing your phone. You went onto the Ladyblog, and sure enough the forum was there. "If we get everybody to crowd this area, he'll have no choice but to detransform or everyone will figure out who he is."

Chat Noir nodded in agreement. "That's smart, actually, " he said. You nodded. "What if we say that theres a chance of a Ladybug and Chat Noir meetup. People might show, and then he'll kick them out, which will give us the chance to snag it, " you said. "The plan is good... But I almost feel kind of bad for lying to people like that, " Chat Noir said. "Yeah, I do too. But, keep in mind this is to defeat Hawkmoth. As much as I hate lying, it's worth it to defeat him, " you said. Chat Noir nodded. "That's a good point, " he replied. "Alright, go ahead and do it, " he replied. With little hesitation, you posted about the said meetup and the adress of the construction site. You were hoping people would see it, and believe it at that.

You and Chat Noir had planned to go and visit the site the night before. The plan was to open one of the windows before hand. That was your chance to get in, and then you'd take the miraculous and give it to Master Fu. You told Master Fu this plan, and he seemed to like it. So the plan was set, there wasn't any take backs. You were going to defeat Hawkmoth, plain and simple...

Or so you thought

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