[8] Valentines

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The next Monday at school, students were chattering on about how Valentines day was coming up. Whether it was about loving their partner or complaining about being single, it was a topic between a majority of the students. You were walking to your next class when you were greeted by Alya. "Hey, Girl!" She said, excitedly. "Hi, Alya!" I said, walking alongside her to class. "So, are you excited for valentines day or what?" Alya asked, a big grin on her face. "Sure, i don't really have a partner, but it's a cute holiday. I'll probably spend it with friends, including you, and my dad." You said, smiling back at Alya. "Aw, (Y/N). That's so sweet! But what do you mean you don't have a partner, you're so sweet!" Alya said. "That's very nice of you, Alya. It's not that i don't want one, i just don't have one. You have Nino, right?" You asked. "Yep! It's funny how we started dating, actually. you're locked in a cage with someone and before you know it boom! Relationship." Which made you and her both laugh.

You walked by Adrien, who smiled and waved at you. You gleefully smiled and waved back, continuing to walk by with Alya. "Ooooh! Could you perhaps like Adrien?" Alya asked, nudging your hip. "What, Adrien? No, i don't like him like that. He IS  a great friend though." You said, quite genuinely. "Aw, man, i thought i was on to something!" Alya said. Meanwhile; on the other side of the school. Jacques was peaking at Lila. Despite all the lies that had come out of that girls mouth, Jacques had the biggest crush on her. "alright, Jacques! You can do this! You can ask the girl lof your dreams out!" He said, quietly to himself. He let out a sigh, and then approached Lila, Roses and chocolates in his hand. Hey, Lila!" He said, a confident tone. "Um, hi?" Lila said. He then held out the flowers and chocolates.
"I was wondering if you'd like to meet me at the park later, with valentines day coming up and all that.. i actually like you a lot..." Jacques said. Lila stood at him blankly at him before bursting out laughing. "Please! Sorry, whatever your name is! Haha! I have lots of hollywood boys waiting for me, i'm just not into you!!" Lila said, before walking off, laughing harder. "Oh..." Jacques said, before running off and finding a place to hide.

Jacques had hid in the Janitors closet. He was curled up in the corner, his hand just barely touching the boquet that was meant for Lila. Just then, an Akuma touched his bouquet, akumatizing him. "Homewrecker, i am hawkmoth. What Lila did to you was incredibly cruel. I am giving you the power to get revenge on her, to show her what it feels like, and to anyone else who doesnt know what true heartbreak feels like." Hawmoth said. "Thank you, Hawkmoth." "Homewrecker" said. "But, however. In return, i'll need you to get me the miraculous' of Ladybug and chat noir." Hawkmoth said. "Absolutely, Hawkmoth." Homewrecker had said. And with that, he exited the janitors closet.

"Alright class, now turn the next page." The current teacher stated. All of the students turned the pages on their books, in was almost dead silence. There was no sound except the sound of air vents and breathing, that was until loud stomps could be heard. Everyone looked up as the door swung open, and a boy in a red trench coat, covered in broken hearts stomped in, which caused some students to gasp. "Who are you?!" The teacher asked, which, was the least of our worries. "I am Homewrecker!! Where is Lila?!" Said the boy. When no one responded, he scanned the room. "Oh, there you are." He said, he grabbed a rose from his bouquet and threw it at Lila. Once it touched her, she turned  completly grey. She wasn't frozen, she just seemed to be souless, almost. Her dull expression changed into a sad expression. Everyone in the classroom stood up and screamed. "Who's next?!" Homewrecker asked. He caught eye on Rose, who was shaking in fear. A large grin spread across his face, before he did the same thing to Rose that he did to Lila. More gasps and screams were to be heard as a majority of the students ran for the exit.

You looked down into your bag and stormed out of the Classroom into a good hiding spot. Once you were hidden, you opened your bag and Tikki flew out. "We've gotta stop him, before everyone in Paris becomes sad and heartbroken!" You said, Tikki nodded. "Tikki, Spots on!" You yelled. Within a matter of seconds, you were transformed into Ladybug. You ran out of your hiding spot and searched the area, looking for homewrecker. You then saw him exit the classroom, throwing roses at more students as they screamed and became grey. You threw your yo-yo at him, attempting to drag him towards you. "What the- oh! I see! You want to be next." He said, throwing a rose at you. You dodged the rose, which caused you to let go of the yo-yo.
"Ugh..!" You grumbled. Out of no where, you heard a "wow, this guys a total heartbreaker! What a bummer." Coming from none other then Chat Noir.  "Chat! A little help?" You said. "Of course, anything for you, bugaboo." Chat noir replied. You rolled your eyes sarcastically. For the next few minutes, you both were just deflecting rose's that Homewrecker attempted to throw at you. "Nows the chance to retrieve their miraculous'!" Hawkmoth pratically yelled at Homewrecker. "Oh Ladybug, Chat noir! I'll leave you and this school alone if you give up your miraculous!!" Homewrecker said, giving an almost creepy looking grin. "As if we'd do that." You responded. "Ugh! You two aren't worth it! I'll be back for you later!" Homewrecker said, speeding out of the school.

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