[4] Lord ember

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( why is chat so amazing. If he was real i'd date him in a heartbeat )
(Chapter is NOT edited!!)

School, (Y/N)'s P.O.V

I walked up to school and noticed a large a bunch of students on their phones staring at some sort of blog. A large crowd was rallying up around Alya, seemingly asking Alya questions. I went in closer to attempt at hearing it. "Alya! Alya!" One student screamed. "Do you know anything else about this *new* Ladybug?!" Another student asked.

My face went a shade of bright pink. Me...? They are asking about me?Alya sighed and put on a nervous smile. She looked over and saw me and started making her way towards me. "You've got quite a mob Alya." I said and laughed a bit. She laughed nervously. "Haha... Yeah. Ever since yesterday, when that new Ladybug showed up and i posted it too my ladyblog, people have been mobbing me like crazy! This isn't even half of it!! You should see my blog!"

"Yeah.. The new Ladybug.. Shes kinda cool, isnt she..?" I said and managed to put an awkward grin on my face. "Yeah! Shes awesome!" Alya yelled. That made me feel kinda good about myself.. Seeing all these students appericiate me like this. I've never felt special like this before.

A large limo pulled up by the school. Adrien stepped out of it, with a big dorky grin on his face. He quickly looked over and saw Alya being mobbed and ran over. "Alya! Are you alright?" He asked. "Yeah i'm fine.. I'm assuming you heard about the new Ladybug?" She asked. Adriens face tinted pink for a second and then he stuttered, "Oh yeah! I heard about her! Shes cool isn't she! The way she took down the villain with the hose. Well with chat noirs help... Heh..."

I smiled. "Th-" I almost said but stopped myself. Forgetting i couldn't reveal my identidy. I nervously laughed. A few minutes later the bell rung and we all walked to class. I felt a nudge in my book bag and opened it.
"It was kinda cool how all the students were talking abou you, (Y/N)." She whispered. "Yeah." I giggled. "I guess so.."  I got to class and sat down. 

There were still quite a few students talking about Ladybug.. Or me. A lot of people were nice but wondering if i would be as good as the old Ladybug. To be honest i don't know if i'll ever be as good as her. With how much everyone loved her, would they really be able to replace that love for me?

I'm pretty sure Adrien loved the old ladybug a lot.. Whenever we talk about her he gets excited, but sad. I wonder if he knew her, or knew who she really was? Maybe they were friends. What i find kind of suspicious is that Ladybug and that Marinette girl disapeared around the same time. I wonder if they were the same person...

I was nudged on the hip by Alya. I looked over to her. "Hey do you want to work on some ladybug T-shirts later? Not for the old ladybug but the new one!! Shes getting really popular lately." Alya asked. My face went pink for a second. "O-oh sure..!" I said. "You know (Y/N).. You kind of look like her." Alya said grinning. "Oh um.. U-uh wow really? thank you?...!" I said smiling.
The teacher walked in. "I know a lot of you are excited about this new hero.. But you should pay attention to class." The teacher said.

Lunch time your P.O.V still

It was lunch time already. I went to an empty table and sat down. I had packed myself a croissant and a water bottle for lunch because i wasnt risking cafeteria food. Around five minutes later, Adrien, Alya, & Nino sat with me. Adrien across from me, Nino next to Adrien, and Alya next to me. "Hey guys!" I said smiling. Alya started talking about her ladyblog. "I hope we see her again!" Alya said excitedly. "Me too." I heard Adrien say under his breath. "Yeah bro shes totally rad duuude."

(I'm sorry i love writing Nino like that lmao)

"Oh yeah, (Y/N)! Did you ever see the video i got of the new Ladybug?" Alya asked. Adrien looked intrigued. "oh... haha. No i didn't" i said. Alya reached into her pocket and grabbed her phone. She showed me a video of Ladybug... Me, it was when i shot Comicbook down with a hose. "Isn't it soo awesome?!" Alya squealed. "Yeah it really is." I said. Adrien nodded his head in agreement. 

After school still (Y/N)s P.O.V

After a long day of school i was walking back home, thinking, I had been wondering a while why i got my miraculous exactly. It is amazing don't get me wrong, but was this meant for me? I tried to put away my doubt and think about something else... Adrien, he seems to get interested yet nervous whenever someone talks about Ladybug.

I seriously wonder if he knew her. Which in that case i feel bad. Maybe i could try talking to Adrien more.... Hm.. I was about five minutes from home when i heard faint screaming. It seemed to be coming from multiple people. "Whats that screaming?" I said quietly and looked over and then looked up.

It was... A dragon?? Wait... It wasn't a dragon. It was more like a man-dragon, most likely one of Hawkmoths victims. I looked around and ran into an allyway. I opened my bookbag and Tikki flew out. "The city is in trouble! Tikki, Spots on!" I yelled. And with that: i transformed.

I climbed on top of a building and hopped to another roof. I heard the sounds of another person jumping around, i looked behind me and it was none other then the black cat himself, Chat Noir. "Hello my love bug." He smirked. I smiled lightly.

"No time to flirt cat! Theres some dragon dude on the rampage!" I said. Chat looked over and laughed. "Looks like someone needs anger management." He said.  I a little closer to the dragon person . Looking around at him.

He had a strange looking pendant that was glowing bright red. I jumped back over to Chat. "I think the akumas in there!" I said, pointing to his pendant. "Good eye Ladybug! Now what do we do?" I thought for a second then stopped.

The dragon dude was screaming at people to "bow before him." Chances are hes a lunatic. I looked over on a roof and noticed a basketball hoop near the edge. Odd for it to be placed there but none the less he was flying right near it "Chat!" I yelled. "I need you to distract the dragon and get him near the basketball hoop! Then to use your cataclysm on it and trap him!"

Chat nodded and ran over there. "Hey flame-brain! Over here!" Chat yelled. The dragon then roared. "I AM NOT A FLAME BRAIN! I AM LORD EMBER! AND NOW YOUR PUNISHED FOR NOT BOWING DOWN!" He shot a fire ball directly at Chat, it touched him and right before my eyes chat was on fire. And he was slowly turning to nothing but char.

"Chat!!!" I yelled. How could this "lord Ember" idiot do that to him! Think (Y/N) think!... I got it!

"Lucky charm!!" I yelled. After using lucky charm what i got was a.... Jump rope? I thought for a moment... Then got an idea. "Hey dragon! Over here!" Lord ember looked over and got extremely angry. "SPOILED BRAT! BOW DOWN TO ME!" He screamed.

Right then when he wasnt looking i threw one end of the jump rope over his ankle and grabbed the other end, dragging him. I tied it to the basketball hoop and quickly snatched off his pendant. Then i smashed it.

"Lord Ember" was now back to normal. And so was everyone he turned to flame, including Chat. I ran over to him. "Ladybug we-" I hugged him. Chats face went pink for a second but it faded. "Im glad you're okay!" I said happily. "Of course i'm fine! There was no need to be worried about me, m'lady." He said, with a smirk. "But thank you for caring."

Before either of us could say anything else. My earings beeped along with his ring. We both said goodbye and ran off...

(Alright guys! Thats it for this chapter! I hope you liked it :DD byeee)

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