[34] The reveal

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Not long after Fox Thief, you were on your way home. "Hey, (Y/N)? What were you going to ask Chat Noir?" Tikki asked, probably simply out of curiosity. "Oh, um- I did genuinely forget, but, " You said, thinking for a moment. "Oh, shoot! Now I remember!" You said, frowning. "I was going to ask him to meet me... I had a lot I wanted him to know and something I wanted to ask, " you said. Tikki nodded. "Well, at least now you know for next time, " she said, you nodded in agreement. You got home and went to your room. You had actually gotten a message from Alix asking if you wanted to hang out with her, Nathaniel, and his friend Marc. You agreed and were supposed to meet them on Sunday.

You took a step onto your balcony, breathing in the fresh air. You felt fine but at the same time so uncomfortable. You knew master Fu needed to know what happened, but part of you didn't want to tell him. You were worried he might think you didn't do a good enough job of hiding your identity, or you were too foolish with the Miraculous. He was calm, and deep down you knew he probably wouldn't react that way. But, you couldn't help but worry. You heard the sudden sound of something moving quickly and looked up. There was a girl on a broomstick, who flew right past you. She went so fast she nearly knocked you over the balcony, forcing you to catch your balance. In the distance, you could see Chat Noir hopping from building to building as if she was chasing her. "Yeah, something about that screams Akuma attack, " you said, running back inside.

"let's check it out! Tikki, spots on!" you yelled, transforming into Ladybug. You ran back out and exited through the balcony, jumping to the next building. You ran in the direction the girl was going until you came to a halt. You had found the witch, who had jumped off her broomstick when she saw a random person. She had long platinum blonde hair which touched her ankles, two black moons under her eyes, a necklace with a lot of charms on it, a large purple witch hat, and a purple dress to match. She took out a spell book and waved her hand over it, she then pointed her hand at the person and suddenly they turned into a charm in the shape of a pentagram. "Just 40 more, and I'll have complete control, " she said, putting the charm on the necklace she was wearing and slamming the book shut.

In a state of panic, you threw your yo-yo at the witch-girl. "Not if I can help it!" you said, yanking her towards you. She looked you dead in the eye, and said nothing. Which was honestly a bit surprising, seeing as most villains said something cliche like "ah, Ladybug. You're here." You scanned her with your eyes quickly, looking for a potential Akuma spot. Without another second to spare, she waved her hand. From the ground, things that looked like ghosts rose up from the ground. They looked like stereotypical cartoon ghosts, but it felt unsettling to see them in real life. The ghosts went up to you and grabbed you, lifting you up into the air. You squirmed around, but it felt like you were touching nothing. You then realized that the ghosts could touch you, but you couldn't touch them.

No matter how you tried to escape, their grasp was far too tight and you couldn't even touch them. "My demons, get her miraculous!" The witch yelled. The ghosts all acted at once, some holding you in place while others reached for your ears. You had never felt more helpless, losing that quickly. You looked down and noticed Chat Noir running. He used his staff to raise himself up as high as the ghosts. You felt a wave of relief seeing him, but didn't say anything because somehow the ghosts didn't notice him. Suddenly, he pulled hard on your leg and managed to yank you away from the ghosts. Startled, the ghosts disappeared in panic. "Wow, Ladybug. Looks like you were in a DEADLY situation, " Chat Noir said. "Yeah, I had high spirits I'd be able to make it out alive, " you said, laughing.

"No matter, I can just bring more, " the witch said. "ghosts, rise!" she yelled, lifting her hand up. More ghosts rose from the ground, and you gulped. "How are we supposed to defend ourselves if we can't even touch them?" You said, backing up as the ghosts crept up to you. "Wait, that's it!" you yelled. "What's it?" Chat Noir asked, spinning his baton. "The powers!" you yelled. "I'll be back!" you yelled, running off. You needed to find somewhere to hide quickly, so you hid in an alley. "Spots off, " you said, detransforming. You immediately started looking through your bags. "Aha! Found you!" You yelled, pulling out a light purple cookie. "This should give me ghost-like powers, right, Tikki?" You asked. Tikki nodded. "I believe so," she said. You handed her the cookie. "Eat quickly, Tikki. We have to help Chat Noir, " you said.

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