[57] A plan succeeded

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"Plagg, claws out!"

Those words grabbed everyone's attention. Emilie lost track of what she was saying, she just glared at Adrien's transformation. She looked furious, and her silence was very good at portraying that.

Rena Rouge, Queen Bee, and even Carapace all looked surprised to see Adrien transform. It wasn't even that they hadn't realized Adrien was Chat Noir, because they had. But, Chat Noir's identity had been a secret for so long, seeing Adrien transform probably felt strange to them. As in something they weren't supposed to see. But, you realized now more than ever that they were your teammates and deserved to know who you were more than anyone else.

"Why do you look so shocked? Oh, well, I suppose the cat's out of the bag, huh?" Chat Noir plastered a smirk over his face as he spoke.

Hearing Chat Noir speak made your heart happy. Even hearing as something simple as a pun from him was enough. You were glad he was alive, that's what mattered to you. Sure, you had other priorities. But, after everything that happened, it was hard not to think about him.

Without even thinking, your legs started to move on their own. You felt bad for acting so impulsively, but you couldn't control it. All you wanted was to give him a hug, just to be able to hug him and know that he was there and that he was real. You knew it was probably stupid, but you were so worried that he wasn't okay.

But, before you could make your way over to him you felt something cold grab your wrist. You could feel your entire soul drop, whatever touched you gave you the worst feeling. It felt like ice wrapped around your wrist, it was freezing and unwanted.

You turned to see Emilie, who had a tight hold on your arm. She looked angry, but she held all of that anger inside a fake smile.

"Gah- What are you-" Was all that was able to escape your lips. You could only look back at her in fear. You weren't sure what Emilie was going to do, she only stared at you. But, somehow, even though she didn't say a word, you could tell just how furious she was.

You barely noticed the sound of footsteps running toward you. You were so focused on Emilie's glare that the world around you seemed to be in slow motion. It wasn't until something caught your attention that you snapped out of it.

Queen Bee had run over to the two of you, Kicking Emilie down to the floor. You couldn't help but be shocked, she was able to move when you weren't. "Queen Bee! I- Thank you!" You couldn't properly express your gratitude, but she seemed to understand.

Queen Bee simply shook her head. "Go to him, Ladybug, " she said. You were honestly shocked that she said that, it almost seemed out of character for her. That phrase was somehow so mature, you wouldn't have even expected it to come from her. You didn't say anything else to her, you only nodded. Your feet began to pick up the pace again, this time, there wasn't going to be someone to pull you back.

Sure, Emilie was still there, but she wouldn't have been able to grab you in time.

Your feet were going as fast as they could carry you, nobody bothering to stop you. You found yourself nearly tackling Chat Noir, wrapping your arms around him in the tightest way you could. Chat Noir was visibly surprised about this, letting out a little gasp as you did so.

You knew it was unprofessional, you knew it wasn't the time, you just needed a second. You just needed a second to feel that he was real.

"Chat Noir..." You whispered. Rather than screaming his name, you let out a simple murmur. It was all you were capable of doing, almost all of your energy was going into that hug alone.

When Chat Noir got a grip on the reality around him, he didn't hesitate to hug you back. "My lady..." Was all he responded with. And yet, that was more than enough. The embrace you shared was warm and soft, it felt so loving. Perhaps it especially felt that way because there wasn't an ounce of positive energy where you were. But, despite how negative the aura was around you, you were happy to see that he was okay.

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