[7] Hotel Adrien

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(Y/N)'s POV
A few hours had passed since the "birthday
basher" incident. Everyone who had came just for the party was gone by now. Surprisingly, Adrien didn't leave with the rest of them, he was staying the night. This only really surprised me because Adrien's father came across as very strict. Or, at least more strict then my father. I assume it's because it's a friday, that or he had no lessons tomorrow. Either way it isn't really my business. Of course, i don't mind Adrien staying here. I consider him a good friend of mine, although i haven't lived here for very long. Him and Alya and Nino have been very kind to me, which i appericiate a lot. I truly want to get closer with all of them, and maybe get closer with Chat noir too. Right now we were all upstairs in Chloe's room, snacking on popcorn and pizza. Chloe was surprisingly in a nicer mood, still a bit of tone issues, and still "herself." But she was genuinely trying to be nice, which made me proud of her.

The people spending the night were a few upper class kids, Adrien, Sabrina, Nathaniel, and I. I was awfully surprised Chloe invited Nathaniel, they didn't come across as the "closest" of friends. I approached the red head and smiled at him. "Hey, Nathaniel!" I said, hoping to spark a conversation. "Hi, (Y/N)." Nathaniel said softly. He seemed startled that i was trying to talk to him. "So, you got invited to  Chloe's party. You must be pretty rad if she invited you." I said, a small giggle following that statement. He shrugged. "I guess.. Chloe gave me an invite and said i could come if i drew a portrait of her and Adrien. Initially, i would have politely declined. But, she offered me a LOT of money,, and my mom said it would be a good "social experince" for me." Nathaniel said, i nodded in responce. "Oh wow, well i can see why she'd want you to do it. You're really talented, Nathaniel." I said with a smile. This made Nathaniel's cheeks turn a rosey pink, i assume he's flustered. "T-thank you, (Y/N)!" Nathaniel said. "You're welcome." I responded. Along with this conversation going on between me and Nathaniel, Adrien and two other kids were playing super smash bros on the wii U. I wouldn't have guessed that Chloe of all people would have that game, or a wii U for that matter, but anything is possible i suppose. The two other kids were playing as Mario and Kirby, while Adrien was playing as Pit. Chloe, Sabrina, Nathaniel, and I were watching them. "Go, Adrikins!!" Chloe yelled, which seemed a tad biased, but whatever. "Yes!" Adrien said excitedly as the round ended, he had won. The other people had sighed in defeat but congratulated Adrien. Adrien then looked at me in the eye and smiled. He picked up another controller and walked over to me. "Do you want to play, (Y/N)?" He questioned. I smiled and nodded in responce. "Sure!" I responded, taking the controller and walking over the the tv. The character selection screen turned on, everyone had picked the characters they had used previously, and i picked my favorite. (If you've never played ssmb, you picked Yoshi. Just go with it)

We all started playing for a little bit, the others watching. Chloe still routing for Adrien, which i wouldn't put past her to do. It was an intense battle between the four of us. I hadn't played smash bros in a long time, and it made me feel a sense of happiness. The feeling of friends who care about you, having a genuine good time with you. It's something that truly makes me happy. After a bit more of playing the game the match ended and surprisingly i won the game. "Good game!" All three of them said. "You're pretty good at this, (Y/N)." Adrien said, with a smile. "Thanks, Adrien!" I responded. One of the other people turned to me. "(Y/N), huh? Nice to meet you, i'm Jacques." he spoke. The boy had dark brown hair which looked clean and sniny, and eyes that appeared to be almost black. He wore a dark red trenchcoat along with a black shirt and pants. I returned a smile in responce to him. "Nice to meet you as well." I responded. He nodded and stood up.

Just then, Chloe squealed out of no where. "The lady blog just updated!!" She said excitedly. Everyone surrounded Chloe, who was scrolling through the new posts. Adrien seemed especially interested, Nathaniel was peaking over my shoulder. The stuff on the ladyblog was just pictures taken from the Birthday basher fight, along with some headlines to go with it. That was until there was a certain picture that startled me. "Lady bug X chat noir fanart." I was confused, i didn't really know what to think. Me, liking chat? Pfft.. no. He's sweet, but i just got this miraculous not that long ago. We're just friends. I guess they really weren't joking about making ship art. I looked over at Adrien, his facial expression looked concerned. I wasn't quite sure why though, maybe the idea of shipping made him uncomfortable. Everyone was looking at the art. "Ooh, i wonder if they really are dating." Jacques said with a wink. "You never know." Adrien said.

I didn't think much more of it until i noticed. "Art by Nathaniel, a fellow student at my school!" The words read. I glanced over at Nathaniel. "Nath, you drew this?" I questioned. Nathaniel gave a nervous expression as everyone slowly turned to the boy "A-alya comissioned me." He stuttered. "Oh, okay." I responded. "This Ladybug is new, i don't think they're in love, yet." Adrien said, laughing a little bit. Jacques streched his arms and yawned. "Chloe, where will we be sleeping?" He asked. "My daddy has prepared some rooms for the guests to sleep in!" Chloe said. "Me and Adrien will be sharing a room." She continued, a wide smirk on her face. "Actually, madmoiselle, i'm afraid your father has requested you not share a room with any boys." Butler Jean spoke. "What?! But we're childhood friends!" Chloe persisted. "I'm sorry, but it is your fathers wishes." He said. "That's sexist!!!" Chloe said. "I guess i'll share a room with Sabrina, then." Chloe said. "Why don't we share a room, Nathaniel?" Jacques asked him, Nathaniel nodded in responce.

Adrien then walked over to me. "I'm assuming you don't mind sharing?" Adrien asked. "Nope, not at all." I responded. Then everyone other then Chloe, Sabrina, and Butler Jean got up and left for their rooms. Including me and Adrien. Me and adrien found our way to the hotel room prepared and stepped inside. The room was nice, and had two beds. I went over to my bed and sat down on it, Adrien did the same but with his bed, and then lay down, spreading his arms. "You know, (Y/N), you're pretty cool." Adrien spoke, which made me smile. "Thanks, Adrien. Your pretty cool too." I responded. It was quiet for a moment. "Can i ask you something?" I asked him. "Go for it." He replied. "Whenever someone brings up Chat noir or Ladybug, you get this facial expression. You also seem to get really interested, more so when Ladybug is mentioned... why is that?" He was silent for a moment. "Oh. I'm just a big fan of them, that's all. Especially Ladybug, aha. I was a big fan of the old Ladybug too.. so i was sad when she left, but the new one is just as great." Adrien said. "Oh, i see. That makes sense." I responded. "You do the same thing, though." Adrien said, giving an awkward laugh. "That's just because i'm new to France, so the fact that there's superheroes amazes me." I spat out from the top of my head. "Makes sense." He replied.

(Third person P.O.V)

Tikki slowly crept out of your bag. "I know they're both sleeping, but i'm really hungry..." Tikki thought to herself, going over to the mini fridge that was provided in the hotel room. Using all of her strength to pull the fridge open. When she looked inside the mini fridge she saw a certain cat Kwami eating some camembert. It was none other then Plagg. "Plagg?!" Tikki said, shocked. Plagg looked up and saw Tikki, his eyes widened. "Tikki?!" He said, dropping his cheese. "It's been a while..." Plagg said. To which, tikki said "But, wait, if you're here, does that mean?"

(Sorry for such a short chapter!! Next will be longer for sure. I'm going to try and updaye weekly. Also, if you're wondering why Adrien was pit, it's because he's an angel)

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