[44] I know you

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"Soon, I'm sorry it's taking so long. I'll be there soon."

Adrien sat down on the edge of his bed, looking down in confusion. "Hey, Berri? can i ask you something? He questioned, not bothering to make eye contact. "Yes, Adrien?" Berri, his kwami, replied. "When i saw the new Lady Disguise, i got a crazy headache. The more i interacted with her, the less painful it was. But still, that's so random, " Adrien said. Berri looked a little surprised by what he said, and stayed silent for a moment. The look on her face said she knew something, but she still stayed silent. "And i got the same type of headache when my father mentioned his business partner, (F/N). It wasn't until he mentioned his daughter, (Y/N) that i got the headache. The name sounded so familiar, but thinking about it just made the headache worse. Isn't that strange?" Adrien asked, frowning.

Berri definetly knew something. "Um..." she mumbled, which was out of character. "Do you know something, Berri?" Adrien asked. "N-no! Not at all. I think it might be because of Marinette leaving. She left, and since you lost such a close friend, a potential new one thats similair probably seems strange, " Berri said. Adrien nodded. "Yeah... that makes sense i guess. I suppose you're right, maybe its all just a strange coincidence, " Adrien replied. "Yep!" Berri said, sounding suspicious. But as off tone as she sounded, Adrien knew further questions would get him no where.

The sudden realization that you were awake snapped you back into a normal state of thinking. You had a strange dream again, there was some sort ot visual to it this time. The vague illustration of somebody in a cat suit was what you saw, and to you it was the strangest thing. When you thought about that person, your head started to hurt again. You sat upwards in your bed, staring out into space. "Good morning, Quartzz, " you said, stretching out your arms. "Good morning, (Y/N)! Did you sleep well?" Quartzz asked, going up to you. You rubbed your forehead, lost in thought for a moment. "Nnn... sleep well?" You mumbled. "I had a strange dream, actually, " you continued, peeking Quartzz interest.

"What happened in the dream? I hope it wasn't a nightmare!" Quartzz said, suddenly getting a worried expression. You laughed slightly as an attempt to lighten the mood. "No, no it wasn't a nightmare, " you said. "It was weird... I saw the silhouette of somebody in a suit. Not just any suit, it looked like a cat suit. He just stood there, and then suddenly he ran towards me. He didn't strike fear into me, more so he looked afraid himself. He wrapped his arms around me, and then i woke up, " you said, drifting off at the end. You were pretty confused, and honestly had no explenation for the dream at all. Quartzz had the type of expression that was was unreadable, you couldn't figure out what he was thinking.

"Is something wrong?" You asked. Quartzz shook his head. "Oh, no nothings wrong. I was just thinking how strange it was, " Quartzz replied. "Oh, yeah. I don't have any explenation for it really... Maybe it was just some random cat costume I saw in a magazine like five years ago or something. Our brains remember weird things, so it wouldn't be surprising, " you said. Quartzz seemed almost dissapointed for a moment, but he then nodded in agreement. "That would make sense... Anyhow, what do you plan to do today?" Quartzz asked, seeming to want to change the subject. "My dad told me I was supposed to meet with Gabriel's son today."

Quartzz seemed to be a little unnaturally interested in this. "Really? You mean A- I mean, oh! Thats interesting, do you know his name?" Quartzz asked. "Uh, I think it was... Adrien? I'm not really sure, why?" You questioned. "Oh, I was just curious, " Quartzz said, a tiny smirk plastered over his face. You couldn't help but be curious about what he was thinking, but you were almost too nervous to ask. "I'm a little nervous about meeting him, " you said. "Why?" Quartzz asked. "I don't really know him at all, what if he thinks I'm annoying? I don't want to give a bad impression, " you said, frowning. Quartzz put his tiny hand on your shoulder. "Trust me, you'll be fine."

The drive to the Agreste manor felt a lot longer then it actually was. The more you thought about it, the more anxious you became. You couldn't help but question it, though. The name Adrien sounded so incredibly familiar. You knew your father had mentioned him on a few occasions, but you felt strange hearing the name. You had been homeschooled as long as you could remember, so it's not like you went to school with someone named Adrien and just forgot about it. The feeling was kind of like when you have a dream and can't remember anything about it other than vague visuals of certain things. Actually, that was almost exactly what it was like. The name repeated in your head, but the more you thought about it the worse your headache got. You were actually starting to worry about your health, it wasn't natural to get this many headaches all at once.

Your limousine pulled up to the Agreste manor. At first, you didn't even notice. You only realized once your dad nudged your shoulder, snapping you out of your thoughts. "(Y/N), we're here. Remember to be on your best manors, I want this to go well, " your father said, earning a nod out of you. You got out of the car and followed your father to the front door, where he rung the doorbell. It was a fancy sounding doorbell, not like a regular one you'd hear normally. It took a moment before the door opened, it was a woman who appeared to be some sort of assistant. You remembered your father bringing her up, and believed her name was Nathalie. "Oh, Mr. (L/N). I'll notify Mr. and Mrs. Agreste at once, " she said, leading you both to the main entrance of the mansion.

You waited for a moment before Nathalie came back out from another room. "You can see them now, " she said. You and your father both nodded before making your way into the room. Gabriel, Adrien, and who you presumed to be his wife, Emilie, all sat down at the table. Emilie had a large smile on her face while Gabriel's smile was faint. Adrien had no smile, though, He looked somewhat unhappy. The moment you looked at Adrien, your head started pounding like crazy. You knew you had to have known him from somewhere, but there was no way. You had seen the poster with him on it, but aside from that there was nothing you could link to him in the slightest. You couldn't help but feel bad for him, he looked sad for seemingly no reason. But, you knew there had to be something causing his unhappiness.

"(F/N)!" Gabriel said, standing up. For some reason, Gabriel acting cheerful appeared unnatural despite the fact you had never met him before. "Gabriel, " your dad replied, reaching his hand over to shake Gabriel's hand. They exchanged a handshake, and then both of them sat down. "So you must be (F/N)!" Emilie said. You got the vibe from her that she was energetic and bubbly somewhat, it seemed like she kept Gabriel happy. But you still had no explenation for why Adrien was so gloomy seeming. "Adrien, sweetie. Why don't you introduce yourself to (F/N)'s daughter and hang out in your room while the adults talk?" Emelie suggested. Adrien flashed his mom the faintest smile. "Alright, mom, " he replied, standing up. You got the instinct to stand up, and did so as well. Adrien approached you, seeming sort of anxious. "Hi, I'm Adrien, " he said, showing you somewhat of a smile. When he said that, your head started pounding like crazy, but ignoring it, you managed to respond. "Hello, I'm (Y/N)"

As you and Adrien went up to his room, there was another conversation going on. "You know why we're really here, right, (F/N)?" Emilie asked. "Yes, I know,

We've both got what we wanted"

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