[32] Serval Gris

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The car was silent for the entire car ride. Adrien's butler nor Nathalie said a word. You assumed they were keeping it professional, but it still felt strange. You didn't bother speaking to them in fear you'd make it awkward for the rest of the car ride. The look on Nathalie's face looked strange. She usually had a neutral expression, but something about her face now looked off. Once you arrived at the Agreste manor, you got out of the car and Nathalie took you inside. She took you to a room that almost looked like the dining room. "Where's Adrien?" you asked, curiously. "His stylist is still working with him, he'll be down in a moment," Nathalie said. Nathalie walked off for a moment, and then came back with a water bottle. "Here, have this. It's good to stay hydrated before a shoot, " Nathalie said. "Oh, thank you!" you replied, taking the bottle from her hand. You opened the more and took a few sips of it. But, after that, you started to feel dizzy. Your vision blurred, and then everything went black.

You slowly opened your eyes, rubbing your forehead.
Wherever you were was dark, and your throat stung. You could barely see, and you could hardly remember anything. "Tikki, where are we?" You asked. But, there was no reply. "Tikki?" you asked again, still no answer. Your eyesight adjusted, and you could see you were in some type of cell. You slowly lifted your hand up to your ear, your earrings were gone. You gasped, starting to panic. You wanted to calm down, but you were missing the most valuable thing you owned. All you could do was freak out in the uncomfortable silence before beginning to cry. That was until you heard footsteps. The sound of shoes clicking onto the floor was the only thing you could hear. Until finally, you were face to face. "N-Nathalie...? Why am I here?" You asked, staring at her.

"Well, (Y/N), or should I say, Ladybug," Nathalie began to say. You gasped, covering your mouth. "You know, you're quite intelligent. But I'd sort of expect that from someone who managed to end up with a Miraculous, " Nathalie says. "But, I'm not an idiot. I saw you come down here, I heard you transform. I know who you are, " Nathalie said. "I've removed your Miraculous. Once Gabriel returns from his "Business trip" he'll decide to do with you, " Nathalie said. "Why do you phrase it like that?" You asked. "I'd assume you would have figured out they weren't going to Rome by now," Nathalie said. You stayed silent, not even sure how to process what was going on. Nathalie didn't say another word either, she just walked off.

Around the same time at school, Alya, Nino, and Adrien were gathered together outside. "Have you heard from (Y/N)  at all since yesterday?" Alya asked, a frown on her face. "Nah, man. I haven't seen her since yesterday at school." Nino said. Adrien frowned as well. "I usually talk to her every day, but no I haven't heard from her today. Our dads work together, so I can ask Nathalie if she knows anything." Adrien said. "Yeah... I usually talk to her every day too. I hope she's alright, I'm kinda worried..." Alya said. "Yeah, me too, " Adrien and Nino replied. "I'll text her again, and see if she responds, " Alya said. "Yeah, good idea, " Adrien responded.

They met up after school ended. "Did (Y/N) ever respond?" Adrien asked. "No. Now I'm starting to really worry, " Alya said, rubbing her shoulder. "I'll make sure to ask Nathalie when I get home, " Adrien said. "Her favorite Cafe is on the way to my house, I can check if she went there for some reason, " Nino said. "I'll check by her house on my way back, " Alya said. "We'll message our group chat if we hear from her?" Nino asks. Everyone nodded, and then went their separate ways. Adrien knew something was up, and could only really imagine what was happening. Upon arriving home, before Adrien went to his room, he turned to talk to Nathalie. "Oh, uh, Nathalie?" Adrien questioned. "Hmm?" Nathalie mumbled. "Do you know if (Y/N) is alright? I know Father and her Father work together... I was just wondering if he told you anything?"

"Oh, about that. I'm sorry, Adrien, " Nathalie said. "What, why?" Adrien asked. "Mr. Agreste, along with Mr. (L/N) agree with this. But, you're no longer allowed to talk with (Y/N). I'm afraid you'll have to block her contacts too, there's no need to worry about her anymore, " Nathalie said. As Nathalie said this, Adrien could feel his heart shatter. It was the same soul dropping feeling he had felt when Marinette left. "What?! No! You have to be joking, Nathalie! Please tell me you're joking, please..." Adrien said. "I'm really sorry, but it's not a joke. I understand you both were friends, but Mr. Agreste knows what's best, " Nathalie said. Adrien had a devastated expression on his face, tears filled up into his eyes. "How does he know what's best for me?! She was one of my best friends! He can't just take her away from me!" Adrien yelled. "Adrien, please calm down-" Nathalie said, but was cut off.

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