[48] Fox necklace

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The ride to the mayor's hotel left you anxious. You were friends with Chloe, but not in this universe. You loved Chloe, but you also knew how she was. But, if you were correct, Chloe most likely idolizes Lady Disguise in this universe instead of Ladybug. So, if you transformed into Lady Disguise everything should go as planned. You just couldn't help but get the overwhelming feeling something would go wrong, but this was the only chance you had. You needed to form a team, and Chloe was one of your best bets. So, Chloe, it was.

The sound of the limo coming to a stop nearly made you jump, you were so lost in thought you hadn't even noticed how close you were to the hotel. "It's now or never, (Y/N), " you said. A butler that worked for your father opened your door, letting you out. You looked up at the mayor's hotel. It somehow made you feel nostalgic, one of the first few difficult Akuma attacks you had encountered was here. You could remember it like it was yesterday, you and Chat Noir fighting Birthday Basher. At the time, you had no clue how much closer you would become to Adrien, or anyone really. It was a more simple time, but times can't be simple forever. It was almost crazy how quickly but slowly things change at the same time.

You weren't sure if you believed in fate. But, if fate wasn't real you assume it was some luck becoming Ladybug in the first place. But, you had to put those thoughts aside for the time being. For now, you needed to focus on Chloe and giving her that miraculous no matter what it took. "Remember, (Y/N), be very polite to the mayor. I don't have any doubts you will, but I still want to make a good impression, " your father said. You nodded, but at the same time just speaking to your father made you feel somewhat uneasy. After knowing what he had done and his motives, you didn't want to associate with him. But, you knew it was better to pretend you didn't remember anything. Telling him you remember could but you and Paris in immediate danger.

Your dad's butler opened the hotel door, allowing you and your father to walk in. Surprisingly, Chloe and the mayor were already standing there. When the mayor saw you, he immediately straightened his posture. Chloe did as well, but she didn't say anything. "Mr. (L/N)! It's a pleasure to meet you in person!" The mayor said, extending his hand for your father to shake. "Nice to meet you as well, " your father said. "This is my daughter, (Y/N), " your father said. Hearing him mention your name made your stomach twist. It made you so frustrated acknowledging that you were related to him, but you weren't going to get angry now.

"Hello! It's very nice to meet you, " you said. You turned to face Chloe, thinking for a moment on something to say. "And I presume you're Chloe?" You asked. Chloe made a face that looked as if she was about to give you a tone when all of a sudden she covered her forehead and went "ow!" Immediately, the mayor turned to his daughter with a concerned expression on his face. "Chloe, sweetie! Are you alright?" The mayor asked, an extremely worried tone. "Yes, daddy, I'm fine..." she said, her tone of voice seemed unnatural for her. "I've just been getting bad headaches, get me medicine, " Chloe said. "Yes, of course, dear! I'll go find your butler immediately!" The mayor said, running off. You realized that Chloe was getting the same headaches you were, and there was only one way you knew how to stop it.

"Um... I need to use the bathroom, " you lied. "I see the bathroom over there!" You said, to avoid someone taking you there. "Chloe, I can meet you in your room, " you said. You ran into the bathroom, having quartzz fly out. "Quartzz, disguise me!" You said, transforming into Lady Disguise. You held the box which contained the bee comb in your hand. "Now, It's time to get this to Chloe, " you said. You left through the window to avoid anyone seeing you and made your way to Chloe's room. If someone asked how you knew where it was you could always lie and say an employee showed you. But that didn't matter now anyway, you were Lady Disguise at that moment.

You dropped onto Chloe's balcony, and in the distance, you could see something. They resembled a fairy, with large, colorful, elegant wings and a dress that looked like a tulip. You got a really bad feeling about them. "There's no way that isn't an Akuma, " you said to yourself, looking down at the miraculous. "I need to give this to Chloe as soon as possible, " you said. You peaked in through Chloe's window, and sure enough, she was sitting down in one of her chairs. You walked in through the door. "Chloe, " you said. Almost instantly, Chloe sat up from her chair. She seemed shocked to see you, but also excited. "Lady Disguise?! Is it really you? I KNEW you'd come to see your biggest fan!" Chloe cheered, toppling you in a hug.

You figured it would be best if you left out the part you weren't the Lady Disguise she remembered. You figured she'd remember soon enough. You stuck out your hand, miraculous box in hand. "Chloe Bourgeois, This is the bee miraculous which gives you the power to immobilize your opponents. Use it for the greater good to help me defeat the Akuma, " right as you said that, you opened the box. As you opened the box, There was a glowing orb, same as it was with every other miraculous. Chloe looked like as if she had just seen her entire life flash through her eyes, and while that may not be the case, you hoped it was a similar one.

"Chloe, Do you remember? You asked. Chloe nodded slowly. "I think so..." she looked up at you. "And do you know who Ladybug and Chat Noir are then?" You asked. "Of course!" Chloe replied. "I'm just a bit confused, " she said. "I don't have much time to explain, But I promise I will later, " you said. "I can explain the basics of your powers though, " you continued. Chloe shook her head, a smirk on her face. "trust me, I already have some experience."

Once Chloe was transformed, you both made your way to where the fairy figure was. But, you couldn't spot them anymore. "They couldn't have gone far, stay on the lookout!" You said. "You got it!" Queen Bee responded. You scanned the area until you could see the same figure you saw earlier, which was none other than the fairy themselves. You and Queen Bee fled over to them. You saw them lift up what looked to be a flower bud, but it opened up and out came a beam that somewhat looked like pollen but more sparkly. He shot somebody with it, and just then they turned into flower petals.

In the corner of your eye, you could see someone. The person was none other than Alya, who was attempting to record. Just then, a lightbulb went up in your head. "Do you think you can hold them off for a bit, Queen Bee?" You asked. Queen Bee nodded her head. "You know it!" She responded. You gave her a thumbs up and then looked back down to Alya. "I have the perfect miraculous for you, and once that's done-

I find Chat Noir."

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