[9] Agreste "fan"

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"And, done!" You said, taking a step back, admiring your room. "It's finally all set-up! Now i can actually have friends over." You said, cheerfully. "It looks amazing, (Y/N)!" Tikki said, smiling. "Why, thank you, Tikki!" You responded. Speaking of friends, you had recently received Adrien's number, and planned to meet up at your house later tomorrow. Well, that is if Adrien's dad can stand being decnt for a little bit. You plopped down onto your bed, which had a (F/C) comforter recently added to it. Your room was mostly (F/C), but other colors were around the room as well. It was getting a little later now, around six. You were messaging Alya, and had been for the past five minutes or so. "Can you hang out at my place for a little bit?" Alya texts. "Sure, right now?" You respond. "Yes." She says. "Okay, let me just tell my dad." You text back before placing your phone in your pocket. "I'm going to Alya's for a little bit." Tikki nodded, before flying into your bag. You walked downstairs and hugged your dad. "Bye, dad! I'm off to hang out with my friend, Alya." You said, approaching the door. "Goodbye, (Y/N)!" He said. You swung the door open to your house and walked outside.

The walk to Alya's wasn't a long walk, she was only about five minutes away. On the way to Alya's, you couldn't help but get lost in your thought. "Will i ever figure out who Chat noir is?" You thought to yourself. You weren't even quite sure why you were thinking about this topic, but it just came to mind. You felt a bit like Alya in that moment. Although, you didn't want your identity revealed. You figured you should respect Chat's as well, as you assumed he thought the same. You were knocked out of your bubble of thought when you arrived at Alya's house. You knocked on the door, and before anyone answered, you heard multiple thumps. The door was was openened, you expected to see Alya, but she wasn't there. No one seemed to be there until you heard a laugh and looked down, It was two little girls. "Are you Alya's friend?!" One asked. "Yes i am, where is she-"  but before you could finish, Alya quickly ran up to the door.  "That answers my question." You thought to yourself. "Hey girl! Sorry, these are my sisters! They're little monkeys sometimes." She said, glaring at them. Both of her sisters laughed, which made you laugh as well. You walked inside, and sat down on the couch with Alya.

A girl with long, strawberry pigtails, and purple eyes strut her way to the Agreste manor. The girl was wearing bright purple leggings and a shirt with Adrien on it. In fact, this girl seemed to be obessed with Adrien. She wore a blazer designed by Gabriel Agreste himself, her pigtail holders had the same colored stripes as Adrien usually wears on his shirt, the same for her shoes. The girl seemed to be a regular fan, that was until she approached the gates to the mansion. She pressed the button and waited a moment. After a short wait, she was answered by Nathalie. "Who are you, and what do you want?" She asked. "Hi! I'm a um- friend, yeah, friend, of Adrien! My mame is Cecile. I was wondering if i could ask Mr, Agreste something..!" Cecile said, cheerfully. "You may have to come another time, Mr. Agreste is a very busy man.. give me a moment to contact him." Nathalie said. Cecile nodded and all was silent for a moment. Just then, Nathalie spoke again. "He says you may come in, please wait." Nathalie said. The gates swung open and Cecile made her way inside.

Gabriel was standing at the top of the staircase. "What is it you wish to ask?" Gabriel said, sternly. "Ah, well, it's about your son..." Cecile began to say. Gabriel's eyebrow raised. "And that is?" He asked. "well, i love your son a lot so, can i marry him?!" The room was silent for a moment. You could faintly hear Nathalie hold back a lagh, as, well, Cecile's request was rather, ridiculous. Gabriel's eyebrows furrowed. "You must be joking. Be serious or leave." Gabriel said. "I am being serious! Please please please allow us to marry sir! I'm in love with him!! He loves me! I promise! We need to get married!" Cecile said. She sounded beyond crazy at this point, which only angered Gabriel. "No, absolutely not. Do you even know my son? Or are you just a crazed fan. You are forbidden from entering my household ever again. I doubt my son would ever have a friend this disrespectful. But if he is your friend, he isn't anymore. Please, see yourself out." Gabriel said, clearly very frustrated. The girl began to scream and cry. "No!! we're in love!!" Cecile screamed. "No, you are not, get out." Gabriel said, before walking away. Before Nathalie could lead her out, she stormed out, sobbing. "I can't believe my precious adribaby has such a terrible father! This is completly unfair!!" Cecile said to herself, running off to who knows where.

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