Adrienette ~Not Over You~{COMPLETED} by Islandoffeels
Adrienette ~Not Over You~{ Ryzzo
Adrien's life was as close to perfect as it has ever been, he had a girlfriend, perfect friends, but that all changed with a car crash. Marinette's life was as sucky as...
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Cat Noir x reader  by SerenaConch
Cat Noir x reader by Trash Queen
(Y/N) is a transfer student from America. After being saved time and time again by Cat Noir, she will get the chance to get close when she is gifted her own miraculous.
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The Princesses Monster by BluBellBlue
The Princesses Monsterby ♡♛ ♡Princess ♡♕♡
Parisilla is a kingdom full of love light, and hope. Most people enjoy living or visiting here, always leaving satisfied. The princess and heir to the throne of this lov...
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Those Eyes (Chat Noir/ Adrien Agreste X Reader) by FontFreak
Those Eyes (Chat Noir/ Adrien xXImDrowninginKPOPXx
If you were to actually like someone, it'd be your savour, Chat Noir. Strangely, he was the one who saved you from some danger that you had completely forgotten about...
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The Accident (Marichat) by Owlkeys
The Accident (Marichat)by Ly-
Mari didn't mean to get stuck in a closet with Chat, it was a terrible accident. Just like what happen in the closet. But it seems like accidents kept happening between...
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Lady Noir (Ladybug x Chat Noir) - Book One by KeepBelieving4774
Lady Noir (Ladybug x Chat Noir) KeepBelieving4774
Behind that cocky and arrogant mask that Chat Noir puts on, lies sweet and shy (not to mention cute) Adrien. And under the hard-to-get Parisian superhero that everyone...
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I'll give you 13 reasons why Chat by bardotliza
I'll give you 13 reasons why Chatby •CatNoirsBell•
"You don't know what goes on in anyone's lives but your own. When you mess with one part of a persons life, your messing with their entire life. Everything effects...
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Princess Marinette by MariChat2_923
Princess Marinetteby MariChat2_923
When Marinette's class wins a trip to China, more and more secrets start to come out of hiding.
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  • miraculous
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Save Me (Miraculous Ladybug Fan Fiction) by fallen9980
Save Me (Miraculous Ladybug Fan Hazel
* I DO NOT OWN THESE CHARACTERS OR THIS IMAGE * This story begins after Ladybug and Chat Noir defeat Lady WIFI. Perhaps Ladybug placed a little too much trust in Chat No...
  • fanfiction
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Forbidden Love | ✏️ marichat au by DipStick45
Forbidden Love | ✏️ marichat auby D҉I҉P҉P҉Y҉
He was enchanted, she was not. She was regular, he was not. He was magical, and she was not. Complete opposites they were. Yet, both continued to fall dangerously deeper...
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Criminal  by zeus1119
Criminal by zeus1119
[Complete] Marinette finds herself in a cold dark room one day, the rustling sounds of chains on her hands and feet.. Where was she? When suddenly, a voice in the sha...
  • comedy
  • marichat
  • chatnoir
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Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agreste by Galerii
Destiny Chose Us ↠ Adrien Agresteby ᴍʀs. ʜᴇʀʀᴏɴ
•D E S T I N Y C H O S E U S• Adrien Agreste × Reader You, Y/N L/N, were a widely known model from New York, also known as the 'Big Apple', and has a Mom, who wa...
  • chatnoir
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Miraculous- Happy Ever After...? ( 2 months HIATUS) by XxGalaxyWritersxX
Miraculous- Happy Ever After...? ( XxGalaxyWritersxX
Marinette and her class won a trip to California. What do think will happen next? Read to out find!
  • miraculous
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  • adrinette
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Moving in with my crush by yoursouthafrican
Moving in with my crushby applesauce
For a school project Marinette has to move in by Adrien for one whole month! What can happen? (A lot lol) Adrienette ✅ Marichat ✅ Fluff ✅ No sin, smut or lemon... ? Cre...
  • talesofladybugandchatnoir
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Accidental Field Trip ~ Adrienette by Chocopaws
Accidental Field Trip ~ Adrienetteby ally | 13 | female
The sequel to 'Field Trip To Japan'. Four years later after the field trip to Japan, in Marinette and Adrien's senior year, Ms. Bustier decides to take the class on a su...
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My kitty In a tight suite/chatnoir x reader (smutttt~) (complete) by Aura_shallow
My kitty In a tight suite/ Aura_shallow
(Completed!!!) ."Late?" And he nodded softly, looking down and then up to his seat, Nino laughing at him and shaking his head. "Anyways Mr.Agreste, sit do...
  • miraculouslladybug
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Kitty Cat (Chat Noir X Reader) by White_Butterflies143
Kitty Cat (Chat Noir X Reader)by Jennica Louise C. Winters
I looked out of the tainted car window, gazing at the lively people of Paris. I sighed, another day filled with tight schedules. I glanced over at Miranda, she's my pers...
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Fifty Shades of Chat (Completed) by TheChatNoirBlog
Fifty Shades of Chat (Completed)by TheChatNoirBlog
Want sins? Then here's a sin story that blow ur mind. I guess. Cause it- maybe u should read it to found out. I may turn the story around in a certain way. Read at your...
  • miraculous
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Nap Mishap  by xxescape_your_world
Nap Mishap by xxescape_your_world
Chatnoir dropped off his sleepy princess. Wakes up in civilian form and Alya discovered him! (Marichat) #31 in Fanfiction!!! Also check Miraculous Kwami origins, who is...
  • marichat
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  • romance
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The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir by NotSoEvilMastermind
The Miraculous Tales of Ladybug Total dork
MIRACULOUS SIMPLY THE BEST UP TO THE- okay I'll stop. But I love this show, and I wanna write my OWN one-shot book! SQUEALS! Enjoy the ride of Adrienette, MariChat, Lady...
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