[18] Superhero Interview

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You and Alya were hanging out at your place, walking up to your room. "Mhm! And that's why Nino is so- Oh my gosh! I didn't know you had a cat, (Y/N)." Alya said, walking over to (P/N). "Yeah, i got him sort of recently. He's really sweet." You said, petting the cat on the head. "He kind of reminds me of Chat Noir. Black cat, shiny eyes." She said. You smiled at the mention of Chat Noir, and then nodded. "Yeah, i see where you're coming from." You responded. "Oh, speaking of Chat Noir.. You'll never guess what happened!" Alya said. The fact it probably had something to do with Chat Noir interested
u for her and her blog. "Yay! I'm so happy for you!" You said. "Make sure to send me pictures!" CYou said. "Oh, i won't need to send you pictures." Alya said, a grin on her face. "Why not?" You asked, tilting your head. "Because.. I'm bringing you!" Alya cheered, a genuine smile appearing on her face. "Really?!" You gasped, jumping up. "You totally don't have to..!" You said. "Girl, i totally HAVE to! He's your favorite supehero, right?" She asked. "Well, yeah, but-" you said. "It'll be fun!" Alya said. "Okay, i'll go if you really want me too." You said. "Yay!" Alya cheered. "What time is it, and where is it?" You asked. Alya's face lit up, more then it already had:

"At six. Oh yeah, and get this! after some talking and a bit of deal making.. i convinced Nadia Chamack to let me use her set!" Alya said. "Really?" You asked. Alya nodded in responce. "Yep! We have it for an hour." She responded. You and Alya hung out for another hour after that, before she had to go. You were going to meet infront of the building that Nadia's office was in, and then go in to wait for Chat Noir. The time she left was about five, giving you a bit of time to get ready. "What do you think about this, Tikki?" You asked, taking out an outfit from your closet. "I think it will be fun! But, be careful not to accidentally reveal your identity!" Tikki said. You gave Tikki a reassuring smile. "Don't worry, i won't. It's not even an interview for me anyways." You said, tikki nodded. "That's true, well, i hope you have a good time!" She said. "Thanks, Tikki." You responded, lifting her up and nuzzling her on your cheek. You grabbed your bag and checked your phone. "Oh! I should get going, let's go, Tikki." You said. Tikki nodded, flying into your bag.

You left your house and went to where Alya told you to meet her. To no surprise, Alya was already there. "Hey, girl!" She said, waving at you. "Hi, Alya!" You responded. You walked up to her, and then you both entered the building. You made your way up to where the interview was supposed to take place, taking a seat on the chairs set up. "This is gonna be great for my Ladyblog!" Alya said. You nodded at her. "When do you think Chat Noir be here?" You asked. "In a few minues, most likely." She said. You both sat there for a few minutes, Alya seemed really hyped up, which made sense. Just then, the sound of jumping could be heard and Chat Noir jumped onto the seat. "Hope i didn't keep you waiting to long, Alya-" Chat Noir then looked at you, blush rising to his cheeks. He genuinely had no idea you were coming. But, a grin quickly spread across his face. "And hello purr- I mean, (Y/N)." He said. You smiled at him. "Hello, Chat Noir." You responded. "Do you two know each other?" Alya asked, looking amused. Well yeah, no shit you knew each other, but you couldn't tell her that.

"Um, He's saved me before.." You responded, your cheeks turning pink. More so because you felt awkward giving such a vague description. But it's not like you could tell her he took you to the top of the Eiffel tower. She'd think you were dating, or something. None the less, tell her you were Ladybug. But, it was part of being a superhero. "Oh, okay. Sure." Alya said, a grin creepier then before. "Do you not believe me?" You asked. "I do, i just think theres more to it." She responded. Your blush darkened, to which Alya laughed. "I'm just kidding!" She turned to Chat Noir. "So, are you ready for questions?" She asked. Chat Noir nodded. "I'm pur-ready as i'll ever be." Chat responded. Alya pressed the record button on her phone. "So, do you like being a superhero?" Alya asked. "It's pretty sweet! It's awesome to be able to save Paris! And it's a lot easier with a partner as great as Ladybug!" He responded. You could feel your heart beat as he said that, even a small compliment like that made you happy. Especially, coming from him.

Alya smiled and nodded. "Now, me and a lot of fans have been DYING to know.. Are you and Ladybug a couple?" Alya asked. Your face almost instantly flushed red. You wanted to tell her that was too personal of a question, but you already knew the answer and didn't want to interupt the interview. You knew you weren't dating, but it still made you flustered. Chat Noir shook his head. "Nope, Bugaboo is just a friend! Sorry shippers." Chat Noir said, winking and sticking his tongue out. You knew it was true, but part of that made your heart sink. If he didn't even like your superhero self like that, you doubted he'd like you like that. Alya frowned. "Could you see you two ever becoming a thing?" Alya asked. But, before he could answer, the sound of glass shattering filled the room. The girl appeared to be a ballerina, carrying a giant ribbon.

"Aha! I found you Chat Noir! Would you like to be tied up?" The girl said. You all quickly realized she was an akumatized victim. "I do love to play with ribbons, but i'll pass." Chat Noir said, grabbing Alya's hand and your hand at the same time. He then ran off the stage. Chat Noir ran to the nearest door and swung it open, pushing you both in. "I'll fight her off! You'll be safe in here for now!" Chat Noir said, quickly shutting the door. Alya was still in shock of the situation, and probably wanted to record the fight, so she stared at the door. This was your chance to get away, so you ran down the hallway. You felt bad leaving Alya there, but you had no choice. You found a closet and ran inside, closing the door after. Tikki almost immediately flew out of your bag. "Tikki, spots on!"


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