[2] New school, new miraculous

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{chapter has been majorly edited!!}

Your P.O.V
After what felt like no time at all, monday came around. I woke up from bed, and got ready. I was tired from binge watching my favorite youtuber the night before The posters i made for Alya were finished, and i was pretty proud of them. I placed the things i needed into my bag, putting on an outfit with the logo for the "bring back Ladybug" campaign placed on it, which Alya had given me yesterday when i saw her coincidentally at the park again. I then made my way downstairs, my father was already gone, which was no surprise. My father is a business man, and while i am incredibly grateful for what he does for me, it means he doesn't get to be home all of the time. I went to the kitchen and grabbed a bite to eat, packed lunch, and then opened the door and left the house. I made my way to the new school. I was walking to school, my headphones were in, and i was listening to my favorite music artist. However, i was still paying attention to my surroundings.

There was a sidewalk which was going to ways, and met in the middle. I noticed four dogs running down one path, barking loudly. Which would have been fine, but i noticed a short elderly man walking down the other path, and the dogs were about to trample him. In hopes to save the man, i quickly ran over to him and pulled him away from the dogs, right before he was knocked over. I let go of the mans hand as the dogs continued to make their way down the path, being chased by their very tired looking owner. "Are you alright, sir?" I asked the man. "Yes, thank you, young lady." He said. I nodded, "you're welcome." I replied, and continued my walk. I didn't really give it a second thought, i did pity the dog owner, though. But i suppose it was her choice to own the dogs, i hope. I finally made my way to my new school. The school looked nice, especially for a public school. I walked up the stairs, and noticed Alya talking with another person. He wore a blue shirt, a red cap, and was bit taller then her. "That's totally rad, man!" I heard the boy say, which made me laugh a little, at the fact People still use surfer language.

I approached the duo, when Alya saw me, she smiled. "Hi, Alya!" I said. "Hey, girl!" She said. The boy looked at her, and then to me. "Yo, who are you?" He asked. "Oh, i'm (Y/N)! I met Alya at the park the other day. Nice to meet you." I said, a smile spreading across my lips. "Oh, nice, dude! I'm Nino! Nice to meet you too, bro!" He said. "Oh, yeah!" I said, digging into my bookbag and pulling out the Ladybug posters. "Here you go!" I said, handing the posters to Alya. Alya looked at them and gasped to herself, she just stared at them in her hand for a minute. "Do you not like them, i can remake them if-" I started, but was cut off. "No! I love them!! I love everything about them, the glitter, the art! You're super talented, (Y/N)! She said, this made my cheeks turn pink, that was really nice of her. "Thank you, Alya!" I replied, giving a big smile. All of a sudden, a fancy looking car pulled up, and out came Adrien. The blondie then went up to Nino, Alya, and I. "Hi, guys! And nice to see you again, (Y/N)." He said. "Hi, Adrien!" Alya and i said in unision, while Nino greeted him with a "sup, bro."

A few minutes went by and we all made our way to class. I wasn't quite sure where to sit, but i had been informed by Alya that a girl named Marinette had just moved, so i could sit where she was seated. Our teacher walked in, coughing an "ahem." "Class, we have a new student with us today. Ms, (L/N), would you like to introduce yourself to class?" The teacher asked. "Oh, um, yes." You said, standing up from my seat. "I'm (Y/N) (L/N), from (hometown). I recently moved to Paris, it's nice to meet you all." I softly stated, sitting back down into my seat. Alya gave me a thumbs up, to which i returned with a smile. After a day of being introduced to people and adjusting to my new school, it was time for me to leave. I said goodbye to my friends, and walked down the stairs. I then noticed a blonde haired girl in a ponytail, at first, she shot me a death glare, but she then noticed my shirt and came running to me. "Oh my god!! You're a fan of Ladybug too?! I LOVE your shirt, its not as cute as mine, but close!" She said, she sounded a bit spoiled, but she didn't come across as rude. I nodded. "Sort of!" I replied. But, we couldn't continue our conversation, because a limo pulled up, to which the girl walked over to.

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