[41] Hawkmoth

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The plan was to go as said, but there was a small problem. You weren't quite sure how you'd get the window open. There were multiple ways you thought of, but nothing seemed like it would work out. You finally decided to ask Master Fu for advice, seeing as he usually had a plan. So, you made your way over to his place as usual. You had discussed to him what the issue was, him not having much of a verbal responce. "Do you have any ideas?" You questioned. He didn't give much more then a nod before walking over to grab the box which stored all of the miraculous' in it. He opened it, and then picked up a watch. The watch was nice looking, a blue and green ombre on the straps with a standard clock. "This is the miraculous of the chameleon, which gives the power of camoflauge. Use it's abilities wisely, and it'll work in your favor, " Master Fu said.

He placed the watch in your palm. "You can return it when you're done, " he continued. "Thank you so much, Master Fu! I won't let you down!" You said. Shortly after, you left with the miraculous. Once you got home, you took immediately focused onto the watch. You slowly placed it onto to your wrist, and like with Tikki, a glowing orb appeared infront of you. Then, a floating chameleon floated before you. "So, you must be the chameleon miraculous, huh?" You said. The chameleon seemed a bit surprised at how calm you were, probably not acknowledging you had another kwami. "Yes, Thats me! I'm Quartzz! The Kwami of the Chameleon, which gives the power of disguise, " he said.

Quartzz further explained the details of the powers he gave. His special ability was "identity swap" which would allow you to change your appearance for the five minutes you have until you detransform. The weapon was a wooden stick with a single leaf at the end. The leaf could be removed, and then grow to be used as a landing pad. It seemed to be useful if you were falling from somewhere high or needed to jump somewhere quickly. Tikki, who had waited a bit to come out, finally did so. "Quartzz!" She yelled, zooming up to the other kwami. "Tikki! It's been so long since- wait, does this mean (Y/N) already-?" He cut himself off, looking up at you.

"Yes, that's right. I also have the Ladybug earrings. But, I have to return the watch to Master Fu once you're done helping, " you said. Quartzz nodded. "I see... Well, I promise to do everything in my power to help!" He said. "Thank you, Quartzz!" You said, sticking your pinky out for him to shake. He shook your pinky, which was essentially a kwami hand shake. Now, you just needed to wait until night fall. With Quartzz ability, you had figured out a plan to get the window open. You had invited Chat Noir over just as you had previously, and now you were waiting for him to arrive.

The familiar sound of knocking at the window rung through your ears, and you walked over to let Chat Noir in. "The man everyone has been waiting for has finally arrived. I already know it'd be a cat-tastrophe if I failed to show up, " Chat Noir said. "Despite the situation, you're still playful as ever, " you said. "Of course I am! I wouldn't be myself if I wasn't, " he replied. "Okay, you have a point, " you said. Quartzz flew next to your shoulder, seeming intrigued by Chat Noir. "Is this the other miraculous holder you were telling me about?" you asked. You nodded. "Yup, this is Chat Noir!" you said. "Who's that?" Chat Noir asked, doing a head tilt that only made his behavior seem more cat-like. "Oh, right! This is Quartzz, the kwami of the chameleon miraculous!" you explained.

"Master Fu let me borrow him to help us open the window, " you continued, pointing at the watch on your wrist. "I'll be transforming into this miraculous instead of Ladybug, " you said. "Pleasure to meet you, " Quartzz said, sticking his hand out to Chat Noir. Chat Noir smiled at Quartzz, before sticking his pinky out for him to shake. "Nice to meet you as well, Quartzz, " he said. "So, (Y/N). What's the plan exactly?" Chat Noir asked, sitting criss-cross on the floor. "Well, using his ability, I can change how I look. My plan is to transform into a police officer, I'll appear outside the building and knock on the door. I'll tell him there were noise complaints and that I'll need to check inside. During that time I'll quickly unlock one of the windows, " you said. "That's a good plan! But, what if they lock the window back up by tomorrow?" Chat Noir asked.

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