[11] Pets and practice

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(P/N)=pet's name, thank you for 11k!

"He'll be here any minute!" You yelled, quickly
running around the pick up your room. Your room wasn't really that big of a mess, but there were still things on the floor. You picked up all of your dirty clothes, tossing them into your hamper. Tikki tried her best to help, which you appericiated. With in five minutes, your room was presentable. You let out a sigh of relief, although you doubted Adrien would ever judge you for something as stupid as a messy room. You peaked out of your window and glanced around, when you noticed a familiar looking car pull up to the curb. Watching a bit longer, you saw Adrien step out. He glanced at his phone for a moment, probably checking to see if he had the right house number, and then approached your door. You heard a light knock at the door, and quickly ran down the stairs to greet the boy. You arrived at the door and opened it, seeing Adrien, who was smiling, standing there. When he saw you, his face went pink, but quickly faded.

"Hey, Adrien!" You said, smiling back at him. "Hi, (Y/N)." He said, you nodded and gestured for him to come in, which he did. "My dad isn't home, we works until late, so we don't have to worry about accidentally annoying him, or something." You said. "Sounds good." Adrien said, giving a thumbs up. You nodded again and walked upstsirs to your room, which Adrien followed. You made your way inside of your room, sitting down on your window seat. "Did you bring your script?" You asked, grabbing yours. "Yep!" He said, taking it out of his bag and waving it. "Perfect!" You responded, flipping to the part where your lines began, which Adrien did as well. You changed your tone into a bit of a higher tone, not to the point where it was annoying, but where it would suit the character more. "Felix- we have a bit of an.. issue, to say the least." You started. It might have felt strange to practice like that infront of other people, but it oddly felt fine when infront of Adrien. "You think i don't already know that, Bridgette? We've lost multiple people already, we need a second plan." Adrien responded. You both continued to practice for about forty-five minutes, which was plenty of time. Although, it was doubted either of you noticed the time that had gone by. Once you finished your line, you stopped looking at your script. "Do you want to take a short break?" You asked him.

Adrien nodded, "sure." He replied. You had a mini fridge in your room, which you had gotten recently. It was really just for drinks and that sort. You walked over to the fridge and swung it open, grabbing a water bottle, and then looking at Adrien. "Do you want one?" You asked. "Yes, please." He responded, to which you nodded and grabbed another bottle. You then walked over to hin and handed him the bottle, taking a seat next to him. "You're a really good actor, (Y/N). It's no surprise they picked you." Adrien said. "You really think so? Thank you..! You're really talented as well, i'm sure you have like, years of experience!" You gushed. "Thats really nice of you.." Adrien began, scratching the back of his head. "But actually, i don't, really. I've only really been in what the class voted me to be in. I've been in plenty of photoshoots, modeling gigs, but not acting." Adrien said. "Oh wow, that's actually really surprising." You said. "Yeah, i've never really been to school before, my father finally started letting me go not even a year ago." Adrien said. You nodded. "Well i'm glad you finally got to go." You said with a smile, taking a sip of water. Adrien smiled as well. You took a quick glance at your phone. "Oh wow, it's already seven.." You said, which made Adrien perk up. "Oh, shoot! I have a photoshoot soon, i gotta go..!" He said, standing up. You stood up as well. "Oh, it's okay! Bye!" You said, giving him a hug, he hugged back. "Bye, (Y/N)." He said, releasing the hug.

He made his way downstairs, and left your house.  You let out a sigh, Tikki flying out. "Adrien wasn't kidding, you really are talented, (Y/N)." Tikki complimented, which made you smile. "That means a lot to me, thank you." You replied. "I think i'm going to head to the store, i don't have any curtains for my windows and i've been meaning to get some." You said, tikki nodded, and you opened your bag for her to fly in. Once Tikki was settled in your bag, you made your way downstairs, and then outside. The store was a short walk away, so it didn't take long for you to arrive. Once inside the store, you made your way to the isle with the curtains. You looked around, searching for ones that were (F/C), when you accidentally bumped into someone. You were immediately apologetic. "I'm so sor-" you said, but you were cut off by her rather rude tone. "Watch where your going! How rude of you!" The girl mocked, she seemed utterly disgusted. You both looked up at each other, the girl was brunette, having long hair that was tied with a ponytail holder at the end, her bangs done in a similair fashion. She wore an orange jacket with a black romper, along with green eyes. They weren't as pretty as Adrien's, though.

"Ugh, ew, it's her." She mumbled under breath. Her bitchy tone was enough to frustrate you, but you didn't lash out at her. You had seen her at school, and you were almost positive she was the one who rejected Jacques in the worst way possible. The girl made a nasty sounding sound, before sashaying away. "Jeez.. how rude can you be? You make Hawkmoth look like an angel." You grumbled, watching the girl exit. Despite the previous events, you still picked out your curtains and checked out with them. After purchasing the curtains, you made your way back home. Unlocking the door with your key, you slowly crept open the door. "Dad should be here any minute now." You said to yourself, walking back to your room, where you quickly set up the curtains. You stood back and admired how they looked, you were pretty impressed with how your room looked. You then heard the sound of the door open, which was your dad, entering your room.

"Hi, dad!" You said, giving him a big smile. "Hey, (Y/N)." Your dad said. "So, i was thinking about it and i think it would be a good idea for you to go to get a pet." Him saying this caused you to perk up. "Really?" You asked. "Yeah. I know you have friends, but i'm not home a lot, and i know that. I think it would be a good idea for you to get a cat." Your dad said, which made you very excited, causing you to hug your father. "Thank you!! I'm really excited. when can we go?" You asked him. "We can go now, let me jusr grab my jacket and we can get going." He said, you smiled and nodded. You walked downstairs and waited for your dad to come down. After a minute or so, he did. "Are you ready to go?" Your dad asked. "Yep." You responded with a nod. You both went outside and got into the car, driving to the animal shelter.

Youa arrived at the shelter, it was a tad loud, you could hear the loud sounds of dogs barking. But, dogs aren't what you came for. Your father went up to the desk and asked where the cats were located, to which one of the employees kindly directed you to the area they kept a majority of the cats. You looked around at the cats. "Aw.." you said. There was a large variety of cats. Most of them were quiet, cats usually are. You walked around the room, looking at all of the cats, when you noticed one. The cat was completely black, and very fluffy. His eyes were a crystal blue, the cat was adorable. You stuck your finger in the cage, the cat went up to your hand and rubbed what it could reach. You were fascinated with this cat, and were positive it was the one you wanted. You got your dad over. "I like this one." You said. Your dad nodded, you both went to the counter and filled out the papers to adopt the cat. You finished everything, and they brought out the cat in a cat carrier.

You smiled at the cat through the crate. After you were all done with everything you picked up the cat crate and carried it to the car, you and your dad now driving home. Your dad had said how he had some work on his laptop he needed to get done, which you were fine with. When you got home, you took the cat to your room, letting it out. You sat down on the floor, legs crossed. The cat was a few feet away, as you didn't wanna stress him out. He just stared at you for a moment, blinking every few seconds. But, he slowly crept out ot the crate and towards you, you stuck your hand out for him to smell. The cat went up to your hand, sniffed it, and began to purr. He quickly ran into your lap, and sat down. "Aw.." you mumbled. "I think i'm going to call you.. (P/N)" you said, and then nodded to yourself.

Tikki flew out and saw the cat, she then quickly hid again. "Tikki, you don't have to hide.. it's a cat. It won't know what you are, besides, cats can't talk anyways." You said. "I guess you have a point.." Tikki replied, slowly coming out of her hiding spot to look at the cat.

(Sorry this was so short!! It was kind of a filler, but i hope you liked it! I'm working on re-writing some of the earlier chapters, i already have chapter 1 done, i'm working on chapter 2! Those should be published soon. I want to re-write most of the chapters into something i'm more proud of! Also i'm not trying to self promote, although this probably comes off as such. I'm not sure if any of you are into vocaloid, but if you're interested in my writing, i'm working on a Kagamine Len X reader thay i might be releasing,, so stay tuned for that! Thank you again for the support! Thats all)

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