Miraculously Roommates by lucky_ladynoir
Miraculously Roommatesby 🐞
Marinette and Adrien end up as roommates in college. With the new romantic tension, and responsibility of being Paris's saviours, will their identities remain secret? Wi...
  • marichat
  • ladrien
  • miraculousladybug
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Jealousy [ᴍʟʙ] by REYNAGEORGIA
Jealousy [ᴍʟʙ]by —gee®
A story in which ᴀᴅʀɪᴇɴ becomes accustomed to the feeling of ᴊᴇᴀʟᴏᴜsʏ, especially after the arrival of ʟᴇᴏɴ. ❝He watched from a distance, as everything unfolded on the r...
  • marinettedupaincheng
  • adrienette
  • marinette
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Plagg meets Marinette by MiraculousLadybug513
Plagg meets Marinetteby MiraculousLadybug513
Plagg was bored. He was just sitting in Adrien's bag with absolutely nothing to do. He was just about to fall asleep when he smelled cheese. He couldn't pass this up, be...
  • catnoir
  • superhero
  • adrien
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The Diary by -fangirl07-
The Diaryby -fangirl07-
COMPLETED | SEQUEL OUT SOON | best ranking : 1st in Miraculous Ladybug |-|-| It was lying next to a pink box with white dots on it. A sleek black pin tied t...
  • adrienette
  • miraculousladybug
  • ladynoir
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The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X reader}  by Xchatnoir
The next Ladybug {Chat Noir X read...by Josie Kagamine
"So.. Partners?" "Partners." --------------------------- You and your father, a business man, have recently moved to Paris, France, after your father...
  • chatnoir
  • chatnoirxreader
  • mlb
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Believer || Miraculous Ladybug Fanfic by ur_fave_ship
Believer || Miraculous Ladybug Fan...by I Am Hawkmoth
"She's not Ladybug, Alya! Can't you see it?" Marinette cried to her so called best friend, grasping her by the shoulders and shaking her. "Sorry, Mari, I...
  • love
  • niño
  • alya
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For You • adrienette au by evertea
For You • adrienette auby M
"I swear I feel like I only play for you." Once upon a time a pianist fell in love with an understudy. TRANSLATIONS: Italian- @BrightestBlackHole Spanish- @N...
  • foryou
  • evertea
  • noir
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Parenting Assignment (Miraculous Ladybug) by LadyNoirShipping
Parenting Assignment (Miraculous L...by LadyNoirShipping
Marinette and Adrien are given the job of taking care of a robot baby together for a parenting assignment. How are the two supposed to save Paris whilst taking care of a...
  • chatnoir
  • miraculousladybug
  • marinette
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Their Lives On Screen: Hero Edition by DianaMontesValdez
Their Lives On Screen: Hero Editionby Hershey_Queen15
What happens when heroes and co. across earths start vanishing and suddenly wake up in a theater room. It only make sense if we make them watch their shows. [superflash...
  • watchingtheirmovies
  • jughead
  • archie
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See You, See Me.『Adrien Agreste x Reader』 by KimmiePines
See You, See Me.『Adrien Agreste x...by ━ kim
"i have a crush on you. please don't be mad." "thanks. i appreciate it." the o...
  • miraculousladybug
  • adrienagrestexreader
  • mlb
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She's Mine by _shirokuro
She's Mineby >:)))
[ COMPLETE ] An Adrienette and MariChat, mainly Adrienette, mixed up continuation from my series, She's Mine, from my most hit book, Count On Me, another Miraculous Lad...
  • adrienette
  • heroes
  • marichat
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Miraculous Ladybug X Reader Oneshots by paladin-lance
Miraculous Ladybug X Reader Onesho...by jay ♡
yep. a book full of oneshots for the characters from Miraculous. - - - ♡ - - - Highest Ranking; #5 in oneshots / #736 in Fanfiction / #262 in xreader / #13 in mlb
  • miraculousladybug
  • oneshots
  • miraculous
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Marinette princess of China (COMPLETED) by ProffesionalFangxrl
Marinette princess of China (COMPL...by ProffesionalFangxrl
Marinette has been hiding a secret even bigger than being ladybug She's the princess of China And now her coronation is in 2 weeks so her mother queen Sabine and her fa...
  • marinette
  • ladynoir
  • chatnoir
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Marichat by little_red1458
Marichatby Little Red ★
When Marinette hears Chloé say that Ladybug is better than Chat Noir or he's just a sidekick in school, she defends him. After school, he decides to go see her. So what...
  • marichat
  • marinette
  • completed
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Under Lock and Key by edendaphne
Under Lock and Keyby Eden Daphne
Marinette is thrilled. She's spending her afternoon at the museum with Adrien, and even Manon unexpectedly tagging along with them can't tarnish her happiness. After all...
  • adrinette
  • marinettedupaincheng
  • miraculous
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Save Me From Myself by Maximum_Ride_14_15
Save Me From Myselfby Miraculous_Maximum15
Marinette Dupain-Cheng starts to fall apart. Being bullied at school and the stress of Ladybug causes her to rethink everything as she's falling to rock bottom. Adrien...
  • marinette
  • depression
  • adrienette
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Naughty Chat 'Chat Noir x reader' by Authorchan_
Naughty Chat 'Chat Noir x reader'by ahegao saved my life
(Y/n) has always lived in Paris and she loved it her Best Friend is Nathanael but what happens when she transfer schools and runs into Chat noir? What will Chat Noir thi...
  • fanfiction
  • xreader
  • chatnoir
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Red Strings And Markers  by sailortwilightt
Red Strings And Markers by Mimi
Whatever mark you get on your skin, your soul mate gets it too. Marinette would love to draw all over herself to see who her soul mate is, but due to her alternate perso...
  • ladybug
  • fanfiction
  • marichat
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Princess Marinette [Wattys2018] by seaturtle123567
Princess Marinette [Wattys2018]by Lennie
[ HIGHEST RANKING : #1 in Miraculous Ladybug ] One day during the beginning of class, Marinette was called to the principle's office. She didn't know why, but when she...
  • miraculousladybug
  • princess
  • wattpride
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Masked Permanently by alexbluewolf
Masked Permanentlyby Blue 🐼
Marinette Dupain-Cheng has disappeared for good. Chat Noir refuses to give up on finding her, even if Ladybug already has. * * * Started: July 27, 2017 Finished: - Compl...
  • catnoir
  • ladynoir
  • miraculousladybug
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