[12] chat noir to the rescue!

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Your dad was pacing around the kitchen, phone to his ear as he occasionally took a large sip of coffee. He only really did this when he was getting into an intense business call, which could be assumed he was right now. You were packing your lunchbox, placing your favorite kind of sandwhich into a plastic bag and then placing it into your lunchbox. "England? Now?" You heard your father say, sounding a little frustrated. You felt butterflies in your stomach as you continued to listen. "We aren't moving, are we?" You asked yourself, you didn't want that to be the answer. Your fathers phone call ended, and he put the phone down, letting out a tired sigh. "(Y/N), i'm afraid i won't be home for the next two days. I have to take a business trip to London, and won't be back until sunday." He said. You let out a sigh of relief, you weren't moving. You weren't happy he would be gone, but it was better then what you originally thought. "Oh, it's okay, dad. I understand. I hope you have a good trip!" You replied, trying your hardest to sound cheery.

Your dad smiled at you. "Thanks, Kiddo. Hopefully i do." He said, opening the door. "Well, have a good day at school!" Your dad replied, exiting the house. You frowned, it was a little dissapointing having him leave, but you knew he did it for a reason. Shortly after that, you left and headed to school. Upon arrival, you didn't see Alya there, which was a tad unusual. Adrien wouldnt get there for a few minutes, and Nino couldn't be seen either. You and Nino weren't the closet, but it wasn't a bad idea to become closer to him. You thought maybe Adrien could help with that. You then saw someone walking up to you, It was Nathaniel. "Oh, Hi, Nathaniel!" You said, giving him a bright smile. "Um.. Hi, (Y/N)." Nathaniel said, giving an awkward but genuine smile and a wave. You noticed he was holding what appeared to be a piece of paper in his hands, and while you were curious, you knew he was shy and didnt want to put him on the spot. The boy just stood there for a second, you assumed he was contemplating his life choices, which you understood.

Nathaniel then extened his hand out. "So.. i um.. i drew you this!" Nathaniel said, handing the drawing to you. You were almost proud of him, you were sure it took a lot of courage due to how shy he was "Aw, that was really nice of you! Thank you so much!" You replied, taking a look at the art. You were extremely impressed, although it was a sketch, it was incredible. He seemed to have gotten all of your features down to a point, there was so much detail, even with every strand of hair. You knew he was talented, but you were surprised he took the time to draw you. You stared at it for a second before looking up at him, a brighter smile then before. "Do you like it..?" He asked. You nodded. "It's amazing! Really, it's beautiful. Thank you." You replied, making his face go pink, due to being flustered, he wasn't used to being complimented. "T-thank you.. i know we don't talk like, all of the time, but, i decided to draw a few students from class...and you were one-!" He said, you smiled and nodded. "You're really talented, thank you again!" You responded. "You're welcome." He responded, nodding, then walking off.

Coincidentally, right as Nathaniel was walking off, Adrien's car pulled up. The blond boy stepped out of the car, and multiple people came running up to him, per usual. Nino also happened to pop up around Adrien's arrival, perhaps he hid in the corner until Adrien got here. You noticed in the small crowd of people, a girl was getting awfully close to Adrien, and in a creepier way then Chloe. She looked familiar, and thats when you realized it was the rude girl you ran into at the store the other day. You didn't want to avoid Adrien, but you didn't want to make contact with that girl again. Luckily, Adrien caught your eye and made his way over to you, Nino shortly followed. "Hey, (Y/N)!" Adrien said, he always seemed so happy to see you, you were really starting to consider him a best friend. "Hey, Adrien! Hi, Nino!" You said. "Sup." Nino responded. You all stood around in a little circle, waiting for school to start.

"Do either of you know where Alya is?" You asked. "Yeah, she stayed home. She's sick." Nino said, you frowned. "Aw, poor Alya. But, thank you for letting me know." You responded. Nino nodded. Adrien seemed to notice the paper your hands and was a little curious. "What's that paper your holding? If you're okay with talking about it." Adrien asked. You smiled at the question. "Oh yeah!" You said, showing them the drawing Nathaniel drew of you. "Nathaniel drew this for me! Isn't it amazing!" You said, both of the boys seemed impressed by the drawing. "Woah, Bro! That's totally rad!" Nino said. Adrien frowned for a split second, but then smiled, seeming impressed with the drawing. "Wow! That's awesome, he drew you really well!" Adrien said. It was now time to go to class, so the three of you made your way to the classroom.

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