[43] reverse

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"Everything will return to normal, I promise."

The next morning, you went out to a bakery to pickup some food for you and your father. You told that fresh food from the bakery sounded good, and he gave you the money to go pick some up. It was just around the street, so you really didn't mind. When you got to the bakery, someone caught your attention. It was the same old man you had seen the previous day. You were starting to get somewhat freaked out, but passed it off as a coincidence as the bakery you went to was quite popular. Once again, thinking about it for too long made your head ache. It was strange, though. You couldn't help but wonder who he was, he looked like someone you just couldn't remember no matter how hard you tried.

When you got home, after giving your dad what he asked for from the bakery you went up to your room to eat. You went to reach into your bag for your food, when you felt something strange. You pulled out a small jewlery box, and suddenly the headache you had earlier came back. You couldn't explain it, it was like deja vu made you sick. You partially wanted to put the box down, but you were just too curious to see what was in it. You slowly opened the box, and a large glowing orb came out of it. You swore you'd seen this before, so somehow it didn't feel strange. Before you knew it, a chameleon looking creature appeared before you. The pounding in your head was driving you crazy, you were absolutely positive you knew who this was.

A flashback played through your head, all you could remember was meeting Quartzz. Even then you seemed calm, but you couldn't remember why. "Pleased to make your- wait, (Y/N)?" Quartzz asked, tilting his head. "Quartzz?" You questioned. It seemed like Quartzz hadn't forgotten who you were either. "I dont... why do I- why do I know your name?" You asked, putting your hand on your forehead. You couldn't think straight, you were so confused. Where were you in that memory? You had never been to that place in your life, so why did you remember that. "What are you?" You asked. "Do you not remember?" He asked. You shook your head. "No, I just remember meeting you, everything else confuses me."

"Wheres Tikki? She can help explain things, " Quartzz said, looking a little nervous. "Tikki? Whos Tikki?" You asked, a puzzled look on your face. The name ran on the tip of your tongue, but you couldn't remember what it was. Quartzz frowned. "You dont remember? Not in the slightest?" Quartzz asked. "No... I'm sorry. Am I supposed to?" You asked, frowning as well. "Don't apologize, it's not your fault, " Quartzz said. "I am a kwami, the kwami of the chameleon to be exact, " he continued. When he was finished, you were extremely confused more so then anything. "So I'm a superhero now, but why would I be chosen?" You asked. "Because you've proven yourself to be worthy of being a miraculous holder, " Quartzz replied.

You weren't sure how, but you took it as a compliment. "So, all i have to do is say the words and i'll transform?" You asked, still a little, or more so very confused. "Yep!" You looked down and took a deep breath. "Quartzz, camoflauge me!" You yelled. You felt a strange nostalgic feeling, you swore the exact same thing had happened before as you transformed. You walked into your bathroom and looked at yourself in the mirror, you were wearing the same costume you had the previous time you wore the miraculous. The thing was, you couldn't remember. You just starred at yourself in the mirror for a minute, not even sure what emotion you were feeling.

When you looked at yourself, you felt amazed partially. Superheros were real and thats not something you here everyday. It's not some movie with special FX or makeup, it was real life. But part of you felt like you weren't as surprised as you should be. There was such a strong feeling inside of you telling you this had happened before. You swore this had definetly happened, but you had no memory of it. You had just moved to France, there was no way on earth that could've been possible. The best way you could explain it was perhaps a strange dream you could have had as a child. Dreams can make you nostalgic, so that would add up. At least, in your mind it would.

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