[25] Hero meetup

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It was late, but that was the point. You didn't really feel like being mobbed by fans, you just wanted it to be you and Chat Noir. No Akuma attacks, no Alya filming, no interview. Just, you and Chat Noir.  "Tikki, do you think it will go well?" You asked. Tikki nodded. "Of course! It's not like you're asking him out, you're just showing him how much you appericiate him!" Tikki said. You nodded. "I wish i could conjour up the courage to tell him.. but, i don't even know who he is! And he doesn't know who i am!" You said. "Yeah.. Well, have fun, (Y/N)!" Tikki said. You nodded. "Alright! Tikki, spots on!" You yelled, transforming into Ladybug. You grabbed some money and put it into your yo yo. "Convenient." You thought. You took a deep breath, looking at the clock one last time. "Time to meet Chat Noir." You said, opening the window. You jumped out of the window, running and jumping roof to roof. "It's not too far from here.." You said to yourself.

After a few minutes of running, you made it. You specially picked a place you'd know be open. Chat Noir wasn't there yet, but you were early anyways. You tapped your foot, humming to yourself. After a minute or two, you heard someone speak behind you. "So you did show up first try, almost didn't expect that." Chat Noir said. "Hey, Chat Noir!" You said, turning around to face him. "Hey, bugaboo." He replied. "So, what kind of ice cream do you like?" You asked. The place you decided to meet was an ice cream parlour. "Mint chocolate chip." Chat Noir said, winking. "Okay! I'll go get it." You said. Chat Noir nodded, as you entered the building. The employee seemed pleasantly surprised to see you, and was very polite as you ordered. You got mint chocolate chip for Chat Noir, and your favorite flavor for you. "Thank you!" You replied, handing the cashier the money, and grabbing the ice cream cones.

You went outside and handed Chat Noir his ice cream. "Thank you, m'lday." He said, smiling at you. You both decided to sit somewhere else to eat rather than the tables outside, and found a roof top with a nice view. You swung your way up there, being careful not to drop your ice cream. You then both sat down and just stared at the sight of Paris. "So, Bugaboo.. Why did you invite me here anyways? I'm always down for ice cream, but i'm just curious." He said. Your face went red as your eyes narrowed downwards. "Oh, um." You mumbled. You then tilted your head up, meeting his eyes. "Because.. I appericiate you a lot, Chat Noir." You admitted. "The only time i ever see you, We're fighting crime. I feel like i consider you a good friend. I'm not even sure if you consider me more then just a partner in crime, but.." You said, trailing off.

Before you could think of anything else to say, Chat Noir pulled you into a hug. "Oh!" You mumbled. "Ladybug, of course i consider you as a close friend." Chat Noir said. "You don't know how much it means to me to hear you say that." He said. You smiled, letting go of the hug. "I'm glad i get to fight crime with you, Chat Noir." You said. "I'm glad i get to fight crime with you too, Ladybug." Chat Noir said. You both continued to eat your ice cream, just babbling on about random things. This was the first time you really got to have a discussion like that with Chat Noir. Talking about intereste and things like that. Somehow, you got onto the topic of anime. "I like anime that are like, sailor moon and stuff." Chat Noir said, finishing his ice cream off. "Hm.. i remember my friend Adr- i mean.. i think i have a friend who likes that kind of thing." You said. "Oh, thats cool." Chat Noir responded.

After that, it was getting late, and you both decided it was probably best to leave. "Goodbye, Chat Noir." You said. "Goodbye, Ladybug." He said. "Oh, wait- Chat Noir." You said. "Hm?" He asked. "I-i" you stuttered. You gulped, questioning if you could brinf yourself to say it. "I lo-" You paused. "I look foward to seeing you again." You said. Chat Noir seemed almost disappointed for a moment, then smiled. "Right back at you, LB." he responded, and then you both seperated ways.

The next day, there was another Aluma attack, which the two of you had just defeated. "No more evil doing for you, little Akuma!" You yelled, turning your yo-yo into a net. "De-evilizing time!" You yelled, swinging your yo-yo at the Akuma. You tapped your yo-yo to purify the Akuma, and then released it. "So long, little buttetfly." You said. "Miraculous Ladybug!" You yelled, throwing the item you got from lucky charm in the air, which turned everything back to normal. You walked over to Chat Noir, fist bumping him. "Pound it!" You said in sync. Your earrings beeped. "Well, i guess-" but before that, you heard someone yell "wait!" He said. You turned around to see he mayor, which was the last person you expected to see. "Oh, Um." You said, he handed you and Chat Noir envelopes, just as fancy as the ones given out for Chloes birthday.

"Please attend the masquerade ball i'm throwing! I'd be so honored to have you both!" He yelled. You flashed him an awkard smile. "I'd love too." You said. Chat Noir winked. "Of course, what kind of party is it without Chat Noir?" He said. "I'll be there." He continued. "Perfect! Thank you!" the mayor cheered, and then ran off. Later that night, you held the fancy, detailed looking envelope inbetween your hands. You opened it, seeing it adressed to Ladybug. "A masquerade ball, huh?"


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