[29] Gemstone

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You arrived home that night, entering your room through the window. "Spots off, " you said, detransforming. Tikki flew out, clearly shocked about what had just happened. "(Y/N)," she began to say.  You were unsure of how to respond for a moment. Your mind was swirling with mixed thoughts that made you not even have an idea of what to think. "I do love him, Tikki, " You said. "I know you do, (Y/N). And I'm very proud of you, " Tikki said. "Why?" You asked. "Because, you had the chance to see Chat Noir's identity, which you've wanted to know for a long time. But, despite that, you put his safety first. I think that was really mature of you, (Y/N), " Tikki said. You flashed Tikki a smile. "Thanks, Tikki," you said. But, your smile faded quickly.

"I can't believe it. I actually kissed Chat Noir. What if he was only asking if I loved him because he didn't want me to like him, " You said. "(Y/N), I'm positive that's not the case. I'm sure he has another reason... Maybe he loves you too, " Tikki said. You thought for a moment, your face red. " I wish, " you said. Tikki frowned. "It's a bit late, (Y/N). Perhaps you should get to bed, " Tikki said. You sighed, nodding in agreement. "I think you're right. Goodnight, Tikki, "  you said. "Goodnight, (Y/N)," Tikki replied. The next morning, you woke up. After tiredly making your way out of bed, you looked on your phone. You surprisingly received a text from Luka. The message read, "Hey, (Y/N). It's Nathaniel's birthday today, and he really wanted to go to the museum to look at art inspiration. He really wanted you to invite you, but he was too shy." You had no other plans for today and cared about Nathaniel a lot, so you agreed. "Of course I'll come! What time?" You responded. Luka replied shortly and said the time was at twelve.

You spent your time waiting until it was time to leave. "Alright, Tikki! I think I'm ready, " you said. "seems like it!" tikki replied. You nodded and opened your bag for her to fly in. Once she was inside, you closed the bag and left. You made your way downstairs and grabbed an apple as you left the house. You walked over to the Museum, to see Luka and Nathaniel standing there waiting for you. "Hey, (Y/N)," Luka said, waving you over to him. "Hi, (Y/N), " Nathaniel said, smiling at you. "Hey, Guys! Happy birthday, Nathaniel!" you responded, walking over to them. "Thank you.." Nathaniel responded. "We can go inside in a moment, we're just waiting on the last person, " Luka said. "Who are we waiting on?" you asked. "Adrien," Luka replied. For some reason, when he said this, you got excited.

"Oh really, Adrien's coming? That's cool," You replied, an excited expression. Just then, a white car pulled up. The door swung open, an Adrien walked out, waving at the group. "Hey, Adrien!" You and Luka both said in sync, waving at Adrien, followed by Nathaniel saying the same thing. Adrien averted his eyes towards you, and his face went bright red. You weren't quite sure why, but you smiled at him regardless. "(Y/N)! I didn't know you were gonna be here, " Adrien says. "I suppose the feeling is mutual, " you respond, laughing awkwardly. Adrien laughed a bit and then turned to Nathaniel. "Should we go in?" Nathaniel asked. Everyone else nodded, and they all stepped into the building.

You all bought your tickets and then started to look around. You obviously let Nathaniel pick where to go, it was his birthday, after all. You started off looking at paintings, and while it wasn't too exciting for you, just seeing the happy expression on Nathaniel's face filled you with joy. You looked over to Adrien and Luka. "Doesn't he look so pure when he smiles like that?" You asked. Luka and Adrien nodded, agreeing. You were all walking for a bit until you got to a part of a museum where there were gemstones on display. "Wow, these are so cool looking!" Adrien said. On the other side, there was a girl who was maybe ten or eleven, and she was with her mom. "Mom! I want the gemstones!" The girl cried. "Anastasia, you know I can't just take them! They belong to the museum." The mom replied.

"But, mom! I want them NOW!" The girl said. From the looks of it, she was a bit spoiled. "I can't, sweetheart." The mom said. "If you don't get me them right now, I'll run away!" She said. She looked ten but acted six. "Dear let's go to another section." The mom said. "Fine!" The girl yelled, and then ran off, clearly trying to escape her mom. The poor mother chased after her daughter, trying to keep up. "Jeez, that was an event." You said. "No kidding," Nathaniel replied. "That poor mom," Luka said, shaking his head. After that, you continued to look at the jewels.

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