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It's now January and I'm back in school. I see Royalty everyday still, just after 4:30 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.  I drop her off and pick her up from dance class on Tuesday's but on Wednesdays and Thursdays I only pick her up. She's a doll, I don't know why I was even scared to start babysitting her anyway.

Chris is becoming more open about his issues, which I like because at first I knew nothing. We get along fine and everything, he's really great company. His mother on the other hand is hard to get along with. She's rarely there when I babysit but lately she's been popping up while Chris is gone and giving me a hard time. Telling me that she can handle Royalty while she's there, then I'll try and help her and she'll tell me she doesn't need my help, she even tries to tell me how to cook for Royalty although I've been doing it for a month and counting and Royalty doesn't seem to have an issue with it but I don't voice that.

I don't even tell Chris about how nasty acting his mother is because he has a lot going on and plus it's mild, I could care less. I'm not there for her anyway. Royalty notices it though, she tells her, "Granny, you don't have to be so mean to Indy." And she'll just tell her to stay in a child's place.

Any who, it's a Saturday and I'm on my way to chill with Royalty and Chris. I usually don't babysit on Saturday's so that's not what I'm going to do, but since I rarely see any of Chris, the weekends usually is my time to. Just on some cordial stuff though, he needs someone to talk to and I'm that someone I guess.

Sunday's I rest. No homework, no babysitting, no visits. Just sleep all day.

I had my homework in my book bag right now though, I can't wait to be done with it. I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but I'm majoring in business, to become a real estate agent. Nothing too hard for me.

I pulled up to Chris' townhouse. It was nice, on the outside and inside. He did good decorating.

I grabbed my book bag and lap top and walked up the stairs.

Before I was able to knock on the door, it flew open with a girl about my age storming pass me. I watched her walk down the sidewalk and not looking back. I turned back around and was greeted by a distraught Chris.

"Should I-" I started

"No, come in." He said and stepped aside

I awkwardly walked in and took my shoes off. I hung my coat in the closet in the corner and sat on the couch.

"Wanna talk about it?" I asked

"No, it's all good." He said and joined me.

"Aw, Royalty is at her grandma's house right now. She'll be back in an hour." He said

"Okay." I said, although it'd be awkward because he's upset and usually Royalty is here to distract me whether he's upset or not.

I've never really been alone with him either. Like Royalty isn't here type of alone.

"I just think it's crazy how this bitch popped up at my shit like we was together. She was a one night stand from last week that I met in the grocery store.. Royalty was sleep when she came by that night and shit, but what was her point of poppin' up? Then got the nerve to get mad when I told her ass to move around. Bitches be crazy." He said and shook his head

"I'm not crazy." I said and gave a warm smile

He shook his head and a smile appeared.

"I don't know yet." He said

"You might be a lil off, I gotta see." He added as I pulled out my textbook and laptop.

"What ya working on?" He asked while laying his head on my shoulder. I side eyed him for a second before replying.

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