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Everything was in place. I straightened up and made sure Royalty was fed and everything so nothing could distract me and whoever this was that I was supposed to be meeting.

I heard a knock on the door so that must be the first one. I double checked the living room and then went to the door.

"How you doin'?" I said and extended my hand once I had her attention.

"Hello." She said

"Come in." I moved aside

She doesn't look like she cares too much about herself or appearance but I'll give this a go.
Appearance isn't always everything.

"So you said your name was Jailyn?" I asked while closing the front door.

"Y-Yeah." She said and sat on the couch

"Alright tell me about you. You have any kids or any experience on babysitting?"  I said and sat across from her on the other couch

"I got three kids." She answered while looking around.

I asked her more baby sitting and child related questions and she seemed okay until she asked this last question.

"You gone do a drug test or background check?" She asked me

This isn't a legit job place so I wasn't going to do those but now that she brung it up, it would make sense especially since she looked like she was under some type of drug herself.

"I was thinking about it." I said

"Mmm.. okay." She said and walked to the door

"Nice meeting you, hope you hit me back up." She said and I closed and locked the door behind her.

Well she's a no.

I just hope I like this second girl because like I keep stating, I really need this.

I sat around until 4 got here and the second girl was prompt. She knocked on the door and me being thirsty to get this "interview" over with, I quickly opened the door.

Damn. She was gorgeous.

"Hi" she nervously smiled

"Hey, how you doin'?" I asked and extended a hand.

She shook my hand and I stood aside for her to step in.

"You can help yourself to sit anywhere you'd like." I said to her

She sat on the far end of the first couch.

"Would you like some water or anything?" I asked and sat on the couch in front of her.

"No I'm fine."

"Well I'm Chris, from what you told me yesterday I think your name is India, right?" I asked

"Right" she nodded

I could tell she was nervous but a little more talking might open her up.

"So, lets get to know you. You have any kids or have any experience in babysitting?" I asked

"No, I actually don't have any kids but back in high school I used to baby sit for my neighbors, friends of the family or anyone that needed someone to watch their kids." She explained

"Good. Good." I nodded.

"How do you usually handle children when they have tantrums?"

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