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Black Butler Parent Scenarios by lonelyywritersblog
Black Butler Parent Scenariosby Natalie <3
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be the daughter of the queens watchdog, one hell of a butler, or a flamboyant grim reaper? Characters: -Ciel -Sebastian ...
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Externalizing [mxm] by iThreat
Externalizing [mxm]by Kyle
Marc is struggling to find his way after his wife left him and their daughter, Ariel. He has no idea how to raise a child alone, and starts to rely on Ariel's art teache...
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Marvel parent scenarios by Jazz-demo
Marvel parent scenariosby Jazz-demo
So I've seen these everywhere but they don't get updates frequently and that makes me sad so I decided to write one of my own :) I'll try updating as soon as I can, you...
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Avengers Parental Scenarios (1) by thewinterbbarnes
Avengers Parental Scenarios (1)by bucky barnes lovebot
Stories about being the child of one of 'Earths Mightiest Heroes' ~Bucky Barnes ~Steve Rogers ~Tony Stark ~Clint Barton ~Scott Lang & Hope Van Dyne And I'll do requests...
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Here Comes the Sun (Book One) | ✓ by theyellowsubmarinist
Here Comes the Sun (Book One) | ✓by c.
A girl and guy with their own set of complications fall in love when she kisses him in Times Square. Cover: @Flieur Trailer: @metropolis- Copyright © 2012 C.
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Unexpected by pseudoannie
Unexpectedby Annie
(Complete) Nick has suffered sorrow and loss. He has relied on his family to help him survive. Can Nick ever find happiness and a love? Sara has spent the better part o...
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May 5, 2014 by mixeddollrria
May 5, 2014by Chris Brown Is Daddy
She left him 2 years ago to go chase fame. He had no clue about how to raise or care for a child, let alone a girl. He needs help, his daughter needs a woman figure arou...
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Akatsuki Daddy Scenarios *discontinued* by zombielover8469
Akatsuki Daddy Scenarios * zombielover8469
Hey there hope you enjoy. The title says it all. And check out my Akatsuki Boyfriend Scenarios as well.
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Snape's Little Boy In Slytherin  by thedoctor363
Snape's Little Boy In Slytherin by Jake
Harry has been abused his whole life and has dealt with his aunt and uncle and their dreaded son. What happens when Harry gets used to school and makes friends in his Sl...
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fatherhood // lashton by umlashton
fatherhood // lashtonby kris
"you named your son after a band" "you named your daughter after a fruit" "touché"
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Shattered Hearts (TP1) by pseudoannie
Shattered Hearts (TP1)by Annie
(Complete) Peter isn't prepared for the reality of another man spending the night with his ex. He should be, but his heart has never let her go. Peter, who was abandone...
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Marrying Atlantis by Keira000
Marrying Atlantisby Jane Rose (the cookie monster)
When plain Jane, Aubrey finds a guy burried in the sand, she naturally helps him. He thanks her by kissing her which throughs her right off, not having been kissed, like...
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Baby momma🍼🤰🏽|| M.P by LissauryCeballo
Baby momma🍼🤰🏽|| M.Pby Dxddy_Lissaury
Nova(You) had a one night stand with Mattia. She then realize she got pregnant with his baby. She told him but all he said was "sorry can't take care of that baby&q...
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Westwick Ball by xoDiamondxo
Westwick Ballby M. Abril Mora
This story is now available on Radish and Inkitt. (Link/Info in my profile) Every single year, every unmated wolf travels to the small town of Westwick, Utah, a designa...
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Ex-Wife Of A Billionaire by Kyeoptang_Kpoper_07
Ex-Wife Of A Billionaireby Kpotato Cheonsa
I am Reighn Louisse Foshner I thought that my world is gonna fall apart when I saw my husband,Kenzo Martin Wilson kissing his own secretary and after that he came to our...
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Cops & Robbers by lilvampirequeen00
Cops & Robbersby Reginee Sephus
Book THREE- The Lazzaratti Boys series Mariano Lazzaratti had to grow up fast. After his parents died in a car crash, ironic in his family's line of work, he had to tak...
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Complicated | Calum Hood (Sequel to Unexpected) by SavSOS_
Complicated | Calum Hood (Sequel Sav
Juggling newfound parenthood with Calum's busy band schedule is proving to be hard. Do Jes and Cal have a love strong enough to withstand when things get complicated? Co...
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I Want Mr Baker by Phoenix-54
I Want Mr Bakerby Phoenix-54
Riley Spence starts another year of school. She goes back to school forgetting about what has happened over the past two years. She expects everything to be the same old...
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Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios by Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Jewleya
Boku No Hero Academia Parent Scenarios ❤ This a book filled with Boku No Hero Academia Scenarios and reactions. Includes: All Might, Aizawa, Midnight, Nezu, Present Mic...
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Resolutions (TP3) by pseudoannie
Resolutions (TP3)by Annie
(Complete) New Year's Day is a time for resolutions. Jack Harris, still mourning the tragic death of his wife, vows to start living again. Maddie Evans dumps her boyfri...
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