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Dee is changed to Dre. Read Authors Note at end.

"You drink often?" I asked her as we took our fifth shot this hour.

She shook her head no before replying, "I don't go out enough to drink. Lauren sometimes brings home drinks but that's every blue moon." She said as she scratched her hair.

"Yeah, I don't either. I'm always taking care of Royalty, which isn't a problem but that's why. But any who, we ain't come here tonight to talk about our boring ass lives, we tryna get lit." I said and poured another shot.

At the table we all occupied, we had our own bottle and shot glasses.

The guys had went on to the dance floor and India and I were still at the table like we had been these last few hours. We were supposed to be dancing and shit but I was fine sitting here. The tipsier she got, the more I was able to find out about her being she's so closed in and level headed.

"I don't think I should take another shot, I'm already getting way ahead of myself." She said

"India, we came out to have fun! Fuck all that good girl shit." I said and slid the shot glass over to her.

She looked at the glass and then up to me, "I'm not trying to get crazy drunk, plus Royalty comes home in the morning. Don't you think you should slow down too?"

"India... we'll worry about that bridge when we cross it. We both barely get out so the chance that we get, we need to take it. Don't worry about getting crazy drunk, I know when to stop givin' you shots. And if you do..." I paused and rested my hand on her shoulder.

"You know I got you, I won't let you get too fucked up, school girl." I teased

She smiled and grabbed the shot and downed it.

"That's what I'm talking about." I said and took another one.


"Dre, you gotta go buy us another bottle." I said as I laid my head on India's back.

"I think y'all both had enough." He said and sat in front of us in the booth.

India had her head on the table, asleep and I had my head on her back while she slept.

"She done got so fucked up that she done fell asleep, I see she's that boring drunk." Dre said

"Well that's good, at least she won't be acting a fool."

"Like you do." Dre said

"Fuck you, wea my drink?" I asked while grabbing my shot glass

"I told you you not getting anymore." He said and grabbed the glass out of my hand

I sighed, rolled my eyes and wanted to stomp my feet. I'm grown, I don't need to get told when I'm drinking or how much I'm drinking. I did want him to get it for me though.

"We need to be getting out of here though, we been here for four hours." Mitch said and sat at the edge.

"I'm not ready to go though, I ain't even turned up how I wanted to." I said

"You got you a few lap dances from a few shorties, you done stole 'bout three bottles from behind the bar, cussed out two different people, almost got in a fight, you even danced on the table and almost got us kicked out.. I think you turned up enough." Dre said

I rolled my eyes again and woke India up. I guess we should go.

"Let's go, babe." I said and grabbed her hand as we walked to my car.

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