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Charlotte Jenner, a twenty three year old celebrity, music artist, model, and mother, continues to navigate her life with millions of people watching her every move. ...
Anyway. by authenticblackgold
#2 Lu ❤️
If you show me all your flaws, I'll show you mine I'll claim your baggage, no longer need to hide 'Cause I'mma love you anyway...
HMU by 888pearl
HMUby 888pearl
An IG story SEVYN STREETER X CHRIS BROWN old friends... #1 sevyn streeter
Private Show (August VS Chris LoveStory) by preetamber
Private Show (August VS Chris Precious T’Amber
Made a reservation, you're my favorite place to be All day, contemplatin' baby, waitin' patiently There's nobody like your body way you climb on top of me We're in hell...
His match by DreamersMindd
His matchby DreamersMindd
Everyone knew who he was and they all feared him. Except her. He had finally met his match in more ways that one.
Baby Daddy| Kyrie Irving  by 90sNba
Baby Daddy| Kyrie Irving by ♛
When 23 year,Kyrie Irving gets caught in the partying life style and lands himself in Jail to only find out that he has a 2 year old Son by his old high school sweetheart
Bodyguard by breezybizzle
Bodyguardby Christopher
My Procter. At first he got to paid to take care of you. Now his taking care of you because he loves you. Does the famous rapper Nicki Minaj love him back though?
Undercover  by Love_Bri94
Undercover by Love_Bri94
She's the bad girl and he's the good guy. Christan Brooks goes undercover as a bodyguard for a drug queen pin. Will she ever find out his true identity?
Best Friend. by Love_Bri94
Best Love_Bri94
She say he's just a friend...
Loves Gonna Get You Killed - Rated M by Love_Bri94
Loves Gonna Get You Killed - Love_Bri94
The toxic love story of Jade and Angelo Hopkins
A Victim of His Love (Sequel to KTBH) by ___andreaaaa
A Victim of His Love (Sequel to Andréa
It's been 2 years since Andrea moved to London. Life's been great for her and Chris as well. Chris has gotten better and is ready to find Andrea. He's still in love with...
Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya) by ShaChief
Persistent (Chris Brown x Zendaya)by ShaChief
PER•SIS•TENT : continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition Continuing to exist or endure over a prolonged period ______...
Moon's diary by DaddyThug
Moon's diaryby DaddyThug
what if you woke up in another world with a completely different life than the one you're living. You're in a relationship with someone you'd never even thought about or...
The Maid by princess_breezy
The Maidby B.
I need a job , ASAP! I grabbed my computer and searched up some HIGH paying jobs. I came across an ad that read 'I NEED A MAID! PAYING 10K A WEEK' -CB , Atlanta Georgia...
Nothing Really Matters(Chris Brown FanFic) by MahaliaPer3z
Nothing Really Matters(Chris MahaliaPer3z
They say age ain't nothing but a number but what happens when society doesn't think so. How far will you go for love? How much could you put up with until you call it a...
Freaky Images Part Two(Chris Brown Images) by tyophacy
Freaky Images Part Two(Chris Pretty.tinggzzzzz
Part two with Chris Browns sexy ass💋
Taking Care of my Little Sister (Chris Brown Story) {EDITING} by nishtryniti
Taking Care of my Little Sister ( nishtryniti
Chris Brown has always been know as the international R.b artist but when his little Sister comes into his Life It's changes everthing even he starts falling in love wi...
I Hate To Love You(A Chris Brown & Y/N Story) by noturtypicalgrl
I Hate To Love You(A Chris noturtypicalgrl
A group of friend all get along except for Chris and Y/N. They all grew up together and went to the same school. Chris and Y/N Didn't like each other from day one. Their...