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May 5, 2014

Royalty Neveah Brown. 5lbs and 7 oz.

She arrived on her fathers birthday, the greatest gift one could ever receive. He couldn't keep his eyes off of her, he didn't want to put her down and he didn't want anyone else to hold her. She was so small and delicate. He was possessive over his first and only

The mother on the other hand was happy. She was happy that her babygirl was born but her head was somewhere else. She just wanted to get to Kevin, the guy whom promised her that after she delivered her baby, he would help her climb the wall of fame.

She was in a rush to get out of the hospital and to get to Kevin.

Months went by, she'd care for Royalty but Chris solely had her. He didn't know what he was doing though, being it was his first child and he knew nothing about babies. His mother had to step in most of the time and take over, especially days he had to go to work which was at a Warehouse on the other side of town. He'd get home late and his girlfriend, Sabrina, would still be gone "handling business." Sabrina never had anything to show
for the business she was handling though, just an attitude and sore body.

Chris's mother always told him to watch out for Sabrina because she was always so absent and when she did arrive, she'd have excuse after excuse on why she had to leave back out. Chris knew deep down his mother was right but he always gave Sabrina the benefit of the doubt, sticking up for her or simply not speaking on it at all.

Joyce, which is his mother got proven right two years later when Sabrina up and left after an argument. Chris finally stepped up and asked Sabrina what was going on, she was rarely home then and she came in one night reeking of cologne and sex.

Chris had just got home and Sabrina was pulling up right along with him, in a new car at that.

Chris followed behind her up the stairs of their townhouse and into their bedroom while Joyce sat in the backyard, playing with Royalty.

"How was your day?" Chris asked while taking off his work clothes.

Sabrina sighed and shrugged, "It was alright.. I'm tired.." she said and plopped onto the full size bed.

She wasn't up for the talking or long conversations, she was ready to hit the sheets and get some sleep.

"What'd you do all day that has you tired?" Chris asked, already suspicious of her actions because he knew she didn't have a job.. well one that he knew of.

"I volunteered at the church." She lied

Chris just shook his head, already knowing she was lying. He knew Sabrina almost like the back of his hand. He knew she didn't like church. She hated church, she hated the sound of church and she wasn't a god fearing woman.

He started dating her in 2012, 2013 she ended up pregnant and in 2014 she delivered Royalty. Two years later, 2016 here they still are.

Sabrina knew she could've came with a better lie but she was at the point to where she didn't care. She was fixing to leave the following week anyway.

"You get worser and worse everyday." Chris said, lightly chuckling.

"What?" Sabrina said, already annoyed.

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