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"Let's go shoppin'! Let's go get our nails and feet done, go out to eat girl, let's get out of the house!" Lauren said and tossed a pillow at me.

"I don't wanna get out of the house." I mumbled into my covers.

"India Aaliyah Varma, get the hell up! It's not like y'all broke up.." Lauren said

I removed the cover from my face and stale faced her.

"It's been a full week and a half, Lauren, after a full two weeks of us not talking already, I think that's a break up." I said

"And, besides working and school, you've been laying in this damn bed for a week and a half. Your room been a mess— this is so unlike you. Do you want me to go beat his ass? Cause I swear I will." She said and grew more serious than she already was.

"No.. it's just—" I sighed

"I'm not even doing all of this because of a break up, shit, everyone breaks up and they know why they're breaking up, but, it's just the way things last were— I'm not feeling it! Then he still didn't say anything. And, you know how I am. I don't wanna reach out because I don't wanna seem like I'm bothering someone or annoying them, I've already done enough and you see where that got me." I added

"Look, I understand exactly where you coming from— me before anyone. But, you can't dwell on it either. I can't say move on because believe me girl, that's way easier said than done but you can't stay in bed for hours after you get home, not being productive and moping around because his inconsiderate ass." She said and placed her hand on her hip.

"So, what you're about to do is..." she said and yanked my fluffy comforter off of me.

"Get up, brush your damn hair, wash your face and all the other good stuff and we're gonna have our girls day out and end tonight the way we usually do." She said and walked out with my comforter.

"And you better be ready by the time I'm done getting dressed." She added

She's my mother in best friend form.

I finally pushed myself to get up. It took so much energy to even do that.

After I succeeded past the first few steps of getting ready, my phone ringed for the first time today.

I immediately grabbed it to answer, it was Chris, a FaceTime call. I hesitated, should I answer? I don't wanna seem thirsty like I've been waiting on his call.

Fuck it, I'll answer.

"Hey mommy! I miss you so much!" Royalty said into the camera.

I should've figured it was her, which is no problem, but I don't know why I just mentally got my hopes up.

"Hey babygirl! I miss you so much more." I smiled although I was kind of salty inside.

"What are you doin' today?" She smiled

She's so adorable! It's a shame how she took his entire face.

"Well I'm planning on going out, having a girls day with a friend." I said

"We should have a girls day one day! I like girls day. When are you coming over?" She asked while moving the phone everywhere.

I sighed, "Soon, boo. I'm gonna call you back in a few hours before your bedtime, I have to shower! But be good, and I love your adorable self." I smiled

She giggled and blushed, "I love you so so so much more!" She said and almost immediately hung up.

This is why I didn't wanna get in a relationship with him to begin with. I knew there'd be potential break ups or possible times in the relationship where it'd be rocky. Then, Royalty gets attached and now she's missing me and wanting to see me but it'd be awkward because her father and I aren't on speaking terms.

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