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"That's a wrap. See you all next week." My professor said.

I grabbed my things and walked to my car.

That was my last class, luckily. I'm headed to Chris' house right now so he can head to work. On Monday's he decided that he'd go into work at 5 since I don't get out of school until 4:30.

I dialed Chris' number and let it ring on my car speaker.

"Hello?" Chris answered

"Did she eat? Did you? I'm about to pull into Burger King." I said while waiting on the cars to pass by.

"You can pick her up something if you don't mind, she always willing to eat. Maybe a burger or some shit. As far as me, you don't have to pick me up anything, I'm not too hungry." He explained

"Are you sure?" I asked

"Positive." He said

"Fine, be that way."

"Shut up." He chuckled

"But ima let you pay attention so, see you when you get here."

I replied with an okay and ordered the food.

I was back on my way to his house in no time.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to answer.

"It's cold." I said while stepping in

"I can tell. That cold that just swarmed in here was vicious." He said and closed the door

"So, who's hungry?" I said and placed the bag on the table.

"Me!" Royalty said and sat at the table.

I pulled out her burger and her fries, and laid mine on there as well.

"And this is for you." I said and passed Chris the bag containing two bacon burgers and a large fry.

"What's this?" He chuckled

"Your lunch."

"Ahh, thank you. I told you not to get me anything though. How much was it? I'll rei—"

"Nope, hush. Plus I knew you denied because you wanted to be difficult so I took matters into my own hands." I smiled

"Well thank you anyway. I gotta get goin, see you later babygirl and don't give her a hard time. And, thank you for coming lil bit, I'll see you when I get off." He said and hugged me

"Who is lil bit?" I chuckled

"Your new nickname." He winked

We said our goodbyes and he went on his way.



"Been gettin' here at an okay time lately, Brown." My manager said while tapping my shoulder.

"Yep." I said and shook my head.

I put my headphones in and started on my tasks.

Moving on to other things, I haven't really gotten to know India like I want. I was able to hear a little something about her but not as much as I wanted. I'm not trying to pry or sound nosy or anything but I'm always giving her the insider on me, well just surface topics and I rarely know her last name... what is her last name? Maybe it can be Brown... naw I'm joking, way too early for those thoughts.

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