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"India..." my father said as he sat across from me at the kitchen table.

"Yes." I replied

"Let's get high." He said

I smirked then looked to Chris and my mom, "What?"

"One day, lets get high." He replied

I knew he was high off of his ass now, because why would he suggest for us to do that.

"Dad, I can't."

"Why not?" He asked with the most confused expression on his face

Chris burst out laughing and my mother eyed my father.

"Dad, I'm pregnant, you know that."

His mouth partially opened, "You sure is..."

"I forgot" he shrugged then proceeded to eating

"And even if she wasn't, George, why would you be comfortable enough to smoke with your daughter?" My mom asked

"Because she's grown, you know- mind ya business, Rose." He said and brushed her clean off.

I laughed at the both of them as I played with the dinner on my plate. I wasn't really hungry, though I didn't eat all day.

"Chris, did you tell India about my friend? You know, what she did?" Anaya asked

I looked to Chris, then to Anaya, then back to Chris.

What'd this lil girl do and when? Because she's gone now so when did this happen?

Chris sucked his teeth and rolled his eyes at Anaya, "Naw I didn't tell her but thank you for bringing it up." He sarcastically said

"Well can someone tell me now that I'm present." I said

"This morning before she left while you was still sleep, I came out to pee and shit and she came out of the bathroom and.. you know, felt all up on my you know what." He said in a lower tone

I frowned, are my ears hearing correctly?

"Maybe it was an accident." My mom said

Chris made a face, "Aw no, it wasn't. Not the way she did it. She like literally gripped me with a full smile on her face."

"And what did you do?" I asked

"When she first did it I was caught off guard, and I too thought it was an accident but when I realized she was dead ass I pushed her back, I think I hurt her feelings by how hard I pushed her though." He said

"Fuck her feelings, she shouldn't be feelin' on a grown man." I said

"Excuse my language, ma." I said

"Yeah, it actually pissed me off because I'm like I'm not trying to catch any type of cases. She look about 16 or 17, either way she well under age." He explained

I was pissed. I knew I didn't overreact the other day.

"And, Anaya, how did you find out? What did you do?" I asked

"She told me she was gonna do it the next time she seen him, so I so happen to have my door opened and I seen it. We just laughed about it, it's no big deal." She shrugged

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