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[ POV's will switch a lot this chapter ]


"So, y'all went and harassed this lady and interrogated her, got her to practically admit to what she did but no proof?" I asked Lauren with a raised eyebrow

She pulled out her phone and tapped on it a few times then sat it on the island as a voice played, "What did you think I was doing?" She smirked

"I knew y'all weren't that stupid!" I smiled

"Girl, shut up." She said and tossed a notepad at me

I chuckled then went to check my phone, Chris told me he made it in 3 hours ago and he hasn't texted me since. I'm beginning to grow worried— he could be sleep, but I wouldn't know.

Royalty was asleep, Lauren's about to go to bed so I guess I'll lay down and hopefully drift off into a sleep, though I'm a bit un ease about Chris, but I'll try to go to sleep.

I guess.


It's been hours, I drifted off to sleep a few times, even lit my blunt back up, but I never left this chair and never took my hand off of this trigger. In a hot second I'm about to go lay on the couch, assuming whomever this coward is isn't coming.

I sighed and adjusted myself in this chair. Though Sabrina didn't say indefinite that anyone was coming but she didn't say they weren't either, so I'm just prepared.

I just know, I'm waiting and ready. I even played the scenario over in my head whether I'd shoot him the moment the door opens, or if I'd allow this nigga to think he got in without a hassle, then reveal myself. I bought this gun for protection and I'm a bit nervous about using it, I never shot anybody before though I shot a gun before. I'm not scared— just nervous.

I parked my car on the side street opposed to the parking lot so he could get the impression that no one is home. I yawned and stretched a bit, I stood up to stretch my legs as well then went into the kitchen to grab some water— a nigga mouth dry as hell right now.

I took a few sips then put the glass down. When I walked back into the living room I heard a noise so I stopped in my steps to make sure I wasn't hearing things.

It sounded like a ticking sound, I bet it's somebody tryna pick my lock. I went back and sat in my chair and braced myself— I know it's somebody now, for sure, the knob is moving.

The ticking stopped for a second, then it started again, I stood up and walked to the door and stood behind it and waited on whoever it was on the other side to get this horrible attempt of lock picking to work. The knob turned and I watched as the door slowly opened, I watched as the guy came in with a black hoodie on and crept inside and closed the door. I allowed him to walk a few steps then I cocked my gun and pointed it to his head, "Fuck you thought this was?" I asked, with a slight grin planted on my face.

He slowly turned around with his hands above his head, now we were face to face and the barrel was planted on his forehead.

"I'm-I'm only here to follow orders given to me, I'll just get what I'm here for then leave." He said

I frowned, "So you think I'm about to let you take my shit and you leave untouched?" I asked

"Nah, I think you about to get yo' ass beat then imma take yo' shit." He said and abruptly knocked the gun out of my hand.

Omniscient < [POV's switched!]

Chris grabbed a hold of the guy by his jacket and threw him into his wall, knocking down a lamp.

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